Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 2 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

Sorry I Was Away

Sickbay, USS Denver
April 2, 2374 080p
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Rebecca entered sickbay, glanced around and found a hulking Klingon standing off to the side. “Doctor Qel’vek?”

He looked up from the microscope that he was looking into raising an eyebrow before rising to his full height and striking his chest in salute. “Qap’la, Captain!” he then crossed his arms over his chest “Indeed, we have met already. Unless this is a…Joke, of some kind.” 

“No joke,” she said.  “While I am not against a good jest those are best reserved for people we know. How are you settling in?”

“Humans joke far more than Klingons. Yet laugh much less heartily.” he noted, before shaking his head“Federation medical and science facilities are considerably better funded than Klingon ones…” he muttered, considering for a moment “Though I have received looks of doubt, I am quite used to these doubts. Healers are not…Valued, in the Empire. But, I have always viewed, that the surgical theater is just as important a battle, as one in the field – for in both cases, you control the fate of another.”

The”In my people’s not too distant past disease,  and infection was a bigger killer of armies than actual battle.  For example in the American Civil War for every three to die in battle five died of disease.   You are doing essential work my friend. Without you and others like you, we cannot keep fighting.”

“Klingons are not so susceptible to disease, but humans are our allies now. And I will ensure that they will not die in a bed, but die on the field with honor and glory in their hearts.” 

“Well, I would prefer the Dominion does the dying,” Rebecca said sardonicaly.

He gave a very small smile at that “They are winning.” he said, his small smile fading “The Yihoh did not know defeat until we fought the Dominion.” he said, a sizable amount of shame in his tone.

“All the more reason to make them die and not us,” Rebecca said.  “God I hate this war.  Space is so big! There’s no need for this!”

“You mistake my hate for defeat, with a hate for war. War is a fire in which warriors are forged. Where I hate, however- is the Dominion’s lack of regard for civilian lives. They are weak, and it is our role to defend the weak. The Dominion cares not for honor.”

Rebecca sighed,  “I understood you Doctor… I was expressing my frustration with the whole situation.   But yes, they have no honor, and it is our duty to protect those that cannot protect themselves. It doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Let us fight hard to ensure that our next battle is a victory, and not a defeat.” Krull returned, nodding.

Rebecca considered the man before her.  An anomaly,  “Why are you here?  I cannot fathom a Klingon would feel much at home on a ship like this.”

“Healers are not valued as they are in the Federation. My House is fallen. There is little for me in the Empire asides my pride…And you are correct, I do not feel at home here, I doubt that I ever shall – but I do not feel at home in the Empire either, at least here I can pursue my destiny without scrutiny.”

“That’s one thing you won’t get here.  Pursuit of the sciences is Starfleet’s primary mission. I came from an engineering background personally. Mom was the XO aboard the USS Missouri… She was killed in a Cardassian raid when I was ten.  I try not to let that color my opinions of them,  but they make it so damned hard.  I have to apologize I have no honor when it comes to yhr Cadis… I saw the broken nose, split lip and black eye on a prisoner we had, and yet I said nothing… ”  

She had no idea why the confessions came boiling out of her, but there was something cathartic about it. Just raw strings of consciousness and guilt. 

Krull looked over her once, and slapped his arm firmly on her shoulder “It is in fire that we are forged, Captain. You are forged of stronger metal than most.”

“Thank you Doctor.  I will leave you to your duties.  If you need anything don’t hesitate to come to me.” Not waiting for a response she turned and left sickbay hoping that dispensing with trivialities would sit right with the Klingon.