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Part of USS Sojourner: Mission 1 – Do not go gentle into that good night (Blood Dilithium Campaign) and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

M1 – Chp3: Personal Log – Distress Call

USS Sojourner - XO Quarters
November 8th, 2400: 20:15
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XO Quarters

Thanen stretched as he walked into his quarters after another long day. Tilting his head to either side he stretched his neck, his antenna quivering with the strain.

Looking around he suppressed a little laugh when he caught his reflection in the full-length mirror near the door. His uniform and face were covered in dark stains after long hours of work. Glancing over at the computer console on his desk he sighed, “Best to get this logged while it’s fresh.

Sitting down at the desk he opened the computer, “Computer. Start recording, audio only.”

Personal  Log – November 8th, 2400: 20:15. Lieutenant Commander Thanen Th’zalnar; USS Sojourner


I have already logged my official report regarding the events of the last two days and the damage Brenari freighter we encountered. I believe it is important to log my personal feelings regarding this matter and what I expect will become increasingly common in the coming days and weeks as we, both the Sojourner and the rest of the fleet, spend more time in the Delta Quadrant.


Thirty-six hours ago the Sojourner began what I can safely say was its first real mission. We picked up a faint distress call from a Brenari freighter that had been damaged. It should be noted that the Brenai have telepathic abilities which make them susceptible to the new outcroppings of the blood dilithium and they are continually prosecuted by the Devore Imperium due to their abilities.


On arrival, we found the vessel to be orbiting a Class D moon around a gas giant. We determined that the ionizing radiation in the gas giants’ rings interfered with their distress signal and masked their signature. They told us that they had been caught in a plasma storm but the damage and scorch marks on the hull looked to include some weapon damage. 


The Captain, Kirin, agreed to help them repair their engines and life support systems but only if they were honest with her. The leader of the Brenai on the ship beamed over and spoke with the Captain and I. It turned out they had been part of a colony annexed by the Imperium and fled persecution in the hopes of reaching the Markonian Outpost before travelling to their homeworld. During their flight a Devore patrol ship fired on them and they were able to get away due to a plasma storm they flew through. 


I have spent the last day and a half on their ship with a small team of engineers and by my second, Anahis Sanin. I am surprised that the ship had made it this far, the damage to it was extensive but nothing that couldn’t be repaired and I was impressed by the work that my team conducted. If they continue to show this level of commitment I will be very pleased.


We were able to send the Brenari off an hour or so ago. With luck, they will not run into any further trouble.

He paused for a moment and leaned back in his chair and looked over at some of the pictures he had on his desk. Included within that was a picture of a young Aenar woman. A frown crossed his face as his eyes came to rest on it.

What troubles me is the reaction of the passengers on the ship whenever the Imperium was mentioned. On board were over 300 people, families, young and old all running from a people who hated them for who and what they are. That isn’t right. They spoke of family members left behind who are likely now imprisoned or worse.


I know part of our orders are to help people displaced by the Imperium’s expansion but I wonder if we should not do more. After all that federation ship doesn’t have some telepaths onboard?


I expect we haven’t seen the last of the Devore. 


Computer End Recording.

Thanen sighed as troublesome thoughts went through his mind and set an alarm to get up early in the morning before heading to bed.



  • This post was a real mood. Thanen's perspective is painting a clear picture of the dangers in the Delta Quadrant while the Devore Imperium are on an expansive journey. I appreciated the way it started like any other distress call mission and then you undercut it with Thanen's doubts that the crew isn't doing enough for the Brenari or others in the quadrant. And then you ended it off with ominous foreboding of dark days to come. Uh oh.

    November 6, 2022
  • This is a good use of a log to get through some events! It's really effective as a use of a classic Trek trope to frame the storytelling, and very effective for insight into Thanen and how he thinks and views things. We're moved quickly through something that's becoming a trope in blood dilithium - run-ins with Brenari fleeing the Devore - so we can get to the meat of the story, and we get a view of how Thanen sees his work and his team, too. He seems caring and pragmatic and is evidently struggling with where to draw the line on that, which is a solid character conflict. I look forward to seeing more of him. Good stuff!

    November 10, 2022
  • Thanen is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters (but I do like Andorians). A log like this is a great way to frame events and explore them from the characters point of view. He asks an important question - is Starfleet really doing enough on the humanitarian front? Much focus has been put on the scientific side of things, and rightly so, but what about those suffering? And, yet again, those dastardly Devore have reared their ugly heads. I hate them, as you well know from Ulysses, and I’m sure I’ll hate them more given upcoming likely events here. Good stuff my friend!

    November 12, 2022
  • I agree with the previous comments that using a personal log to frame events is a great device to provide insight into the situation that we wouldn’t have had access to in a standard perspective. We get a direct line into Thanen’s thoughts and a new insight into the situation telepaths in the DQ are facing with the Devore Imperium. Not just in respect of the new situation with the Blood Dilithium but this seems more of a historic situation as well. It highlights Thanen’s perspective and thinking well, and his worries that not enough is being done to help the telepaths.

    November 14, 2022