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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

Final Checks

USS Mercy - Deck 28; Armory
August 11th 2400 - 15:00
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USS Mercy – Deck 28: Armory – 15:00

O’Shea sat at the table in the middle of the armour quickly checking through the settings and power supplies of the 3 Type-III compression phaser rifles the security personnel would be carrying on their visit to the ghost ship, the USS Colorado. As he checked he couldn’t help but smile at the very detailed job Dougal had done the day before when he was checking and cleaning them. Putting down the third one he stood and turned towards the grey briefcase which contained the newest hand phasers the federation had produced. “Quickly check these then time to gear up,” he muttered as he cast a glance at the security EVA suits behind him on the wall.

“Aye lad,” Dougal replied looking down at the phaser.  “Ye ken if they got the wee bugs worked out? Oh, an’ I got a wee bauble for you.” He produced a device and handed it to O’Shea. “I got it from a Hazard Team friend if mine.  The bonnie wee thing is called a Tactical Eye Display.  It ties into yer tricorder and feeds you data right to your eye.”

Dougal let O’Shea examine the TED and went to work breaking down the phasers and calibrating them before reassembling them and sliding his superior one.

O’Shea took the TED and looked over it. “We were meant to pick up a few crates of these on our next resupply on the Dawn but never got a chance to use them,” he said as he linked it with his tricorder and put on the display. Instantly information began to appear in his vision showing biometric and atmospheric data for the room as well as the life signs of both himself and Dougal. O’Shea blinked a few times as he got used to the display and processing the information. “Wish I had more time to get used to this before the mission but it will be useful. Did you get one yourself Dougal?” he asked as he disconnected the TED and removed the display setting it on the table before picking up one of the phasers and helping Dougal finish their calibrations.

Dougal smirked,  “Aye I did.” He stared down at the disassembled phaser with disgust, “Who built this thing?  The targeting sensor is off by twelve microns.  The thing is bloody useless.  This would get people killed!”

O’Shea shook his head. “Always need to check the gear whenever you get new stuff. I am pretty sure it is never actually tested…” he said with a sigh. Finishing reassembling the phaser before him he put it back in the case. “You get a chance to look over the schematics of the USS Colorado? Given the hull breaches, I am expecting the interior to be a bit of a wreak.”

Dougal adjusted the minute variation on the targeting sensor before reassembling it and handing it to O’Shea to put away.  “Aye, I expect so. Those old ships dinnae have as sophisticated inertial dampeners and structural integrity fields we have today, so they were a wee bit over built.”

“That’s bang-on. These phasers will do a good enough job if we need to cut through anything on the way,” O’Shea said as he stood and patted the case with the hand phasers. “Best get geared up and head up to transporter Room 1.” He moved over to the EVA suits on the wall and took one down and began pulling it on.

Dougal eyed the EVA suit with suspicion.  With a frown, he reluctantly approached and started pulling it on. “I bloody hate these things,” he complained as he stomped into one of the boots.

O’Shea snorted, “Yeah, know the feeling. Took a ton of zero-G EVA training on the Radiant Storm to get used to them,” he said as he finished pulling on the main suit and slide the large chest piece and backpack on. “Is still an off feeling walking around with vacuum so close.” Looking at Dougal he said, “Need a hand?”

“Nay lad,” Dougal grumbled as he pulled on the chest piece and sealed himself in.  He wasn’t used to accepting help, and it felt strange that he wasn’t the one offering.   Aimee would call it ‘testosterone poisoning’ but, a man had his pride.

O’Shea just nodded as he finished putting the suit on. Following a check once over he set the helm on the table and double check that the case of hand phasers was locked and the rifles were powered down. “You carry Iziraa’s rifle and I will take the phasers for the rest of the team?”

“Aye, I can do that,” he replied as he handed O’Shea his from the armory rack and took two more down.  One went over his shoulder and the other he just carried.   “As much as I dinnae like getting dressed for a party, I would rather not use these.”

O’Shea slung the rifle over his shoulder and tucked the helmet under his arm, and turned to Dougal, “Better to be prepared, god knows what we will find over there,” he said and grabbed the case and turned to the door, “Best crack on, this mystery won’t solve itself.”

Dougal nodded and followed O’Shea, “Aye. Let’s get it over with.”