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Part of USS Saratoga: Such Sweet Sorrow

1 – Such Sweet Sorrow

USS Saratoga
January 2401
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Captains Personal Log, Stardate 78000.8


It has been a long two months in the Delta Quadrant, after missing the last opening of the wormhole. However, we were able to assist a few more worlds that were affected by the blood dilithium crisis. Currently, we are waiting for the wormhole to open, which is scheduled to open within the next few minutes. To say I am ready to be home, would be an understatement. Once we return, I and my family will be leaving for Trill while the Saratoga heads for Starbase 93 for repairs.


While it will be good to be back home for a while, I just wish it were under different circumstances. Serving on a starship sometimes comes with high prices, and losing officers in a fight is sometimes tough as we create a unique bond. It is even worse when one loses a child due to an accident, that is a parent’s worst nightmare. 


Though here I am going to be heading home to bury my son and grieve, as well as contemplate my career choices. I have thought about resigning my commission a few times this past month while in the Delta Quadrant, though I keep going back to why I joined in the first place. Things will be tough for a while but we will manage to pull through stronger than before.

A short time later they arrived back in the Alpha Quadrant, Azras was still in her office currently standing near the window gazing out and looking at the traffic coming and going from Starbase 38. A short time later her commbadge went off, “Sir you have an incoming transmission from Commodore Jori.” Ritru replied.

Raising an eyebrow she wondered what the Commodore wanted, “understood, patch it through.” Azras replied before ending the comm and walking back over to her desk. Sitting down in the chair she turned her computer on to see the face of a Trill woman. “Good morning Commodore,” Azras replied, looking at her.

“Good morning Fleet Captain,” Jori said with a soft smile before her expression turned to sadness. “I heard what happened and I want to say how sorry I am for your loss,” Jori said with a somber expression that was sincere. She couldn’t imagine the pain she was going through right now.

“Thank you, sir,” Azras replied as she appreciated the kind gesture. “Congratulations on your recent promotion,” she added as she sat there. Though she had a feeling that this was more than just a house call.

Jori looked at her, “though I am sure you know that this is more than just a social call.” Jori replied as she tapped a few buttons on her console, sending her some information. “First order of business is that you are now a squadron commander,” Jori began, which caused Azras to raise an eyebrow. “The USS Gagarin under the command of Captain Derohl will be under your command, all the information has been sent to you.” Jori finished looking at her.

Azras brought up the information on her holographic screen, beginning to read the information as the commodore talked. The Gagarin was the first of its class and was a heavy escort that had a fighter unit attached. ‘They could have been helpful during our time in the Delta Quadrant’ she said to herself before speaking up. “Understood,” Azras replied as she remembered Derohl when he was the Executive Officer for a short time on the Saratoga before his promotion. Though, last she knew he was the commanding officer of the USS Aquarius.

“Right now they are currently docked at Starbase 93 taking on crew,” Jori spoke up. This brought her to her next point in the conversation, “I know that you are going to be taking some leave while the Saratoga goes to the starbase for repairs. I wanted to let you know about a situation that we have been made aware of.” Jori began as she looked at the captain.

Jori spent the next few moments explaining the current situation within Romulan space as Azras listened intently as the women spoke. “Rhijun the planet that you assisted during the fall of the Star Empire is one of the worlds that has been affected heavily. They have requested your assistance again, though you are in no shape to go I suggest that you send the Gagarin in your stead.” Jori said as she looked at the Captain.

Raising an eyebrow and concern grew for the new situation that was emerging, “the Gagarin isn’t equipped to handle something like this.” Azras countered looking back at the commodore.

Jori nodded in agreement with Azras’ observations, “under normal circumstances you would be correct as their sickbay isn’t designed to handle more than their crew. They will be beaming down planet side to assist at their hospital they just finished building since your last visit.” Jori replied as she took a sip of the coffee she had. “Since Commander Teila and other medical officers that were left behind made it to Starbase 93, I will be temporarily assigning them to the Gagarin to assist in this situation along with Commander Atur to figure out how this event started,” Jori replied.

Azras looked down for a moment, she knew that it would only be temporary though they were in the same squadron and both ships would be working together. “Very well,” Azras replied as she looked back up. It would be good to have them there as they would be some faces the residents of Rhijun would recognize. “Is there anything else that I need to be made aware of before I depart?” Azras asked, looking at the commodore before adjusting in her seat.

“I think I have covered everything that needs to be covered, if not I will contact you again,” Jori said with a soft smile.

Azras nodded before the channel ended showing the screen change to the normal federation logo. She began to spend the next few minutes reading the information that the commodore had sent over. Once she finished she had one more call to make before she met with her command staff.

Ritru looked at T’Prel as they walked towards the observation lounge, Deza was shortly behind them. “Do you have any idea why the captain only wants to talk with us three?” Ritru asked, looking at her.

T’Prel shook her head, “I unfortunately am unaware of her reasoning.” T’Prel replied just before they arrived at the doors of the observation lounge. Walking in as the doors opened they found Azras sitting at the head of the table.

The three of them nodded to the captain before they took their seats, “you wanted to see us?” Deza spoke up looking at the other two who had given her a look, Deza just shrugged before looking back at Azras.

“Thank you for coming so promptly,” Azras began looking at them. “I and my family will be departing on the Oneida, heading to Trill. In my absence, T’Prel is being placed as acting commanding officer, which moves Deza to acting executive officer.” Azras began as the others began to exchange looks with each other before turning their attention back on Azras.

“Deza Lieutenant Th’rikrir will take your spot for the time being,” Azras said as Deza just nodded. “You will be heading back to Starbase 93 for repairs and some downtime,” Azras said as she then began to explain the rest of the orders that Commodore Jori had shared with her some time ago.

“So are some of our crew being reassigned?” Deza asked.

“No Teila and Jeesa as well as a few others are only on loan during Gagarin’s mission within Romulan space, they will return once it is completed,” Azras reassured her that no one was being transferred.

“Any other questions?” Azras asked.

“No sir,” T’Prel replied as the others nodded in agreement that they had no further questions.

“Very well, I will see you all when I return. Dismissed,” Azras said as the three got up from their chairs and headed out of the observation lounge, and headed towards the bridge. Azras remained for a few more minutes before sending a message to Arzin for him and Linha to meet her onboard the Oneida. She also sent a message to Ensign Sato to get the ship ready for departure once they arrived.

Taking a deep breath she stood up from the chair she was sitting in and walked out of the door to head towards the turbolift that would take her down to the Oneida. After a while, the ship detached from the Saratoga and began its journey towards Trill while the Saratoga jumped to warp heading towards Starbase 93.


  • This one had all the feels. Somber at times, fast-paced at others. Its refreshing to see the humanity of the admiralty at times like this and really does show Jori does care about the captain's under her supervision. Its good to see Azras taking some time to grieve and adapt to her sudden loss. Im excited to see how Azras' orders will be interpreted and carried out. Very well written and well worth the read.

    January 11, 2023
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