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Getting dirty

Outpost Houtman - Operation Center
October 2400
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The sparks were flying around in some damaged regions at the Operation Center. Medical personnel was attending to the wounded. People were doing what they could to get repairs done. Nakil had a minor head injury as he walked to the operating table, where he had to summon most people that could be helpful in the given situation. “Good day all, hope you all are doing well” He taps onto the table as the image of the outpost is visible. 

“The situation is that Outpost Houtman got hit by a 7.2 tremor that luckily didn’t damage the building that severely. However, we need to recover a shuttlecraft at least 5 to 7 meters in a large crack” He taps again as everything on the 3D map becomes red. “This location is deemed not worthy of colonization. We have to relocate, and I need ideas.” 

Kat approached Ga and stood before him at attention.  “The settlement is secured.   I have Jones, T’greth, Bol’ku, and Harrison providing muscle for the medical teams.  Douglas has some engineering background and I have him helping engineering.”

Roberts had been near the ops console when the tremor occurred slamming her into the console. She shook her head from the impact and felt blood trickling down her forehead. It wasn’t the first time this had happened and she was sure it wouldn’t be the last. She shook it off and went to stand by Ga “These tremors seem to be getting worse before long we won’t have an operations center.” She concluded.

Kat nodded to Roberts and turned her attention back to Ga, “Orders?”

Nodding to Kat “Well done on the securing part” Nakil complimented the young Lieutenant as he turned his attention to Roberts “Keen observation there. I was actually complaining to colonial service about their choice in picking the given area” He sighed “Commander Roberts get on one of the science shuttles and locate a suitable place. Bring Ensign Ryozo with you as your pilot”

Ryozo is just glad that he is part of the briefing, even though he’s not really a senior officer. But he thought that supposed being the only ‘assigned’ pilot right now, it made sense. Though he doesn’t doubt that some of these higher-ranking officers could fly just fine. Well, except maybe for the ones who might have a concussion. “Commander will be in good hands, sir!” Ryozo smiled at Nakil.

Roberts nodded and headed for the bay motioning for the Ensign to join here “Will do, Sir.”

Ryozo hurried on after the Commander and looked at Roberts. “Hey, you, uh…got something there, ma’am.” He pointed at the blood trickling down her forehead.

Kay wiped her head and saw the blood shrugging “No pain no gain.”

“Kat the area is stirred up, but that also means that creatures are scared and aggressive. Make sure that it will not impact our base in our sorrow state” Nakil had turned his attention to Kat. 

“Aye sir.  I’ll set up regular patrols around the parameter,” Kat replied.

“Good everyone is on point on this assignment. Now we still got some incoming personnel that needs some guidance. So I need some backing up from you as well Lieutenant” Still talking to Kat “Because we will be the only senior staff at the location while the commander and our pilot find a new suitable place.” Looking at everyone then “Questions?” 

“Tell me what you want me to do and I will try to make it happen,” Kat replied uncertainly as to what Nakil wanted her to do. She wasn’t a nursemaid to the newbies.

Looking back at Kat “Oh well do your security checks on them and leave the rest to me basically” Nakil thinks for a second. “But focus on setting a parameter for the dangerous animals asap” He was worried about the unknown out there. 

“On it sir.”

Nodding to them all “Alright let us get to work and minimize the damage where possible. Hopefully, my first officer can find a suitable place to get us going to. Dismissed” Nodding to the few officers as they left the office that was cracking a bit as he looked around “Hold on babe, we are getting you to a more suitable place” It was a brief but effective meeting that would bring this outpost back into rolling.