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Knock knock

USS Mercy
12 Aug 2400
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USS Mercy – Transporter Room

1700 – 11 Aug 2400

Lt. Sesias blinked his eyes after rematerializing on the transporter padd aboard the Mercy. “Lt S’Atlin, meet me in the communication center ASAP. Have the team fire up the Charlie Xray console and room. I’m bringing the PADD with the downloaded logs with me, be ready for a long one.”

“Yes sir, on my way from the bridge. I’ll get the team started on getting that console and room up and running.”

LT. Sesias made his way to the EVS changing and storage room and proceeded to get out of his suit, took a quick sonic shower, and got dressed back into his uniform. 

USS Mercy – Communications Centre

1800 – 11 Aug 2400

Lt. Sesias entered the communication center and made his way towards the Charlie X-ray room. “LT S’Atilen, with me. Bring your best audio-visual crew member along. These files are deteriorated and will need some work on them if we are to get anything useful from them.”

They enter the room and stand in front of the lone rather large boxy console. “This console as you know is not connected to any system on the Mercy, including the computer core. From what I saw when I was onboard the Colorado, something is off. This includes the logs that I was able to download while over there. You will see what I’m talking about in a moment. Let’s start with the Chief Medical Officers logs and work our way up to the Captain, we will download and go through each set of logs individually then when we have completed that we will start to see if we can piece things together. “

“Petty Officer Dyjott is on his way. He was running some diagnostics on one of the communications arrays. I sent someone down to relieve him.”

As he finished saying this a male vulcan entered the room. “ Petty Officer Dycott reporting, I heard you had some video logs that need some work done on them, sir.”

“Yes, we do. I just downloaded these from the Colorado. I took them from the consoles versus going through the main computer bank.”

“That is a logical move, sir, not knowing what shape the main computer core is in after all these years.” The petty officer took the main seat behind the console.

 “We started loading each one individually so we could go through them without interference from the other logs. Figured after we went through each one and fixed what we could and then look at them as a whole and hopefully piece together the full story.”

Dycott nodded at this. “ Well sir, as we don’t have the computer to help us out we will do the best we can but it will take some time.”

S’Atiln took the other seat “Why don’t you start to work on the video logs, Dycott? I’ll get started on the transcribed entries, this way we can start putting together something for the lieutenant and the captain.”

Sesias looked at each of them and snapped his fingers. “Almost forget, comm badges and anything else connected to the main computer or any other systems stay out of this room till otherwise dictated by the captain or myself.” He took off his combadge and held out his center arm for theirs, they gave him their comm badges which he then took outside to the communication center and returned into the Charlie Xray room.

Sesias took the third seat on the console. “ Let’s get to work gentlemen.”

0800 – 12 Aug 2400

“Good morning ensign.” S’Atilen hands her a cup of coffee.

“Morning sir, I think we pretty much got what we could from it last night.” As she took a sip of the coffee. “  We finished up the logs that were still left, they deteriorated pretty badly, but I think we found some rather interesting things.”

“Good morning lieutenant, ensign.”

“Morning sir, I was just going to go through what we were able to pull from the logs last night.” The ensign pulled up her report to show the two lieutenants what they were able to finish and what information they were able to pull from the logs.

“ Ensign, what is that? ” Sesias points out a black pulsing blobish-looking dot on the top right corner of the screen. We are not sure sir, it appeared over the last 20-30 minutes as we started to try and see if we could piece together the logs like a puzzle. We thought it was just a glitch on the screen. We were going to call engineering to come down and look at it when you and Lieutenant S’Atilen walked in.“

Sesias looked over at S’Atilen and pulled the ensign away from the console. “Everyone out, now!” They all quickly exited the room. “ Lieutenant S’Atilen lock down the Charlie X-Ray room, no one goes in there except for engineering.”

“Yes sir.”

Sesias went over to the ensign, “are you having any visions and headaches since that dot appeared.”

“No sir, what is going on sir?”

“ I’m not sure yet, you’re going to sick bay for a full medical scan.” Sesias put her comm badge on her chest and puts his in its place.”

“Doctor McDonald, Lieutenant Sesias. I’m sending Ensign Chohlesha to you plus two crewmen. They may have had contact with the same entity the LT. Neva and the counselor have.” 

“Chief Oakland, pick two more crew plus yourself, escort the ensign and the two crewmen that were on shift with her in the Charlie X-ray room to sick bay, Take them directly to Doc Macdonald.”

“Yes, sir.”

“S’Atilen were you able to get the report.”

“ Here it is, I also added in what the ensign said about that pulsing black dot.” Hands a PADD to Sesias.

Sesias took a few minutes to read through the report, when he got to the data that was able to be pulled from the logs he started to run a hand over his scalp. “ This is not good, not good at all.”

Sesias tapped his comm badge “Commander Sorek, Lieutenant Sesias. Took us all night but we were able to clean up the logs enough to pull some information from them. Sir, from what I’m reading right now we have more questions than answers but it looks like we might have a destination. Also inform the captain that we may have an attempted hacking of some sort of the system, luckily for us I enacted the Charlie X-Ray room for this thank goodness they didn’t take that out during the last retrofit. I’m sending you the report now. Lieutenant S’Atilen and I are on our way to the bridge.”

Sesias looked over at S’Atilen. “Ensign Th’iviakron, you have the Centre. No one goes in that room except for the engineers. Do not shut it down till they give the all-clear.”

“Yes sir.”

Sesias and S’Atilen make their way out of the communications center and head towards the nearest turbo-lift at a brisk pace.


USS Colorado Logs

Retrieved: 1545 11 Aug 2400

Lt. Sesias 

I was able to pull several logs from the bridge stations of the USS Colorado during the away mission on 11 August 2400.

Logs Retrieved:


Chief Medical Officer

Chief Science Officer

Chief Engineer



The logs were greatly deteriorated and took the communications team roughly 16 hours to pull any type of viable video or verbal logs. Below are some of what the communications team felt were the more important pieces.

Chief Medical Officer logs – start roughly two weeks from the CMO’s final log. 

(Combination of video and verbal logs)

“Crew… on station… Sleep problems…nightmares… Reporting to Sickbay upon rotation.”

Next logs – 72 hours later

“Medical team with me… completed..first rotation.. Experienced the same…tired”

“Slept…exhausted.. Crew are reporting lapses in time and memory upon return from the second rotation… Races with empathic or telepathic innate abilities report experiencing blackness, probing while others just report lapses in time and memory… symptoms sound like interrogations or brainwashing being conducted. How? No one on station Charon.”

1 week later

“Finally with his help developed Hypospray…easier to communicate…everyone given hypo… weak dying, need more.”

24 hours later

Crew departing…. Bring more… to many dying..half crew dead…help strengthen ones that are left

48 hours later – last log

“Colorado departing…Spread his control… bring more”

Joint Chief Engineer and Chief Science Officer log  – last log from both

(Verbal log, others from both officers to deteriorated)

Created link…installed on colorado in main engineering…helps…need sleep.. Save strength.”

Captains logs – Sporadic over the two weeks till last one roughly one week after everyone else’s.

(Combination of video and verbal logs)

“We have arrived at moonbase Charon finally, not sure why Starfleet would have built a station so far out..first away teams heading to the base, first officer in charge on base.. Will keep Colorado in orbit.”

“First Officer reporting crew are having issues with sleep.. Started to rotate crews between ship and base… crewmembers from base are going through sick bay to get help… doc reports most are showing signs of lack of sleep and exhaustion.”

72 hours later – This log makes no sense the whole log seemed to be made up of the same words being repeated

“ Darkness…friends…control…bring more…alive…bring help to others.”

1 week later

“First to use hypospray that the doc developed.. Makes things easier…helps to open the mind, not have fear, keeps everyone calm…Science officer and chief engineer have ideas.. Hope it works…We have lost more than half of the crew.. Colorado preparing for departure,  mission to find others..

36 hours later

“can’t sleep.. Excited… first teams departed with shuttles to close by planets that show signs of life.. Spread word, spread control…colorado departs in 60 hours.. Hopefully will bring new friends back… head hurts, feels like red hot poker stabbing… use hypospray but doc said only twice a day.. Pain..hurt.. Using hypospray.”

60 hours roughly

“Departing charon.. Mission: bring others, spread control over sector, protect Charon base, home… signals from first teams.. Reports not good… Engineer and science have built what they call the “link” installed in engineering”

1 week later – last log

“Tired… cold… head hurts feels like brain on fire…hypospray.. No help… only doc and I left.. Just jettisoned last of crew..escape pods… lonely.. Pain..maybe we find others to help.. Cold… pain..”

All of the other logs are much like the one log from the captain,possibly recorded while in one of the memory and time lapses that it seems like the crew were experiencing.

I Noticed a pulsing black dot on the Charlie X-ray main console when we went to the room this morning for the shift change reports. It reminded me of the blackness that Lt. Neva and the counsellor experienced as they reported

We believe that someone or something might have been trying to hack into the system, impossible in that particular room as the console is not connected to any system on the Mercy including the computer core nor is there any way to connect through that room to any system on the ship. Even comm badges are removed before entry, 


Lt. Sesias and Lt. S’Atilen

  • Sesias

    Chief Operations Officer/Tactical

  • S’Atilen

    Science and Communications Specialist