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USS Liberty - Ready Room
May 2399
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It was quite an impressive vessel. The USS Liberty was an Obena-Class vessel fitted for exploration and scientific missions. But for some odd reasons, it had a certain amount of weaponry upgrade that didn’t fit the vessel’s bill. The ship was commanded by Captain Garrett Vance, who had a great service record throughout his career in Starfleet. 

“Quite the ship” Silina stood there, a bit uncomfortable in the turbolift.

“Quite the ship indeed” Sazra shrugs a bit, trying not to be jealous of the ship. The Obena-Class was quite an impressive ship in her opinion, “Who knows, we might find ourselves on such a ship in the future?” Thought, knowing Starfleet Command and their denial to upgrade to another ship, was something that was hitting her knee a bit too many times.

Nodding to her Captain and dear friend’s comment, “Yea I don’t see that happening quite soon. It’s not like Starfleet has a Galaxy-Class in the reserves waiting for us to command it” She scratches her nose due to an annoying itch.

“You do know that every time you scratch your nose, history has proven that we are getting in trouble of some kind or form” Sazra didn’t look at Silina. “Do you want me to order you to not scratch?” 

She stopped midway, scratching as she looked at her side, “If you do that, I will be having a serious problem, Captain. Though, what you are stating right now makes it sound that I am the source of most problems in our missions. Do you get something to prove that?” She looked back at the door, placing her hand behind her back.

“Where do you want me to start, the academy with the teacher’s pop-quiz, the Ferengi that tried to bribe his way to freedom, the troublesome Talexian, and that time with the Klingon Opera in my bag while on a scientific mission” Sazra shrugs remembering that away mission as she hears Silina laugh but quickly stops as the door slides open. 

A Caitian looked over her shoulder at the door and turned to the newcomers that entered the bridge, “Lieutenant Prrraugol and Lieutenant Rrruslanovna welcome to the USS Liberrrty. Captain Vance is awaiting you in the Rrready Rrroom” She waved to the door at the side as the two followed her to the office and entered the Ready Room with the two other officers. The Commander stops in front of the desk of the Captain “Captain, the executive team of the Jaxarrrtes has arrived” 

An older man was sitting there, with short gray hair and a somewhat full face. He dropped his pencil on the table as he was writing something. “Don’t mind me. I like to be old fashion and write my notes with a pencil rather than on a PADD” He gave a soft smile. “Please take a seat” He motions his hand to the table chairs as the three take their seats. “Welcome to the Liberty. My name is Captain Vance. I am the Second Fleet’s exploration leader in the Typhon expanse on its western part. Fourth Fleet mostly covers the southern part, I believe” He leans backward in his chair. “This is Commander Mrorri, the ship’s Executive Officer” The Caitian gave a brief nod to them.

Sazra blinked a bit and nodded, “Lieutenant Praugol, I am the Commanding Officer of the USS Jaxartes. This is my Executive Officer and Medical specialist, Lieutenant Ruslanovna” She motioned to Silina, who gave also a brief nod to them. “We do operate mostly in the southern part of the frontier. So, to be honest, we were a bit surprised by the sudden request for aid from a great ship such as the Liberty?”

The Captain placed his hands over each other, “Straight to your assignment. I like that directness, Lieutenant. Yes, I do require your ship’s help to be more specific. We are dealing with a ticking time bomb at this moment” He presses the button on the panel at his side, and a 3D model of a planet appears, “This is the planet known to our records as Yinides. It is a flourishing planet, but an incident happened that was caused by a Second Fleet’s vessel that damaged the atmosphere of this planet” 

A planet that was damaged by a Second Fleet’s ship? Sazra narrowed her eyes a bit. It was not her position to ask further questions. Primarily due to the order of ranks. But something was not right about that statement. “Right, that sounds terrible, but I fail to see how the Jaxartes can assist?”

He rose his hand, “I am not finished, Lieutenant. Please let me continue” He saw the nod from Sazra and continued, “The Yinides has an additional problem that it has a pre-warp civilization that now faces a slow extinction due to our fault. The Federation wishes to see this resolved as soon as possible without breaking the prime directive. We need a vessel that is small enough that it can be avoided by the natives of this planet. The Jaxartes meets that requirement” 

Sazra looked at Silina, who looked back at her and gave a slight nod to the explanation. But Sazra could see that Silina was conflicted about the whole mission description. She looked back at the Captain, “What do you require us to do at the planet Yinides?”

“We requirrre yourrr ship to fly close to its orrrbit and fix its atmospherrre. We cannot get close to the ship without putting the natives on high alert. It is a matter of a few days’ work, and the Jaxarrrtes is quite able to do this,” Commander Mrorri spoke.

“That sounds like a mission that one of your shuttles could also do. It still doesn’t explain why our ship is needed in a delegate situation like this?” Silina spoke her mind and looked a bit troubled.

“I would appreciate Captain Praugol if you keep your Executive Officer in line. It is custom not to ask questions to your direct chain of command,” Captain Vance spoke harshly. “But if you require knowing, the Liberty is required elsewhere, and we need this issue to be resolved as soon as possible. You have your orders dismissed” Vance smiled at them as they both stood up.

Narrowing her eyes at the comment about Silina question, she wanted to respond to that but chose not to due to their rank difference. “Thank you for your time,” She noticed Silina glare at her and ignored it, “We shall finish this mission as soon as possible” With that being said they both moved out of the office as they walked into the turbolift.

“Thanks for having my back, Captain” Silina spoke annoyed turning around “Transporter Room one”

The door closed as Sazra shrugged “Do keep in mind that he is a Captain, he might be an ass but still our superior officer” With that being said, this mission was not something that she liked at any rate.