Part of USS Mercy: Mission 2 – “Into the Breach”

Why this village, part 1

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“Going to do what we can, sir. Oh, the Latest weather reports from the Mercy show a pretty big cold front forming just on the other side of the mountains. We flew over it on our way in, if it continues to sit there and percolate it will probably produce one hell of a storm that will head down the valley in the next two to three days.”

Nurse Maher looked towards the mountains. “Damn it, we was not expecting that yet. Going to have to get everyone to focus on building walls and fixing or adding roofs to the clinic here. Guess we will have to hunker down in here and ride it out.”

“We will help as much as we can. First, we need to investigate the village and see what we can do to help out. You wouldn’t happen to have anyone around that can act as a guide, may make things quicker.” Sesias said as he was putting his tactical harness over his parka. “Ensign, do we have anything onboard that may help them get things moving to help prepare for the storm.”

“I believe we do, sir. Though I think they already took the crates, there should have been two crates of tools and whatnot in them.”

Nurse Maher nodded. “I think I saw those being offloaded. Let me run inside and pass the message about the storm and get folks moving on those repairs. I think I know just who you will need as your guide, Lieutenant.”

A few minutes later a mature-looking human female walked out of the hospital/clinic and made her way to the open back hatch of the shuttle.” Excuse me, I was told that y’all need a guide for the local area. May I ask, where would y’all like to go? And what is the reason for wanting to go to the village? Not much left and most of the folks are right here.”

Lieutenant Sesias stopped what he was working on and turned to face the lady. “Yes, Ma’am, we are looking for a guide. I’m Lieutenant Sesias and this is Ensign Shrenen Ch’ethialrith. We are from the Federation starship USS Mercy. To answer your questions we were sent here to not only bring these supplies to the medical center but also to investigate the surrounding area including the village.”

She leaned against one of the walls of the shuttle, arms crossed over her chest.” uhhh ha, anything, in particular, y’all are looking for? Or is this just a sightseeing trip?”

The two officers look at each other. “Nothing in particular. More like what can we do to help? What can we fix? What can we not fix? Maybe some scans and artifact retrieval from the areas that were hit so we can take that data back to the Mercy so it can be checked against the other areas that were hit during the attack. If we find evidence that something needs to be looked into further, then while we are here we will do what we can.”

She looked back over her shoulder at the doors, noticing no one was close, she turned back toward the officers. “How about people? Would you be willing to look for people?”

Sesias and  Ensign Shrenen look at each other and then back toward her. “I’m a bit lost here, ma’am. The nurse just said that everyone has been accounted for living or deceased.” they both took a step toward her to close the distance between them.

“Yaaa not quite. Let’s just say that a couple of folks are missing that I know for a fact no were near the areas that were hit. Of course one of them was supposed to be, but let’s just say he wasn’t. “ she looked at the two of them with a raised eyebrow. “and as for the other three, let’s just say something doesn’t smell right if you know what I mean.”

Sesias looked back towards the front of the shuttle. “Great, so not only do we have to investigate the village but now you’re telling us that there are missing people? And we have one hell of a storm heading this way in the next two to three days. If we don’t find them, do you think they could survive the storm?”

She looked down at the floor and then shook her head. ”Maybe the storm, but no way could they survive after. We haven’t been here long, but long enough to know what storms like this mean, and that is that the cold season is about to hit.”

“Lieutenant, I would bet that it is safe to say that there is more going on here than what we were first led to believe.”

“Indeed” He looked over at her. “Yes, we will look for these people. Would you have an idea of where to start?”

“I have some ideas.”

“Besides the village, can we get to these other locations using the shuttle?”


“How soon can you be ready?”

She straightened up a bit and looked around. “Haven’t said I was going to help y’all, yet.”

Sesias wiped his right hand over his head and then he looked up and shook his head. “Ahhhh, Ma’am would you kindly do us the favor of joining the ensign and myself as our guide as we investigate the aftermath of the recent attacks and search for several missing people.”

“About time. Yes, I will gladly help you as a guide so y’all can conduct your assigned mission.” She straightened her hat, turned and made her way off of the shuttle, and turned back to look at them “Five minutes.”

“Five minutes?” Sesias asked.

“That’s how long it will take me to be ready.”

“Oh, ok” he watched her walk back towards the door. “Hold on, what’s your name?”

“Sara, Sara Oakenhill.” as she continued to walk toward the hospital’s door.

“Well, you heard the lady, ensign. Let’s get this bird ready.”


Roughly thirty minutes later.

“There should be a good place to land this here shuttle in the central square. Last time I checked it was free of anything big. Watch out though, the areas toward the south and west were hit pretty hard.” She stood behind the ensigns chair as she used her hands to point out what she was talking about. 

“I see them.” as he brought the shuttle in for a landing with its cockpit facing the west impact craters.

As the rear hatch opens. “Ping….Ping” as they see two more puffs of dirt hit just on the edge of the ramp.

“What the hell is that?” Lieutenant Sesias asked.

“Damn it.” as Sara goes to the edge of the hatchway.

Another puff hit just as the edge of the ramp.


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