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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

A clean bill of health?

USS Mercy - Medical
August 11th 2400 - 10:00
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O’Shea checked the time after leaving his meeting with the counselor Lieutenant Choi and frowned. He didn’t have much time to get to Medical for his check in with the CMO, Lieutenant MacDonald.

Making haibway to Deck 15 and the CMO’s office he thought about how best his team would be able to oversee and secure so many decks if an incidence happend and he kept coming up short, though Lieutenant JG MacDonald, the partner of the CMO, idea of a reserve security force was appearing to be the best option.

A few minutes later he walked into Sickbay A and approaches the door to the CMO’s office and pressed the panel to notify her that he was outside.

Aimee was sitting on the edge of her desk,  a cup coffee in her hand.  Across from her was a holographic projection of her twin sister,  a feat accomplished by tying into the EMH holoprojectors.

“Enter,” Aimee said over her shoulder at thr unknown visiter.

O’Shea walked into the room but stopped when he say the holographic display up and waited just inside the door, not wanting to interupt the conversation.

“I can’t believe you got married and didn’t wait for me to be there,” Olivia Sandoval said.

Aimee shrugged,  “Peter Crawford performed the ceremony.  You remember Pete right?”

“Of course I Do.  You were serving with his daughter weren’t you?”

Aimee nodded, “I did.  Heck of an engineering mind.  Definitely took more after her father than her mom for sure.”

Livvy eyed O’Shea looking him up and down, “You don’t look sick or injured.  Are you this supposed husband?”

O’Shea cracked a smile stifling a chuckle, recognize the banter between sisters, he had heard it enough growing up. “No Ma’am, though he is a good man from what I know if him.”

“Okay, that’s enough of you,” Aimee said exasperated as she reached for the button to end the call. “And no that isn’t Dougal. I don’t know who it is.  I’ll call you later this week.”  

Aimee pressed the end call button and her sister shimmered out of existence.   Walking around her desk she sat down, “Sorry about that Lieutenant.   My twin sister… I love her, bit honestly I’m glad she’s the assistant chief engineer of the Columbia and not here. Have a seat Lieutenant.”

O’Shea smiled and stepped forward taking a seat, “Not a problem, though I don’t have a twin I do have two sisters and very familiar with what that entails. I’m James O’Shea, the new Chief of Security, I work with your husband.” He said and held out is hand. “It’s a pleasure to met you Lieutenant MacDonald.”

Aimee nodded, “Likewise. So, what can I do for you?”

“So basically, the Captain wanted me to check in with you and Lieutent Choi, the new counselor due to a previous injury I have been recoving from.” O’Shea said but paused before continuing, a slight frown crossing his face as he realized if this didn’t go well the CMO could sideline him. “A year ago I lost my right leg in a anti-piracy boarding action and have just returned to duty with this posting. Starfleet medical has cleared me both physically and psychologically for duty but both the Captain and I agree that as the CMO you should be in the loop.” As he finished he pulled out a small PADD and handed it to her, “All the medical records and the incidence report are on here.”

Aimee accepted the PADD and transferred the data to the large wall monitor behind them. She studied the imaging and then read through the notes. “I’m no orthopedic surgeon,  but everything looks fine. Besides you had one of the best surgeons in the field and he was pleased with the results.  I see no need to override his judgment in the matter.  Let’s do this.  On that leg stand on it one legged.”

O’Shea smiled knowingly, he had been through this several, well many times. “Sure think Doc.” He said and stood up, standing one legged on his right leg, gosling the position without difficulty for 30 seconds.

“Now hop on it.”

O’Shea quickly did a short series of hopes on the leg landing smoothly each time until the CMO spoke up.

“Okay, you can sit.  Any pain,  odd sensations or loss of feeling?”

Putting his other foot down he stepped up to the chair taking a seat, “Nope, never from physical activity. Honestly? It is better then the original and my left leg,”  O’Shea said before pausing, “It does tingle alittle at times. Or atleast I think it does. Usually happens in meetings but I have been told everything is in order do I figure it’s just in my head…” he said with a shrug.

Aimee shrugged,  “Could be. Or it could be something.   You should schedule an appointment with Dr. Drex when you get a chance.  He’s the orthopedic on the Mercy. As for being fit for duty I see no loss of strength,  balance or coordination and do not see any reason to conclude you aren’t fit for duty.”

O’Shea nodded in understanding, “Thanks Doc that is a relief to hear.I will schedule that appointment with Dr. Drex.” He paused and looked around. “I guess that’s it then. I appreciate you seeing me on, well zero notice. Let me know if there is anything you need for me or security.”

“Of course Lieutenant.  Listen,  my brother took a Klingon grenade in Operation Gatecrasher and lost his right arm and leg.  He says it hurts all the time.  Your tingle might just be something you’ll have to live with.  My husband says these types of injuries are reminders that you are fallible and mortal, and it keeps you humble.”

A sad expression flashed over O’Shea’s face at the mention of her brother. “I am sorry to hear about your brother. I have heard similar stories and figure I got of lucky with the recovery so don’t want to complain about it.” He paused and reflected in what she had said regarding Dougal, “I can definitely agree with what Dougal said. It is not something you forget…ever.”

O’Shea stood and hesitated. “I better get going. Should be getting more information soon about this signal. Need to go finalize our new security team and get atleast one drill in soon. Thanks again.”

Aimee bowed her head. “Have a pleasant day Mr. O’Shea.”