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Part of USS Saratoga: I Spy With My Little Eyes

Chapter 1 – I Spy With My Little Eyes

USS Saratoga
August 2400
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Captain’s Log Stardate 77657.4


After being delayed longer than expected at Rhijun assisting them with their soil issue, we are finally on our way to Deep Space 47 within the Thomar Expanse. To say that things within the Velorum Sector went without a hitch would be far from the truth, though I am sure with our assistance they will have a chance for a bright future ahead of them.


We are almost to the entrance of the Badlands, which will be the roughest part of our journey. Navigating the dangerousness and unpredictability of the Badlands in a large ship such as the Odyssey class is going to be tricky. Though I have faith that Deza Airje is more than capable of flying her safely through, it is still nerve-wracking.


Upon arrival at Deep Space 47, we will be undergoing some minor repairs and some resupply as most of our supplies went to assist those on Rhijun. I will be granting the crew a couple of days off for some much-needed R&R. I will also be taking advantage of some much-needed time with my family, and probably take them to explore the galleria on the station.

“Captain to the bridge,” came the voice of T’Prel over the comm channel.

Taking a deep breath as that meant that they had reached the Badlands, “on my way.” Azras replied as she stood up from the couch she had been sitting on, which was located near the window. She always enjoyed looking out while they traveled, straightening out her uniform she began to walk out of her ready room and onto the bridge.

“Report,” Azras said though she knew what it was about she had just gotten into the habit to ask upon being summoned.

“We have reached the Badlands and are preparing to enter,” T’Prel replied standing up from the chair she was sitting in before Azras had walked out onto the bridge. Straightening out her uniform before moving over to her seat and sitting down.

Azras took her seat taking a deep breath, she took a moment to look at the marvel that was the Badlands. Though she knew how dangerous traveling through it would be, one couldn’t help but marvel at it. “Take us in,” she ordered as she looked at Deza sitting at flight control.

“Aye sir,” Deza said as she tapped a few controls and the large ship began its move inside the Badlands towards where Deep Space 47 was located just beyond the other side.

Turning towards Jheria, who happened to be sitting at the engineering console, “keep an eye on the ship’s systems. I would hate to have more issues to get repaired once we reach DS47,” Azras said looking at the engineer.

“Understood sir,” Jheria replied.

As they entered the turbulence began as Deza kept adjusting course ever so slightly to count for the many hurdles they would face as they traveled. They knew communications with the outside would be severe if not completely gone, so if they ran into trouble it would be extremely hard to call for help. They would see a few freighters weathering the storms as they traveled, other than that things were pretty much quiet within the Badlands.

Silence had filled the bridge as they traveled, keeping an eye on ship systems. It almost felt like everyone was holding their breath. To say the voyage was rocky was an understatement, with the subtle course corrections every so many meter had made things interesting. So far things were going well with no major issues.

After what seemed like days, which in reality was only a few hours they finally exited the Badlands. Everyone that was on the bridge let out a visible sigh of relief in unison, they soon would be arriving at Deep Space 47.

“Report,” Azras said looking back at Jheria at the engineering station.

Looking up from her station, “thanks to Deza’s awesome flying, the ship sustained no damage. It was just an extremely bumpy ride,” Jheria said as she looked at Azras.

Nodding Azras looked around the bridge, listening to what was now a more lively bridge than it was before. “Sir we have arrived at Deep Space 47,” came the voice of Deza from the helm as the ship dropped out of warp close to the station.

Azras looked at Ritru, “open a channel to the station” Azras said.

“Channel open,” came Ritru’s response.

“Deep Space 47 this is Captain Azras Dex of the USS Saratoga, we are requesting permission to dock,” Azras said as she waited for a response from the station.

“Permission granted Saratoga welcome home,” came the reply from the operations officer onboard the station before the channel closed. Azras didn’t even have to give the order, Deza began the docking procedures slowly moving the ship closer to the station until you could visibly hear the ship docking.

Looking over at Ritru, “open a shipwide comm channel.” Azras ordered, Ritru nodded as there was a whistling sound being made indicating that the channel was open. “Attention crew we have arrived at Deep Space 47, you are all granted two days of shore leave while we undergo repairs and resupply,” Azras replied before looking back at Ritru who cut the comm channel.

Looking at T’Prel, “coordinate with the station to begin bringing supplies onboard.” Azras ordered as she stood up from her chair.

“Understood,” T’Prel replied.

“Jheria, get with the Engineering team onboard the station to begin those repairs. I would like you to oversee that operation,” Azras said.

“Aye sir,” Jheria replied as the ship powered down but essential systems.

Standing up from her chair looking around the bridge for a brief moment before turning to T’Prel, “I will be in my office finishing up some reports to send to command before I enjoy some free time.” Azras replied as T’Prel just nodded before she turned and walked into her ready room.

Chon’al was at his station as he looked at the few others that were at theirs, “anyone care to join me for drinks and food tonight on the station? I heard there was a really good lounge, and probably do some shopping at the shops that are on the Galleria.” Chon’al asked everyone.

“Sure why not,” Dazra responded glancing over at Chon’al before turning back to her station to finish up what she was working on.

“I am game,” Deza replied.

“Count me in,” both Teila and Jeesa replied in unison then let out a laugh afterward.

“Sure,” Odan replied.

Chon’al looked at Ritru, “What about you?” Chon’al asked.

Looking over from her station, “I already have plans but thanks.” Ritru responded with a smile.

“Alright, will meet you all at the Last Stop Cafe say around nineteen hundred hours,” Chon’al said and with that, they went on to finish up any last work they needed to complete before they were officially off duty.