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Part of USS Denver: Mission 3: War is War

Out of the Pan and into the Fire

USS Denver
March 6, 2374 10:30
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Transporter Room – USS Denver

Riandri stepped off the transporter pad on the USS Denver and looked towards the transporter Chief as they spoke, “Welcome abroad the USS Denver, Lieutenant. The captain sent down word, she would like to met you on the Bridge.”

“Thank you,” she began as she  shifted the duffle on her shoulder that contained her few personal belonging she kept with her and began to leave before the Chief continued. “I can take that if you like and have it dropped at your quarters sir.”

She smiled at that and handed the duffle bag off, “I would appreciate that, thank you.” She said and quickly left.

Bridge – USS Denver

Riandri stepped out onto the bridge of the USS Denver, damage from the battle clearly visible throughout. As she stepped out she came to attention as several eyes turned her way, “Lieutenant Nalem, for Captian Talon. I was told to report here.”

“Aww Lieutenant, walk with me,” Rebecca said as she handed a PADD to another Lieutenant who was standing near the tactical station. “You have the bridge again Ms. Chapman.”

Rebecca led Nalem to the turbolift, as the pair stepped inside she spoke, “Sorry about the craziness.  It’s been one of those days.”

Riandri held herself straight as she stood beside the Captain, “So it seems Captain, how is the ship and crew? I didn’t realize the damage was so extensive when I was aboard the Tigris. I hope that casualties are low.”

“Relatively. Thankfully,” Rebecca said distracted reading reports. “Main Engineering.” The turbolift beeped and started moving,  “My… our XO is missing,  and one of our security officers was killed on one of the away teams.”

“I am sorry to hear that Captain, the lose of anyone is always hard. With any luck the XO will be found alive and well.” Riandri said, relaxing a little, “I assume the away mission has encountered survivors then? Would you like to to met with…” she paused for a moment debating the correct word, “…them? I have some experience in that regard or I can beam over to the vessel and see what is there of use. A disabled cruiser is a catch. Do we know if it is stable enough to tow?”

“I don’t,” Rebecca replied as she the doors parted and deposited them in engineering. “As far as interviewing survivors,  we will probably need you to do that.”

A young red-head with ensign’s pips approached,  “Captain.”

“Where is Commander Lovecroft?”

Aoife McKenzie shrugged,  “Last I heard he’s leading damage control teams on deck five.” Aoife glanced over her shoulder,  “We should have warp five in the next ten to fifteen minutes.   Any faster is going to take a little longer.”

“How much longer,” Rebecca asked.

Aoife sighed, “We have to rebuild tbe plasma injectors.  We got them working,  but I wouldn’t push them too hard. They are likely to burn out.”

“Very good Ensign, ” Rebecca nodded. “Thank you.”

“Of course captain,” Aoife extricated herself from the conversation and started shouting orders.

Rebecca watched to return to work before bringing her attention back to Riandri, “We lost our captain and most of our engineering crew at the Battle of Tyra.  I am new to command.  Ensign McKenzie left Starfleet Academy and enlisted in Starfleet at the break out of the war. We just gave her a battlefield promotion to take over as Assistant Chief Engineer.  We have a lot of people on this ship stepping up to jobs they may not have been prepared for.”

Riandri nodded as the Captain spoke, “War, and battle has a way of throwing people I to things they never expected, changes ones trajectory. People either step up in these situations or well, not.”

“Our current Chief Intelligence officer had a bit of a run-in with our Chief Medical Officer.   She’s confined him to quarters,  and as far as I am concerned he’s done on this ship. Are you ready to be the head of our intelligence department?”

That stoped Riandri in her tracks, sure she had overseen several officers back when she was in intelligence at HQ but an intelligence department. That was unexpected. “Oh…” she said, “Yes, I can do that. I can get to that right now.”

Rebecca nodded, “Then I suppose you best get at it.  We have have a Cardassian ship to look over, and several POWs.”

Riandri grinned as any possible nerves rapidly faded. There was a job to do and the information the Cardassians and their ship held would most likely save lives. “Well looks like I have my work cut out for me Captain. No rest for the wicked it seems,” she said as she cocked her head and anorted softly, “…always felt that phrases suited this line of work.”