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Part of USS Saratoga: High Tide and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

Chapter 5 – High Tide

USS Saratoga / Miri
November 2400
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If tensions weren’t already high, there were now as Azras sat in her chair. Time had seemed to pass by rather slowly since their altercation with the Devore, while they were protecting the Monean colony. “Any signs of the Devore?” Azras asked probably for the umpteenth time, though in reality, it had only been a couple of times.

“No,” Dazra replied from her console.

“They probably saw we were helping with evacuations, so they will probably return once we leave,” Chon’al suggested looking at the captain as he shrugged.

“That would be a logical choice, though what I do not understand is what is so special about Miri that they could want?” T’Prel asked, looking over at the captain sitting next to her.

Azras thought for a moment then looked over at Damir, “run a scan of the planet below to see if you can detect blood dilithium.” Azras ordered, which caused her first officer to look at her with a raised eyebrow.

Azras went on to explain her thought, “if there is blood dilithium on this planet that could explain why the Devore are all of a sudden interested in this planet when it didn’t even cross their minds before,” Azras replied looking back at T’Prel.

“That would be a logical assumption,” T’Prel replied with a soft nod of her head in agreement with the captain’s thought process of the situation.

Damir began his scans of all the islands that were on the planet below, which would take a few minutes to complete. Silence filled the bridge once more as they waited for the results. A short time later the computer chirped, raising an eyebrow at the results he turned his attention back to Azras.

“Sir, there is blood dilithium on three of the five islands,” Damir said.

Azras nodded as she sat there for a few minutes thinking about how to stop the Devore from getting their hands on the dilithium. She looked at Jheria, “can we clear out one of the cargo bays and set up a containment field strong enough to contain the dilithium safely?” Azras asked which caused looks from everyone on the bridge wondering what she had in mind.

“It can be done,” Jheria replied, looking curiously at the captain. “Though I am curious as to why you want to do that?” Jheria asked as she was sure that was everyone else’s question by just the look they were giving Azras.

“Well, the way I see it is the Devore is now interested in a planet that was never an interest before which now has this red-colored dilithium on it. Though they are a xenophobic species, they have a real disdain for telepaths. ” Azras began to explain where she was going with this. “The blood dilithium affects telepaths, which they could use against them so if we beam all that dilithium onboard they won’t be able to get their hands on it.” Azras finished as she looked at Jheria as well as the others.

“That would make sense,” Chon’al spoke up from his station.

“Though wouldn’t they come after us once they realize that it’s no longer down there,” Ritru asked.

“I can guarantee they will,” Azras replied. “Though that is a risk I am willing to take if it keeps it out of their hands,” Azras added, looking at her. Ritru just nodded in understanding before Azras turned her attention back to Jheria. “How long would it take to make all this happen?” Azras asked.

“I’ll need help, I believe we can get it done in an hour.” Jheria replied as she looked at the Captain, “If I can get Chon’al and Odan to help clear cargo bay one then Damir and I can do the rest.” Jheria added.

“Understood, get it done,” Azras replied.

They moved from their stations and headed towards the turbolift, “cargo bay one.” Jheria said as the doors to the lift shut behind them began to move towards their destination.

“Do you think this is a good idea?” Odan asked, looking at the other three as he was a bit concerned with carrying that much dilithium in their cargo bay.

“Yes and no,” Jheria replied, looking at Odan. “I mean I see why the captain wants us to and if we calibrate the containment field correctly it will be safe,” Jheria added. “I just don’t like the idea of carrying that much dilithium onboard,” she finished.

“Even though there will be a containment field things can still go wrong, so I suggest a group of engineers remains to make sure the field remains stable. As well as make sure the dilithium remains stable,” Damir replied. “I will also remain to help as well as study this mysterious type of dilithium.” He added looking at the two officers he was traveling with.

“That would be a given,” Jheria responded just as the turbolift came to a stop and the doors opened up in front of them. They exited and headed down the corridor toward where the cargo bay was located. After arriving, they entered the cargo bay and looked around to see what all needed to go to the other cargo bay.

“Good thing this isn’t full,” Odan said with a little chuckle as they gathered others that were there to assist with moving things out.

“Right,” Chon’al replied as they began to work.

They spent the next thirty minutes working until everything had been cleared out. “Well everything has been cleared out, were are ready for the next step,” Chon’al replied after walking back up to where Jheria and Damir were standing.

“Thank you for your assistance, you two can return to the bridge this part won’t take very long,” Jheria replied as both men nodded before leaving the cargo bay as did everyone else that had assisted. She had called down a few engineers that would remain to monitor the dilithium once it was on board.

After a few moments both Jheria and Damir finished setting up the containment field. When they were satisfied that this would be strong enough to hold she tapped her commbadge, “Jheria to Captain Dex.” Jheria said as she waited for the captain to respond.

“Go ahead,” Azras replied.

“We are all set down here to begin transporting the dilithium to the cargo bay,” Jheria replied.

“Understood,” Azras responded as the comm channel ended.

A short time later the dilithium began to arrive within the containment field, they were transported in sections to not overload the transporters. This was also to make sure the dilithium would remain stable. This would take a while as transporting dilithium from one place to another was time-consuming, and they didn’t want to take unnecessary risks.

“That is all the dilithium from the planet,” came the voice of Azras over the comm channel just as Arzin arrived in the cargo bay.

“Understood,” Jheria replied as the comm channel closed.

“How can we help you Arzin?” Damir asked as the Trill joined them Arzin happened to be Azras’s husband and a civilian scientist onboard the ship.

“I was hoping to join you in studying dilithium,” Arzin replied.

“Sure why not, more eyes the merrier,” Damir replied.

“Thanks,” Arzin replied as they began to chat amongst themselves for a bit.

Jheria gave instructions to her engineers before she left the cargo bay to head back to the bridge. She would also monitor things from there as well, she headed down the corridor toward the turbolift.

Meanwhile back on the bridge, Azras had been sitting in her chair when Ritru turned around to face her. “Sir incoming hail from Norkus,” Ritru said from her console looking at the captain.

“On screen,” she replied.

A moment later the face of Norkus appeared on the viewscreen in front of them. “Our ship has finished its repairs, thanks to your engineers.” Norkus began with a smile, “we are now ready to depart when you are.” He added as he looked at Azras.

“Wonderful,” Azras replied.

“Again thank you for your assistance,” Norkus said before the viewscreen went back to its normal view.

“Sir our engineers have returned,” Odan replied from his station just as the doors to the turbolift opened to reveal Jheria walking out towards her station.

Azras nodded, “so there is going to be a slight change to our initial plans.” Azras replied which caused everyone to look at the captain with a confused look. “Deza, I need you to take a small team and command the Oneida. The Oneida will detach from the Saratoga and escort the colony ships back to their homeworld.” Azras explained.

“What about Saratoga?” Deza asked.

“We will be heading in the opposite direction away from their homeworld, if my assumptions are correct once the Devore realize that the blood dilithium is no longer on that planet they will come looking for us. I would rather them follow us than the colony ships,” Azras went on to explain. “We will return once it is safe to do so,” Azras added.

“Aye sir,” Deza replied as she got up heading off the bridge and Rass took her spot.

“Send a message to Norkus explaining our change of plans,” Azras ordered as she looked at Ritru.

“Understood,” Ritru replied as she sent the message.

“Once the Oneida has disembarked head towards these coordinates at maximum warp,” Azras ordered looking at Rass who nodded in response as she took her seat. 

Soon after, the Oneida disengaged from the ship and began to move to lead the colony ships back to their homeworld. The Saratoga began to move in the opposite direction at maximum warp, hopefully, they would get a huge head start before the Devore realizes and come chasing.


  • There is some careful planning going on in this post. The risky plan of beaming the blood dilithium onto the Saratoga to protect other telepaths is a risky move. But an understandable one to make. Going into the opposite direction makes also sense to protect the colony ships and basically lure the Devore to tail the Saratoga. The question is will it work? Looking forward to more!

    November 21, 2022
  • I love the way you've highlighted Azras' selflessness and bravery in this post. Her determination to take the blood dilithium away from the Devore --so they can't misuse it against telepaths-- is really going above and beyond, because it will certainly make the Saratoga a target. Moreover, to specifically lead the Devore away from the Monean home world is all the more daring! It's really aiming for the absolute greatest good. I'm not sure every Starfleet captain would have made that choice, but I'm sure glad Azras did.

    November 22, 2022
  • Splitting up and pulling a fast one on the bad guys is a very Starfleet thing to do and even a very Janeway thing to do. After all it does hark back to the distraction and deception used against the Devore in the Voyager episode. Also the use of the Oneida does mean that the Saratoga is further personnel disadvantaged, but the Saratoga is a big ship, it can take care of itself. Azras' plan and reasoning is well laid out and loving where it's going.

    November 26, 2022