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Part of USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

3) Oh it is bad…

USS Damascus - Various Locations
December 2400
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Well, let’s get this show on the road, shall we? Oh yea, my name is Investigator Skess from JAG ordered to investigate this case. Could you tell your side of the story Commander Valerio? What happened when you arrived back in Alpha Quadrant? Engineering

Rubbing his forehead, he took a deep breath to let it all sink in. The warp cell was fixed to acceptable standards, but it placed a used bandage on a broken leg. It would only hold for so long. They had already entered the Alpha Quadrant, so time was not directly in their favor. They needed to get to Avalon as quickly as possible to use their fleet yards to do emergency repairs. His eyes looked to the side, seeing the recent report status of the ship. He knew that at least one warp cell was going to be replaced for the amount of stress it had to endure. Well, what did you expect? The ship crashed into the side of an asteroid made up of blood dilithium.

Adrián knew that was not the only thing that needed repairs. The lower decks needed to be restructured after the amount of pressure it had endured during the attack of the Blood Crystalline Entity, and then there was the hole that the creature punctured in the upper decks. There was severe damage across the decks and blown plasma conduits. Yea, the Damascus was in one piece when they got her, but she had already been put into the grill at max heat. It would take weeks to get her fixed and back into the field. 

He dropped his head on the console. “Why did they even send a vessel like this so close to enemy space” Adrián mutters to himself. He really wanted to know the answer to that question. They required a bloody escort while operating in that grid. It was already dangerous enough by its own natural anomalies created by the Blood Dilithium. He took a few deep breaths at a slow pace trying to calm down and process a bit of what had happened so far.

“Did you get some sleep” A voice was heard behind Adrián, but it was familiar.

“Yes, Captain, I actually did sleep for a good hour and twenty minutes” Adrián looked at the direction of the voice seeing Sazra standing there with K’Nala standing at her side. “Welcome to engineering Ensign” 

“Hmmm,” Sazra responded with a huff of annoyance as she looked around, seeing quite some engineering doing their best to get the engineering back into shape. “What is the status report of our ship? Can we make Avalon?” Her attention dropped back to her Chief Engineer.

“Thank you, Commanderrr” K’Nala acknowledged the Commander’s welcome to the engineering and snapped back into attention letting her Captain take the lead in the conversation. 

Humming briefly at that as Adrián sat up and looked around. “She gave it her all. She is still doing everything she can to get us safely to our destination. But it will take every inch of her warp core to get us there. We have sustained significant damage from that Blood Crystalline Entity and the asteroid’s impact. My team works around the clock to check every system the ship has to keep the crew safe. The lower decks are still off-limit as we can’t guarantee their safety in that space.” Adrián shrugged at that last part, looked back at his Captain, and noticed a brief red glow in her eyes. “Captain, you alright?”

Sazra blinked her eyes for a bit as the red glow disappeared from them. “I am perfectly fine. The lack of sleep is also getting to me” She shrugged a bit. “But I can sleep when I am death, the ship needs her Captain” She took a deep breath “So how long do presume the Damascus will be in docks estimated on her damage right now?” 

“When you arrre death?” K’Nala looked confused and worried at her Captain.

“It is a figure of speech Ensign. She means that she is setting priorities elsewhere than her sleeping conditions at this moment. Which is not setting an example for the crew, to be honest,” Adrián smirks a bit. “The ship has damaged all decks, and her cell needs to be replaced. Well, that counts for one of them” He taps his left hand on the railing and looks around. “I can only presume numbers right now, but I take a guess at seven weeks minimum” 

Sazra rolled her eyes at the comment and placed her hand on the shoulder of the young Ensign. “Don’t worry, I can handle myself. I am obligated to watch over every crew member on this ship. Even at the cost of my own health, don’t tell our doctor or first officer that” She shrugged and pulled her hand back looking at Adrián. “Seven weeks in dry dock is not that bad. I expected longer seeing the severity of the damage to the ship. Keep me posted Commander” With that said she turned around and walked to the exit of the engineering followed by the Ensign. 

Dry Dock 14 – Avalon Fleet Yards.

So the ship managed to make it to the dry docks, but barely as its engines gave out when they entered the system. Some working bees had to pull the damaged ship into its docks. The docking port opened as Sazra and Adrián walked out, greeted by the operational chief at that given time. “Welcome to Avalon Fleet Yards. I see you have brought a very sick pup to my docks” The man spoke looking at the Damascus.

“Yea it does require some love, care, and maybe some paint here and there” Adrián smiled looking in the same direction “Can you patch her up?” 

The man scratches behind his head looking at the damage. “It will take some time, but she is fixable yea” He then points at the damaged warp cell. “But that I need to order…Starfleet Corps Engineer can deliver it within two or three weeks” 

While Adrián nodded, Sazra placed a hand on her head and then lowered it. “I will be taking a walk. Report to me later” Sazra spoke and walked away without waiting for a reaction.

The two looked at each other as Adrián just nodded “I got it covered here Captain, take it easy”