Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

Troubled Thoughts

USS Mercy - Deck 28
August 13, 2400 - 0900
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Security Office – Deck 28

O’Shea leaned back in the chair in the small Chief of Security’s office off to the side of the main security office and reflected back over the last few days and the mess in medical. The report before him only half written as some of the events that had transpired weighed heavily on him and the words for an official report eluded him. He had no doubt that Dougal would be fine but he did worry about him. What he had endured was something no one should ever have to.

He was pulled from his thoughts when his door chimed. Looking over at the door he sighed, “Enter.” The door slid open revealing the large Klingon Chief Petty Officer, Suven Pach. Of all NCO he was the only one who had any previous experience, and a fair amount at that.

“Pach, what can I do for you?” O’Shea said before continuing, “Thanks for the help in medical yesterday.”

Pach nodded, “It was my duty to assist you, Lieutenant. I am glad it worked out though.” O’Shea gestured to one of the empty chairs and Pach took a seat before continuing. “I wanted to update you on the events yesterday while you were on the station. I know you had your hand full with the entity Death but I have completed a report of the activities and events that the rest of the enlisted crewmen on the security team, barring Lieutenants MacDonald and sh’Solom’aa activities.” With that Pach placed a PADD on the desk.

“Thank you Pach, I was going to ask you about that. I appreciate your initiative on this. Before I get to this care to run me through the highlights?” O’Shea asked.

Pach simply nodded before he spoke, “At first the security teams were providing assistance where needed when the entity’s interference caused the crew with empathic abilities to lash out. They performed adequately at this task but when the ship lost power most of them we confined to the cargo bays with the rest of the crew. Only Crewman Lance and I avoided that. I am not sure why it was the case but we were able to provide assistance to several crew and passengers who we encountered.”

“Thanks, I will let you know if I have any questions about the report. Since you are here though I wanted to discuss further training drills for the security team and your assessment based on the number assigned to us.” O’Shea said as he pulled up a list of drills he had been pulling together. “In an event such as the one yesterday we need to ensure that we have personnel at all key systems and departments; Medical, Engineering, the Bridge as well as keeping some ready to address emergencies. Yesterday there it was our own crew which could have caused damage but in future, it could borders. I want to run the entire team through drills to test and improve our responsiveness. Can you have a look through these drills and organize one for tomorrow please.”

“That won’t be an issue Lieutenant and I agree with your thoughts on this. If there is nothing else I will get this started?” Pach asked to which O’Shea shook his head, “I will take my leave then.”

 O’Shea watched Pach leave and picked up the report and began to read through it.

An hour later after he finished reading the report Pach had provided and failing to progress on his official report O’Shea groaned, “I need a coffee,” and walked out of the small office to stretch his legs. He took the turbolift to the mess hall to grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich. As he walked into the mess hall he couldn’t help but smile, even given the ordeal from the day before the crew seemed to be operating as normal, at a quick glance anyways. Grabbing his coffee he left and returned to the security office.

Sitting down at his desk he sighed as he looked at the official report. “Maybe I just need to clear my head a bit to get this out.” He closed the report he was writing and switched over to his personal files. 

“Computer being recording, audio only.”

Personal Log – August 14th, 2400

O’Shea began before pausing to glance at the time.



Where to begin? Yesterday was one of the strangest and, well, most nightmare-inducing events of my life. And that is including losing my leg in a firefight with pirates.


The things we saw on Charon Station will, without a doubt, haunt me for years to come. What that machine was able to do to the crew, and to Ruby was horrific. The part that gets me though is how did it all begin and what was its end goal. Was it an AI they had developed or something that got into the system? 

Sighing he took a sip of his coffee and continued

I guess none of that matters now to those who died and Ruby but if it was some sort of entity what is to say it cannot happen again? 


The main thing is that it is dead, Ruby saw to that. I cannot imagine what it was like for her consciousness to be trapped in a computer like that, all alone, for so many years. I guess that is the thing that is really bothering me, she was a child and for something, anything to do what it did to her is wrong. I wish there had been a way to save her but she got her justice and I can respect that.


He leaned back in the chair and ran his hands through his chair, looking a several of the bruises he had on his arm, showing just below the cuff.


Then there was the Borg drone, where did that come from? It was old and as far as I can recall there has been no Borg activity in that sector. All in all, I feel there are more questions than answers.


Computer, end recording.

O’Shea closed the window and finished his coffee. The events still weighed on him but that wasn’t going to end anytime soon. Reopening his official after-action report he buckled down and began to work.