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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 1 – Delta Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

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Sefus IV
November 2400
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Science Facility, Crew Quarters

“Mister Hok?”  Roger’s mouth dropped open and he felt ice cold.

“What the hell just happened?”

Hok looked around the corridor, just as bewildered.  “We jumped back in time,” he said, stating the obvious.

“We need to check on the others.”  Roger was moving as he spoke.

Science Lab

Racing into the lab, Roger rushed past Saunders, going directly to Ohtani.  “Did it happen to you?  Did you jump back in time?”

Ohtani looked at Roger as if his skin just turned blue.  “Sir?”

“Did you experience a temporal event?”  Roger was clearly agitated.

“Nothing happened here.  We examined the three sections, just as you ordered,” said Ohtani.

Roger heard the sound of a tricorder.  Looking behind him, Doc Weaver was doing a medical scan.

“Doctor?” said Roger.

Weaver scanned Hok, Saunders, Ohtani, followed by herself.

“Commander, there's an almost imperceptible chroniton signature in you and Ensign Hok.  I might have missed it if I wasn't looking for it,” said Weaver.  “The rest of us don't have it.  What did you experience?”

“We were all here.  Hok and I had finished checking the quarters and each of you gave me a report.  I was going to call the Eagle and update the captain, when Hok and I were back in the crew section.”

“There's definitely something happening here, but I need time to study the lab,” said Ohtani.

“But everything is encrypted.  You already told me that," said Roger, noticing her odd expression.  “Get to it and I'll notify the captain.”  He reached for his comm badge.

“No!  Wait!”


“Did you open a comm channel before you jumped back?”


“Maybe that triggered it.”  Weaver looked at Ohtani.

“At this point, anything is possible,” said Ohtani with a shrug.  “I need time, sir.”

“Do what you can, but do it quickly,” said Roger.  “Until then, no one leaves this room and no one uses their comm.”

“I just hope the captain doesn't call us first,” said Saunders.


“Sir, we're in.” said Saunders.

With the news, everyone gathered around.

“What did you find?” said Roger.

“Do you want the detailed scientific explanation or the quick and easy?” said Ohtani.

Roger almost rolled his eyes.  Though normally a patient person, this mission and the mystery they were trying to solve, was bothering him.  He was also concerned that Captain Kirby would be worried that they hadn't checked in for some time.  “Make it quick and easy.”

“The scientists were definitely experimenting with trying to create a stable time travel device.  The project is well funded and led by Doctor Paula Kendall.  I can tell you her resume, but suffice it to say, it's quite impressive.”

“Do you know what happened?” said Roger.

“From what we can tell, they were ready to test it on live subjects,” said Ohtani.  “Prior to that, they were using inorganic matter.  That platform there, the one that looks like transporter pads, is the temporal chamber."

“Why would they test it on all nine of them?” asked Weaver.

“They didn't,” said Saunders.  “Doctor Kendall was supposed to go alone.  We think there was an accident or something they miscalculated.  The temporal field engulfed everyone in the room.  The logs mention they were having issues with containing it, but they felt it was resolved.  You and Ensign Hok jumping back was probably a bleed over from that, though we can't explain why you were the only ones affected.”

Roger reflected on what that meant.  “So where did they go?”

“They didn't go anywhere, sir,” said Ohtani.  “They're here.  The question is when.”

At Starfleet Academy, Roger took all the available classes on time travel and temporal mechanics, but trying to figure out all the paradoxes still spun his brain.

“Can you calculate when they are and correct it?” said Roger.

“I appreciate your confidence in me, but understanding all this will take… ” Ohtani chuckled.  “Time.”

“I have a question, sir, if it's all right,” said Hok.

“Go ahead,” said Roger.

“The scientists knew we were coming.  Since there's no blood dilithium here and they were using studying it as cover, how were they going to keep us from figuring out what they were really doing?”

“They were using blood dilithium to fuel the device, which could explain why something went wrong” said Ohtani.

“Recommendations?” said Roger.

No one said anything.

“I need to contact the Eagle," said Roger.

The others moved nervously.

"I know it might be a risk, but Captain Kirby needs to know what's happening.  Hold your breath, everyone.”  Roger tapped his comm badge.



  • The plot continues to thicken, interesting to see that both Rogers and Hok were affected going back in time if only by minutes. The interesting revelation they stumbled upon, can they figure out what happened and correct it? Why would they use blood dilithium to power such a thing, let alone study/attempt time travel? Do they have ulterior motives? Change time as we know it? Hopefully, they can figure it out and correct it before things so sideways.

    November 18, 2022
  • Oh no! Pockets of time travel threatening to tear the away team apart! This is some juicy sci fi you're providing to us right here. Mixed in with the classic hubris of misusing an eldritch power --the blood dilithium-- leading to the science outpost's doom. I have a feeeeeeling the crew of the Eagle is plenty resourceful to save the missing scientists? And if they're not, they still seem plucky enough to try. Thank you for all the twists and turns on this one.

    November 24, 2022