Part of USS Sojourner: Mission 0 – An Unexpected Boon

M0 – Chp2: Moving On

USS Daradax; docking with DS9
October 19th, 2400: 8:30
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USS Daradax – Observation Lounge; 8:30

Kirin stood outside the door to the observation lounge feeling oddly nervous. She was still digesting the news of both her promotion to commander and getting a new command, let alone the USS Sojourner. She knew all of those waiting in the lounge would be happy about the news, especially with promotions for themselves including heading up departments but she realized with a start that she would miss the Daradax. 

There was something about her that Kirin had fallen in love with. The small crew, who she had come to respect and care about deeply since they landed together all those months ago were the closest thing she had to family and the Daradax facilitate that. It was something that a larger ship would lose, possibly.  She steeled herself, stood up straight and exhaled before stepping forward into the observation lounge as the doors parted. 

Five heads, including one holographic one, all turned to look at her as she walked into the lounge. “So, what does command have in mind for us now? More supply runs?” Ril ask, with a clear note of disappointment in her tone. The statement drew subtle nods of agreement from Belania and the once very quiet Kerry. Thanen though gave Ril a sideways glance, “We will find out soon enough Ril.”

To everyone’s surprise, it was Kerry who chimed in before Kirin was able to take a seat, “We were meant to be doing a sector survey, if they want people doing supply runs then why not sure a Raven with an ensign in command and some crew, why officers?”

Kirin finished sitting and sighed, “I can promise you we are not doing another supply run, at least not right away. That said things are changing.” This stopped the officers from any further comments as they all eagerly waited to hear where they were off to next. She glanced to the large viewports at the rear of the room and, as luck would have it, the USS Sojourner was clearly visible docked on the upper pylon as if saying I am here, come to me.

“The Daradax has been ordered back to Starbase 4, there is work there and she is needed…” as expected before she finished Ril groaned, “Really? Starbase 4?” Kirin smirked at her which made Ril shut her mouth before saying anything else. Kirin ignored the statement and continued. “We thought will not be accompanying her,” she turned and looked out the viewport. “We have somewhere else to go, as of 7:30 this morning we are all reassigned to the USS Sojourner, the Pathfinder-class long-range explore you see there.”

Almost all at once Ril, Kerry, Belania and Thanen said “What?!”

Kirin smiled, “That was my response. But Fleet Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik confirmed it with me this morning. The Sojourner is without a command crew and the powers that be have chosen us. We are to get ready and head to Deep Space 47 at the best speed. Her crew is new, mostly fresh out of the academy so each of you will be heading up your departments. Thanen you have Engineering, Rill Security and Tactical, Belania Operations and Kerry, Science. Once there we will need to run drills to make sure they are ready. The badlands are a rough place and the last crew I had to break in still gives me headaches” This drew laughs and nods from all present except the EMH who remained silent as he listened. “From what I have read we are still short a few positions as such Thanen, if you are willing, I need you to be acting XO. Belania, I also want you to oversee the conn, you are the best pilot I have seen.”

There was a cough from the back of the table. “I guess that means little old me will stay here, do I get the Daradax?” the EMH said.

“Sadly not Doctor, a transit crew, some of those we will relieve from the Sojourner will be taking the Daradax to Starbase 4. It was a pleasure serving with you and you have my thanks for everything you did for us when we needed your help.” Kirin said to which the EMHs nodded though it barely did his frown.

“We do not have much time, you have 4 hours to pack your belongings and met me at the transport. The Daradax is meant to set off tonight.” Kirin said, “Once we are onboard the Sojourner I will have a sit down with each of you. Dismissed.”

They all stood and left with the exception of Thanen. He walked up to Kirin and waited for the excited voices of Kerry, Belania and Ril to subside. “A Pathfinder? That is something,” he said.

“You don’t have to tell me,” Kirin said before turning to him. “Look, about the XO post. I know you are an engineer in your heart. The post is yours though if you want it but it would take you away from engineering and I didn’t want to assume.” Thanen just looked at her and nodded slowly and began to respond before Kirin lifted her right hand and put it on his forearm, “Think about it and let me know, don’t jump into it. I know you will excel in either Thanen.” 

He nodded, “I will Kirin, I will. Thank you for giving me this choice.” He exhaled and smiled, “I best get packing and give the core a once over. Last thing I want is some transit team to mess around with the Daradax’s engines.”

 “Sounds like a plan. See you soon.” Kirin said before Thanen hurried to his quarters.

USS Daradax – Transporter Room; 12:30

Right on time, the crew gather with their gear in the transporter room.

“She is all locked up Kirin, once we beam over the transit crew will be able to beam back,” Thanen said with a slightly sad smile.

“Thanks, all of you on, I will set the transporter,” Kirin said as she waved her crew onto the pad and quickly set a voice command before she quickly walked onto the pad. She looked around and smiled, “She is a good ship, see you around Daradax. Computer; Energize.” With that the transporter activated and they vanished from the room.

USS Daradax – Medical Bay; 12:45

“So they just leave me here?” Muttered the EMH as he stood at the main console in the medical bay. “Well, I will have a surprise for them.” He quickly finished tapping out the commands he was working on and hit the activate button.

– Transfer In Progress– 



  • Such a naughty EMH. You probably should decompile his program to figure out why he's so disobedient.

    October 20, 2022