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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

Allamarine Part 2

Charon MoonBase
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Sesias followed the commander out of the door and scanned the hallway with the tricorder. “No changes sir. Stronger that way.” He pointed to the way they had come. “And relatively the same as this room going in that direction. I’m reading another possible door about 50 meters up the corridor and then it bends towards the right. If I would make an educated guess, I think we are on the outermost ring of the base.”

“I will follow your lead,” said Sorek.


Sesias cocked his head sideways as he heard the message.

“Save you from what?  Who are you?” said Sorek.


“Whoever that is has quite an ego,” said Sorek.

“Well that wasn’t much to go off of. You mentioned helping you. How can we do that? What do you need?” Sesias asked as he walked up the hallway. He stopped at one of the other doors as it opened.

Sorek waited for a response, but there wasn’t one.

“Hm. Seems like a bunk room. I count 12  bunk beds. Looks like there is an attached room with your basic bathroom setup. Not reading any power sources. Interference seems to be in the lower end of the spectrum.”

Sorek waited yet again, but there was still nothing. If he allowed it, he would be getting annoyed.

Sesias exited the room and continued forward up the hallway as it made the bend to the right. “Not reading anymore doors, but I am seeing signs  of an open area up ahead.”

Sorek began moving in the indicated direction, when he felt another transporter beam. He went from the long corridor, to another one, though shorter, and a large door in front of him. Looking behind him, he saw Sesias had been taken as well. “Can you scan and tell where we are, Lieutenant?”

“Well, sir, according to these scans, looks like we are outside main engineering. Shall we….” looked down at the tricorder, “enter or wait and see?”

Sorek considered the question. Whoever was behind all of this, brought them to engineering for a reason. The issue was not knowing why…..


  • Sorek

    Executive Officer

  • Sesias

    Chief Operations Officer/Tactical