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No way that just happened?!

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The house was lovely and calm as her mother was out doing some official government stuff she didn’t care much about and leaning back in her chair as she was reading a novel by her favorite writer. The sixteen-year-old Sazra had a wonderful day. Nothing wrong could happen. In the background, she had the Federation News Netwerk softly debating the latest outcome of council topics.

She looked up as her eyes looked straight into the mirror, seeing the reflection of the screen where FNS was on. It had changed to another format. Looking over her shoulder, she saw breaking news coming past the screen “Computer volume up to 65%” With a beep, the speaker on the FNS was now understandable.

“This just got in, ladies and gentlemen! The news of Romulus star is on the brink of going supernova! Starfleet has deployed emergency ships to give the proper assistance to the Romulans in evacuating their worlds. Notable is that USS Enterprise-E is planning to leave for Romulus to help out with an evacuation fleet soon!”

She quickly grabbed a nearby PADD and swiped upwards to the Trill News Broadcast, also known as TNB. It was no joke. The TNB was also getting the same broadcast about the upcoming disaster. Dragging down the latest news, she narrows her eyes. “Federation council members are not all in one line with the evacuation? What?” Sazra sat up and checked deeper into the topic, “Aiding the oldest enemy of the Federation is not in favor of future planning as those resources can be used for different Federation members that need it” Sazra shook her head.

“Fourteen members of the Federation Council are threatening to secede if aid will be given to the Romulan Empire” The anchor at FNS spoke in disbelief.

“What are they doing? This is the core belief of the Federation!” Sazra was getting frustrated as she got up from her chair.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are receiving terrible news” Sazra looked at the screen seeing the video changing of Mars and the evacuation fleet being destroyed. “For an unknown reason, a group of compromised synths has attacked the evacuation fleet. This will go down in the history books as the ” event that could have ever happened.” 

“Oh no…” Sazra spoke in disbelief looking at the screen that all hope was gone for Romulus. “Damn it! If only ….I was there to help!” Looking at the developing feed, she could hear the information coming through the TNB beeping on her feed. This was indeed a page for the history books.