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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 3 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

An Identity for Órlaith

Intelligence Offices
August 5, 2374 @09:00
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Órlaith was still finding her footing here on the USS Denver.  It was a whole new world from what she was used to. There was no backstabbing, or people wrangling for a better position by any means necessary.  She still felt the niceness of everyone a little disconcerting, and as strange as it sounded she felt far more comfortable with those that openly displayed their mistrust for her.  

And then there was Rebecca Talon. The woman had he mother’s face, but had none of the cruelty behind those green eyes. But, then there was little expressions. A smirk, a shrug of the shoulders, or a laugh and she would see Bellitor in her. That was going to take some getting used to as well.  Captain Talon was NOT her mother, and yet she was.  

Entering the intelligence offices she looked around.  The officers there gave her curious looks. One, and Ensign, approached her. “Can I help you?”

“Uh…” she hesitated suddenly feeling sub-conscious, “Lieutenant Nalam?”

The ensign nodded, “Have a seat and I will inform the Lieutenant you are here.”

Riandri was leaning back in her chair with her legs crossed on the corner of her desk reading through the latest intelligence reports. Since joining the Denver she had felt herself settling in and the ship and crew were becoming more of a home than a placement for her; especially as she became closer to some of the crew. She was unsure how she felt about that if she was honest with herself, since joining the fleet she had done her best to keep her distance from people to avoid the connections that had hurt her so much in the past. 

A moment later her office door buzzed, sitting up quickly she sat up and brushed the blond hair out of her face, “Enter.” The newest addition to her team, a young ensign named Jasmine, poked her head in.

“Lieutenant, there is a visitor here to see you.”

“Thank you, ensign, send them in,” Riandri said as she placed the PADD in the desk drawer, locked it, and cast a quick glance about her office making sure it was all squared away. 

“Hello,” Órlaith greeted uncertainly.  ”Captain Talon sent me down here.  She thought you could help build me an identity.”

Riandri stared at the young woman for a moment as she processed what she was just asked. “Sorry, you want me to build you an identity?” The request itself was not impossible or overly difficult she admitted to herself, sure she would need to bend some rules and such to get this woman’s new identity into the federation records but it wasn’t something that was unheard of. Before the woman could respond Riandri continued, “I need a bit more information.”

“Such as?” Órlaith asked.

“Who you are for starters, what makes you tick, your likes and dislikes that sort of thing. Do you have an idea of who you want to be? Where would you be from? I would suggest a remote system, limited contact, that sort of thing.” Riandri said as she locked eyes with Órlaith. As she did she couldn’t help but feel, sense, a similarity between the two of them, both having lost everything they new and trying to rebuild.

Órlaith gave Riandri a quizzical look, “Does it matter? In light of recent events… well things have changed haven’t they?  Moth… Captain Talon has suggested that since I have an opportunity at a fresh start and that I should distance myself from Dominus and Bellitor. According to the Captain I look like her Irish grandmother, and thought that could be a starting point.”

Riandri looked Órlaith  for a moment and shrugged, “It’s a starting point.” She sat up and pulled up a list of planets and systems flicking through them. “Guess we can find something and go from there.”

She continued to type away on her computer, “The colony on Naniru Prime I think would work. Little traffic. Easily enough to create an identity. Though…” She paused and looked at Órlaith, “I assume you want to keep Órlaith as your name? What about a surname?”

Órlaith thought, “I think so. Nanitu Prime?”

“Naniru, a small agricultural world mainly with some mining operations, pretty far off the beaten track but a lovely world itself. Mountainous, rugged. Has a decent planetary ring and several moons which is odd for its size. And a type of hardwood that is almost as hard as duranium,” Riandri said without looking up. “It is rimward, down towards the space claimed by the Children of Tama and the Sheliak Corporate. As for surname?” She became as she pulled up the Captain’s files, “How about Murphy; a distant relative? Helps to explain any resemblance questions that may pop up.”

She considered that.  While Captain Talon wasn’t family she was blood. Hell genetically speaking she was her mother. She sighed, “Makes sense. Strange though. My first foray in a legitimate life starts out with a lie.”

Riandri smiled, “It may be but this is one that will harm no one and set you onto a better path.” She continued to type and then pause. “That is set up and will be into the needed systems soon; as far as people need to know is you arrived from Naniru recently in search of something new. It isn’t perfect but there is no reason for people to look at it. I guess the question for you now Ms. Murphy,” Riandri said putting emphasis on the last part, “is what do you want to do now?”

She raised an eyebrow,  “I don’t know.  You think I can remain here until I figure things out?”

Riandri pursed her lips and made a, ‘Hmmm’ sound. “I guess. There is room on the ship and if the Captain is ok with it then that works for me. Though if that is the case I would like to debrief you on everything you know about how you got here and the technology related to it.”

“I don’t know the technical details,” she said honestly.  “But I can tell you the basis behind it.”

Riandri frowned, “That is unfortunate but anything you can provide would be helpful. The potential threat that technology possess to the federation is substantial, as you are well aware. So what can you tell me?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the Pythus Sector and how it was destroyed by temporal rifts?”

“I am familiar with it but far from an expert. Do the rifts there act as a means of travel?”

“The device was created based upon those rifts.  Like I said, I don’t know exactly how it works, but it essentially generates an artificial rift.  We have been able refine the technology to narrow and direct the rift to a general time and and location.  Nothing as precise as a specific date and coordinates, but close. As for ourselves we are from the 2420’s.”

Riandri stared at her for a second before responding, “From 45 years in the future. I guess we can assume the ship you arrived on is a much more advanced vessel as well. That poses some possible challenged. You mentioned before that you do not know where the ship is after you were marooned…” Riandri paused, “Sorry, this isn’t meant to be a debriefing on everything though I would appreciate a full report on what you know about the vessel.” 

‘It is vastly superior,” Órlaith replied. “I has a cloaking device, ablative armor, twenty type-XII phaser arrays, six torpedo launchers and a compliment of 2,500.”

Riandri let out a low whistle, “Not something we would want to run across. I will give the Captain whatever information you can provide us with on it.” She looked around the room, relaxed and sighed, “There will be time to talk more but if you do remain here what do you think you would like to do?”

Órlaith frowned,  “I don’t know.  I figured I would join your Starfleet when the time was right, but beyond that I don’t know.”

Riandri nodded, “That is definitely an option. If it is something you want to pursue I would recommend shadowing staff in each of the departments to get a fell for things. I can let the department heads know to expect you if you would like?”

Órlaith smiled, “I would like that.”

“Well then Ms. Murphy, I welcome you to the Denver. I will speak to the heads of the departments today and have them, or more likely someone on their staff get in touch with you,” Riandri said with a relaxed smile. “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Órlaith smiled and looked around.  It was weird to be welcomed without hesitation.   This was a whole new reality.   She still didn’t know if she made the right decision to stay here, but one thing was for certain.  She had no regrets betraying her family.  There is more to life than plotting,  causing suffering and seizing power. “I don’t think so,” she said simply.

Riandri smiled, “Good luck then with your new life.”

“Thank you… I think,” Órlaith said with hesitation. “I’ll see you around Rian.. Lieutenant.”

Riandri watched Órlaith leave the office, tapped the end recording button on her machine and clicked her tongue a few times, she knew what the woman had done to set herself on this new course. Though she didn’t doubt that Órlaith wanted to make a new life for herself Riandri felt she needed to keep an eye on her. She wouldn’t be a good intelligence officer if she wasn’t a little suspicious after all.