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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 3 – Take These Broken Wings

The Next Step

USS Edinburgh
August 8th, 2400 @ 0900
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“Gul Tikbe Onot?”  Fontana looked from the center chair, a PADD in his right hand.  He looked to his right, “They apparently knew of our visit to Dozaria Prime.”

His executive officer shook his head as he glanced over the proffered PADD, “I don’t Gul Hasara sold us out.  You’ll notice the accusation doesn’t give specifics beyond our efforts to repair their replicators.  Whoever is sending information up the line isn’t well connected to him – or they would have at least menaced the Osiris with some suggestion that they knew we were trying to push the governor around – but they didn’t.”

The CO considered, “So they don’t know about your conversation with him…or if they know you talked to him, they’re as blind as anyone would be.  Do you think they’ll make a visit to Dozaria?”

Harris nodded quietly, “They’re probably on their way already.”

Fontana frowned for a moment, “You’re not worried about Gul Hasara?”

Ambrose chuckled wryly, “Gul’s are a dime a dozen, Captain.  The position covers a lot of places, pieces, ships, stations, and more.  You run the gamut of competence and intelligence…much like our own fleet.  There is always a strand of really strong commanding officers who hold the rest of the fleet to a standard…or did at one time.  I think Hasara isn’t a man to be trifled with or messed with.  Given the reports on the tone and posturing from Gul Onot…I think she’s just another empty suit.”  He thought for a moment, “The Guls you have to watch out for are the quiet ones… they’re deliberate in just about everything they do.  You don’t know your life is forfeit until they’re the ones swinging the knife at your throat as they stand at your side.”  He shrugged at Fontana’s visible shock, “I don’t think Hasara’s someone we should worry about when it comes to us.  I’d be worried for Gul Onot.”

Geronimo sat back in his chair, thinking carefully. “You think we should swing by and check on him?  Just in case?”

Harris tapped at his PADD, “I think we swing by on our way to investigate some of the information that Captain Kr’Antren sent.  Get him riding side saddle with us – help remind folks we’re not alone out here.”

Fontana considered it, “Send USS Osiris a priority message – meet us at Dozaria Prime to prepare to investigate this syndicate and more.”  He stood and thanked his FO, “I think we’ve got a path.  You have the bridge, Mr. Harris.”  The CO returned to his ready room as Harris eyed the center chair.