Part of Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

That Don’t Impress Me Much!

Alpha Gruis I
Monday 16th May 2157
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As they were pushed down the corridor, all in handcuffs and chains around their waists that connected each of them to one another, Campbell took in the scene they were in. The setting was some sort of large palace, based on the long granite-like flooring beneath them and the huge walls filled with grandiose pieces of artwork. He felt like he was touring one of the old Royal households that his parents had taken him to see when he was growing up. The guards, who were all female and all of them wore the same military-like uniform while holding old fashion guns in their hands, were pushing them along the corridor until they reached a huge circular room.

Pleased to see that they had returned Randall to their group after treating him, the captain was curious to find out what was happening. Entering the room, which looked like a chamber of sorts with its various regal-style chairs dotted around the edge, the group were forced to stand in the centre. Moments later, to the right side, a large door opened and several more women entered. One of them had a young man with her, he carried the edge of her cape that was attached to what she wore. He seemed like the same age as Randall, maybe early twenties and wore the finest jewellery compared to anyone else in the room. His clothing was also quite revealing, in the sense his bottoms were pretty much skin-tight while his shirt, which appeared to be made out of a material similar to velvet, was cut low and revealed his bare chest.

Branson elbowed Campbell slightly and gestured with a raising of his chin at a table near the chair the main woman with the cape had sat on. On it was all of their equipment, including one of their communicators that was flipped open and active.

Nodding to Branson, the captain turned to their captors. “Do you understand me?” He asked.

The woman, who must have been the leader, shouted back at him several words in an alien language. Seeing that the communicator working, Campbell continued. “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

She screamed at him this time before one of the guards came from behind and hit the captain hard in the back of his knee with the butt of their rifle.

“Easy!” Branson shouted back as he grabbed hold of the captain as fell to the floor. “We don’t understand what you’re saying!” He turned to Ricci, “Ant, can you understand what they’re saying?”

Ant nodded “They said to be quiet or you’ll see worse than this.”

“You speak our language?” The woman on the throne said as she stood up. “Impressive for such a weak man.”

“Our devices,” Campbell said as he got back up before continuing, “allow us to communicate.”

She looked at them and then back to the group. “You are invaders to my land.”

“No, explorers,” Campbell replied. “I’m Captain Oliver Campbell and we come in peace.”

“No man has the right to tell me his intentions,” She hissed back at him as she continued to study all four men. “You do not wear the robes of any man that we encounter, it is a disgrace!” She pointed at the uniforms before looking at the young man servant who had helped her with her cloak/cape. “If they are to serve me, then I expect them properly dressed.”

“Yes mistress,” The servant said in a timid tone before bowing his head.

She looked back at the group, “What are you captain of?” She asked directly at Campbell.

“I command a-” Campbell paused as he realised that this civilisation was certainly a pre-warp one. If he mentioned they were from Earth could he cause havoc with them? He had read the many suggestions made by the Vulcans and lately Commodore Archer about avoiding contact with pre-warp civilisations. They had avoided it back on the Akaali homeworld, he needed to do the same here. “I command a ship.” He shared.

“No man is allowed to hold such a prestigious posting,” She replied. “Where are your mistresses?”

“Our mistresses?” Campbell asked, confused.

Branson soon realised what was going on and spoke up. “They will come and find us and won’t be happy you’ve taken us.”

The mistress looked at her prisoners and glared at Branson. “You are a pretty one with courage, I will have you and him,” She pointed to the captain. “As my personal attendees, the other two may go and help in the kitchens or somewhere out of my sight!”

Ant scoffed under his breath but knew this wasn’t the time to try and pick a fight. He looked at Campbell and nodded. After previous missions, it was always his signal that he would be on the lookout. He was quickly ushered away with Randall beside him. “Looks like we’re to become cooks.”

Randall stopped moving and held his ground. Then he turned and shouted towards the leader, “I am my captain’s bodyguard! I will not be separated from him!” He saw the guards approaching. “Remove these chains and I will fight all of you until I stand alone and by my captain’s side!”

Surprised at the lieutenant’s reaction, Campbell shot him a look and beckoned him to calm himself down. “Stand down, Joshua. Do as they say!”

One of the guards came over and slapped Joshua in the face and sneered at him. “Do as you’re told, or you will become my pet!” The muscular woman said with a lot of conviction.

The men were escorted out of the chamber and towards their new jobs. Campbell could only imagine what they were about to encounter.