Part of USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

2) Lets go home

USS Damascus - Bridge
December 2393
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I am Investigator Oyem, so Commander Ruslanovna, tell us what happened on the way back from Delta Quadrant. Please do not leave any details out of your testimony, as it might be the only way to save your Captain.


Rubbing her face, Silina didn’t have much sleep for the last few days as the events of the Blood Crystalline Entity still woke her up in a sweat every night. The doctor had given her some calming pills, but they worked only briefly. It is just a matter of processing the events that had happened. Silina looked slowly upwards at the screen “ETA to the gate?”

“We arrre about 10 minutes out Commanderrr. We will be on time to catch the flight back to Alpha” K’Nala spoke from her console. The girl had been dealing with the same issue as Silina, but she actually had to take a leave and talk to some counselors. K’Nala hand was shaking as she made a fist “The ship is responding well. The quick repairrr did miracle work for us sirrr” 

Nodding to that, “That it did Ensign” Silina looked at her side to Rami, the two were still not leveled after her last conflict with him. But hopefully, he understands the reason she did it, and it would develop him further in his future career. “Lieutenant status of the ship systems from your side” Silina looked back at the screen waiting for his response.

“The ship’s weapon systems are still down. I disagree with the Captain’s choice to do this as anything could happen with our travels from here to Alpha or even in Alpha” Rami didn’t get a response from Silina and narrowed his eyes slightly.”Right….shields are holding at 78% and security teams are helping out where they can throughout the ship” He finished his report and just shook his head looking at his console.

Silina sighs. “Thank you for your report Lieutenant. What is the status of the ship Ensign?” Looking over her left shoulder to the young Bolian that looked surprised “Don’t worry Ensign, I am just asking for your report” She winks at him.

He nodded to her “Yes ma’am. The ship is running at full capacity concerning its engines. We have some decks that are still vacant due to the intense damage the Blood Crystalline Entity did to them. We need a dry dock to patch this ship up Commander. But all in all, we are holding together thanks to the amazing work of Commander Valerio. He has been working around the clock…..ehh” Drata shrugged knowing that he was not supposed to say that. 

Raising her eyebrow, Silina rolled her eyes “I told him to get some rest. Thanks for letting me know Ensign” Siilina tapped the side of the chair knowing that Sazra would not like that particular news “Anything else Ensign?” She resumed trying to distract her thoughts. 

“You are welcome… . No Commander, we should be able to hold it out until  we arrive at the dry docks. But I think it is a wise advice not to engage anything that could be potentially hostile as we shall not be able to hold our ground for very long” Drata resumed his report. 

“I am not planning on doing that Ensign trust me, we are heading straight for that gate and nothing will distract us” Silina confirmed even if it is just for herself. 

“Plan to do what?” A voice came from the turbolift as Sazra walked onto the bridge looking around and pats Drata on the shoulder who was saluting her. “Stop doing that please, I don’t need a saluting every time I arrive at the bridge Ensign” 

“Yes ma’am” Drata lowers his hand quickly and looks awkwardly at the console. 

Standing up, Silina stepped aside for Sazra to sit down. “The Ensign is advising us not to go into any combat with anyone as we will be wiped off the galaxy map in our current condition” Silina sits down in her own chair. “We will be arriving at the gate in less than 5 minutes Captain” 

Giving a firm nod to that “That sounds like a smart idea Ensign, we are barely to keep ourselves together as it is. Did Commander Valerio get his rest?” Sazra checked the messages on her command console and blinked as she looked at her side Silina “Did he?” 

“Well, it seems that he has been occupied with getting Damascus in one piece to the gate it seems. He has not really taken our advice to take a well-deserved rest Captain.” Silina shrugged at that as she knew the question was going to be mentioned to her “I will speak to him later after the jump that he should get a rest” 

“Make that an order” Sazra simply spoke as she had her eyes narrowed looking at Silina “Or I will advise mister Shew to escort our Chief to the brig and make him rest there” 

“The brig is not fully functional Captain” Rami pointed out “Energy is being directed to engines per your request” 

Biting her lower lip, Sazra looked at Rami “Be creative then, be it his room without any outside connections. Knowing him he will resume his work in his room” The ship then jumped out of warp and large amount of ships were visible “A good we have arrived, Ensign take us in line per flight commander orders” 

“Yes Captain, placing us in line” K’Nala replied as the ship moved to the designated location that was given by the traffic control that came from the flagship of this huge operation. 

Sazra looked back at Silina “Alright talk to our genius Chief when we get back to Alpha Quadrant and tell him that if he wishes to see his engineering again he will have to get some sleep.” Sazra leans back in her chair as she grabbed her head rubbing it slightly.

“Captain you alright?” Silina asked looking curious at Sazra as she simply wove it off “Alright…”