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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Starfleet HQ
April 15, 2374
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Rebecca resisted the urge to yawn.  The auditorium was huge, and the captains and intelligence officers who were all stationed near Earth were all present. At just a rough estimate there were probably four-hundred ships represented here. 

The auditorium was dark and warm.  The soft glow of the massive view screen just added to the sleepy ambience. The speaker… some Admiral who had introduced himself at the beginning, and whose name had since been forgotten was droning on.  The worst part about the whole damned exercise was she couldn’t talk to anyone about what was being said… except maybe Riandri and she was right there next to her.  Just listen and know. 

Intelligence briefings are the absolute worst, Rebecca thought.   She lifted her coffee cup, and thank God they allowed that. Otherwise, she would have long ago been snoring, and Admirals hate that when you do.

Riandri sat back listening intently as the Andorian Admiral, Ishriss Ch’shraalrerh, gave a detailed update on the current tactical situation and the nextly established frontline as well as the estimates of the Dominion’s strength. 

As Riandri listened and catalogued everything she heard for review later she glanced over at Captain Talon. She could see that the woman wished she was elsewhere. She couldn’t blame her either, intelligence briefings were not for everyone. Riandri smirked as leaned over to her, “How are you finding it, Captain? I think there are a few offensive options that are available though we will see if the fleet tagged then.”

“Huh?” Rebecca looked up from her coffee. “Offensive?”

Riandri hid the smirk that threatened to spread across her face. “Yeah, there are several possible options but who knows,” she said with a shrug. Turning to face the Captian she smiled, “Lost in thought?”

Rebecca hid her expression behind the coffee.   For a moment she considered lying,  but she expected honesty from her officers and she should have the respect to give it back. Sighing she glanced over at Riandri,  “Not exactly. Admiral Ambien is putting me asleep here ”

Riandri didn’t even try to hide the wicked grin that spread across her face. “These aren’t for everyone she said but can be helpful.” She glanced at her PADD and the time. “Should only be another 30 minutes,” she said with a pause before continuing, “Want to grab some food and a drink after?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Rebecca said with a grin.

602 Club, Mill Valley, CA-

The ancient bar and grill had been a favorite watering hole of Starfleet pilots for years. The walls were decorated with all sorts of memorabilia including original shuttle mission patches and Chorchan’s original design sketches. 

Rock music played softly in the background as Rebecca and Riandri sat around a table. Rebecca had ditched the black and grey officer’s jacket opting for the less formal and more comfortable captain’s waistcoat.   She had even opened the top of the red turtle neck of her undershirt.

“I am so glad to be done with all those meetings.  I was almost longing for a fight with the Dominion,” Rebecca said as she scooped up a could of French fires and took a bite.

“Yeah, I get that” Riandri said as she leaned back in the chair and looked around. “The worst part is it has been, what, 5 months since the fighting actually started? No matter how we look at it this conflict is only going to get worse. Either they push us or we push them.” A sad look crossed her face. “Space is big enough for everyone. There are whole parsecs that are uninhabited, rich in resources and yet we fight. Such a loss.” 

Riandri looked at the fries and grabbed a few, they hit the spot but she wasn’t sure if she wanted more food or if it was just a habit of having some when she came to this place or the others like it when she was based at HQ. Thinking a change of subject was needed she shifted in her seat slightly and rested an elbow on the table and her chin in her hand, “Nice being home?”

Rebecca shrugged,  “Yeah.  This is the longest I’ve been stationed in the Sol System since the Academy.  Got caught up with family,  saw some old friends… speaking of which…” Her voice trailed off.   She was looking at the entrance and a man and a woman had just entered.

The man was Tony Ryder, little brother of Nick Ryder.  She had dated Tony briefly during her Freshman year.  The woman, was Doctor Tess Ryder, the matriarch of the Ryder clan.

Spotting Rebecca they made their way to her table.  After awkward greetings and introductions, the pair were sitting across from Rebecca and Riandri.   “Becca, look, we didn’t look you up to reminisce on the old days,” Tony started looking at his mother.

“Angel has been kidnapped, ” Tess said simply.  “Right out of my house in Milwaukee. Nick is out on maneuvers and can’t help,  and Julie is doing something with Starfleet Intelligence and we don’t even know where she is.  We need your help.”

Rebecca glanced at Riandri, “Not entirely sure what I can do, but the Denver is at your disposal.”

Riandri was at a loss for words for a moment, “Sorry, did you say kidnapped?” After all her time on Earth, these sorts of things had all but vanished with the exception of some crimes of passion. She glanced at the Captain and could clearly see the concern on her face. “What does the local law enforcement agency have on it so far? If you get me what you can I can run it through SFI. I still have friends at HQ.”

“The local authorities were mostly useless,” Tess replied.  “They assume she ran away.  I know Angel, she wouldn’t run away. She’s sixteen where would she go?”

“Could Julie have taken her?” Rebecca asked.   She had never liked Nick’s wife, their mutual dislike had started since their first meeting at the Academy. Rebecca turned to Riandri,  “Check with SFI and see if you can locate Julie Ryder,  but do it discreetly.  Julie has always tried to groom those girls to be like her.  Maybe she took it too far this time. Trinity is staying with Milo on Starbase 75 while we’re stationed in the Sol System.  I’ll check on her and warn Milo something… weird is going on.”

Riandri nodded, “Will do it now. I was asked to swing by anyways so can have a chat with some people off the record.” She turned to look at Tess, “Can you send me everything the local authorities had as well as an image of Angel? Never know what may or may not come in handy. Here is my comm ID.”  She stood and turned to face the captain, “With you leave ma’am?”

As if anticipating the request Tess handed Riandri everything they knew including Angel’s last known location.

“Of course,” Rebecca said nodding to her intelligence officer.  “I’ll grab Pete and head to Milwaukee. I’ll see if I can find anything there.”

“Thank you,” Riandri said with a nod to both Tess and the captain and turned to leave. As she walked out of the door she tapped her combadge; “Sinclair, I am close by, you got time for a catch-up?”