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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 3 – Take These Broken Wings

Commander and Captain

USS Edinburgh - Ready Room
September 10th, 2400 @ 0800
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“I am glad I am the one that gets to do this, Commander.”

Harris stood in the ready room on the USS Edinburgh, at attention.  Captain Geronimo Fontana stood across from him, a quiet smile on his lips as he spoke, “You have persevered under circumstances that were beyond your control…and at times beyond mine.  You have led under pressure, and you have served as my first officer with such grace in the midst of a stormy beginning…and you’ve been instrumental in calming the waters these last few months.”  He hands his XO a PADD, “You are returned to the position of Commanding Officer, USS Edinburgh, immediately.  Ships logs and Starfleet database has been updated to reflect your status.”

Ambrose allowed a small smile, “Thank you, Captain.  I appreciate that we came to an understanding early on, sir.  I’m not sure we would have lasted long with sharpened knives out for each other.”

Fontana chuckled, “I think we’ve learned a lot from each other, Commander Harris.”  He extended his hand, “I’m thankful for what you taught me.  You’re a good CO…and you’ve earned that center chair.”

Harris returned the handshake, “Learning is like living and breathing – without it, we’re just lumps of clay in a clueless master’s hands.”  Geronimo gave him a questioning look, and the CO of the Edinburgh chuckled, “Old family saying, sir.”

The captain took one last look around the ready room, “I wish you the best of luck, Commander Harris.  She’s a good ship…and you’ve got an incredible crew to fly with.  Godspeed.”  He left the ready room and the door closed quietly behind him.  Harris held his posture for a moment…but then silently celebrated with a fist pump and dance celebration.  Until his badge beeped.

=^=Commander Harris, Starbase Bravo is requesting your presence on the engineering deck.  Something about Chief Katsumi’s list of equipment.  Said they need a word.=^=

Ambrose chuckled, “They need a word.  I have a feeling I’m going to have a word for them as well.  Let them know I’m on my way.”  The channel closed as he looked around the ready room…it was his ready room once again.  He would never let anyone take it away from him again.