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Put some tape on it…

USS Jaxartes - Bridge
May 2399
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Tapping on the console as T’Path looked at the screen, “Approaching Yinides, Rami already confirmed that our approach was not detectable, but he is down below the main sensory chamber to double-check” She plotted a course into the orbit of the northern part of the world “All sensors are in the green, no indication of detection so far” It was both herself and Adrián that were present at the bridge.

“Doing long-range scanners to get an indication of the atmosphere now,” Adrián lets the console do its job, “I feel rather uncomfortable with this mission. From all the times we have been out here, we always followed the rules by the letter, and suddenly we are to walk the edge of it?” Adrián shrugs it off, “I don’t know T’Path. Something does not add up. Why are we supposed to fix Liberty’s problem while they are more than able to do it themselves?” 

T’Path plots the course in orbit to stay within a certain degree of acceptable height. “There might be many reasons, Lieutenant, but the reason that the Liberty gave is rather unlogical thought” She had to admit to that and looked at the screen. “As Lieutenant Ruslanovna said, they could have left shuttles behind to solve this issue. Yet they choose to call in help from another fleet to fix the problem”

The results slowly start to come in. “That is the thing. Something doesn’t add up. They didn’t say what ship it did, why they are leaving it in our hands, and why they suddenly had to go?” Adrián shrugs, looking at the colorful blue and green planet on the screen, “It doesn’t make sense, but we are supposed to follow the commands blindly due to being outranked?” 

“Outranked, the chain of command is all questionable reasons to follow orders of those that require some work to be done. Thought this work seemed to be then just something small. The implications and outcome of this can have big after-effects for the ship that causes this problem,” T’Path pointed out as she blinked, realizing something. “The ship that caused this would have left a trail” She looked at Adrián.

Adrián looked from the screen to her, “A trail?” He thinks about what she was aiming for, and an inevitable shock of realization comes to him, “A trail of who did it…we are forced to stay in orbit to fix this problem but at the same time erase the previous ship trail that caused it” He looked at his console and started another scan. “We are covering for another person’s crime” 

Nodding, “But the current predicament leaves us to stay in orbit and act on the damage done. We have to fix the orbit, Lieutenant. Current incoming scans indicate that we are seeing a rapid degree of atmospheric pressure” T’Path showed great worry about this planet’s condition. 

“I will start putting some bandage on it soon enough. I need to have a full scan to know where to start without having it collapse in its total. But at the same time, these scans can help us in the future to safeguard our approach that might or might not be used against us” Adrián was not particularly happy about the whole idea, but they were being put into a pinch. Better to have safeguarded information that could help them. This all seems to be like a big facade.