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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

A discussion on Security

USS Mercy - Security Office, Deck 28
August 10th, 2400: 17:30
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Security Office, Deck 28 – 17:30

O’Shea sat in the small office attached the the security office and scanned through the records of both Dougal MacDonald and Iziraa. “Both solid officers,” he mused to himself before looking at the time. He stood and turned to leave the room walking into the large reception room of the security office. 

Dougal sat behind a desk with a phaser rifle in pieces.   Picking up a part he pointed a tool at it and a white beam of light  bisected the component.  Inspecting the part with a critical eye he appeared to be satisfied and started reassembling the weapon with the ease and efficiency of having done it hundreds of times.  

Standing he placed the rifle back on the armory rack and removed a second rifle which he took back to the desk with him. After sitting he broke that rifle down placing the pieces in the exact position and orientation as the previous weapon. 

O’Shea watched Dougal for a moment before stepping up to him. “How is it going Lieutenant MacDonald? I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance before now to touch base with you beyond a quick introduction. Are you settling in ok?” He said with a smile and sat down in the chair beside him. 

Dougal looked up from his work and spoke cautiously,  “Aye, I’m settled in to be sure.”

“Great!” O’Shea said with a nodded, “I wanted to have a chat with you and Lieutenant Iziraa about how we will over security on the ship. The captain has given us a pick of seven crew and NCOs we can add to the team.”

Dougal returned to his maintenance work picking up a component and using the same tool as before calibrating it with a whine.  Without looking away from his work he spoke, “That makes ten.  Under normal circumstances,  aye that will do.  This is still a wee Starfleet ship ya ken and there will be bloody little for any of us to do.  Under normal circumstances, ” he added.  “But, what if we rescue a ship full of Romulans… or Klingons? I dinnae think it wise to only have ten security officers to hand.  Ye might consider recruiting,” he paused thinking for a moment, “ten more reserve officers.”

Izi finally made it on board the Mercy. Packing her belongings didn’t take long, as she didn’t have many things, but saying good-bye to people took longer than expected. Stepping into the large security room, she smiled when the two men looked at her. “I’m Lieutenant jg Iz’i’raa sh’Solom’aa.”

“On that, I couldn’t agree more Lieutenant, ok both accounts. I think we can find a few officers and crew members who wouldn’t turn down such training.” O’Shea said with a nodded. Hearing the door open be turned to face the Andorian officer who entered and smiled. “Lieutenant sh’Solom’aa, it’s greta to meet you. Your just in time I was hoping to speak to the two of you. Basically we need to figure out how best to handle sercuity. Should be quiet most of the time but when it isn’t it will be, well, something else. Grab a seat. I want the two of you involved in the planning, we are a team after all.”

“Thank you, sir.” Izi sat down, eager to participate.

“Perfect. I was telling Lieutenant MacDonald that we have been granted seven crew members and NCOs to fill out the sercuity team. This should be sufficient for our regular needs but as MacDonald pointed out a group of reserve officers and crew members would be good in a pinch.” O’Shea said with a smile, “I haven’t had a chance to review the crew for possible sercuity assignments yet but though we could do that tonight. My thought is to have three teams. Each of you leading one and the third lead by myself. We could split these into shifts. How does that sound?”

Dougal nodded, “Aye, that’ll do,  but ten isn’t divisible by three lad.”  He said that with a non-malicious smirk.

O’Shea laughed with a big grin, “Ya caught me there. Another two staff would round to out nicely. That said I thought to either have the fourth on my team, or work the main shift and be station here or, if we luck out and have a good NCO have him work directly with each of the teams and be responsible for the crew members. Or…” he said with an shrug, “…we have two teams which both lead. Basically I want to ensure that you both are getting the experience you need overseeing and leading such teams.”

“Sir, as you know from my file, I served three years on SB Bravo and this is my first time on starship duty,” said Izi. “At this point, I’m in learning mode, so I’ll accept the responsibilities assigned to me and I’ll do my best.” Izi hoped she didn’t sound cheesy, as the Humans say. She was confident, but this was still a completely new experience for her, so she was uncertain what she could contribute to the discussion that wasn’t already known.

Dougal laughed,  “Experience isn’t my issue. No, three teams works for the shift rotations laddie. Ye have at least three officers on duty at all times.  A fourth may work better during Alpha shift where ye are more likely ta need the extra muscle.” Taking Izi for the first he nodded to her, “You’ll do lass, you’ll do.”

“You’ll do fine, both of you based on your records. Of that I have no doubt. So it’s agreed, three shifts with a larger alpha shift that I will oversee. Now we just need to ID the rest of the team.” O’Shy said with a smile before stopping and frowning. 

“I realize we jumped right I to things without actually getting to know each other. As you are the most experienced sercuity officers on the team I will be relying on you both but I feel it is important that we know each other as well, it helps to build trust. So please calle James or O’Shea, doesn’t really bother me which.” He said. “I am also just back from medical leave after losing my leg in a boarding action against a group of Cardassians pirates. I wanted to reassure you both that I have been fully cleared and back to top shape.”

Dougal took in O’Shea with a new appreciation obviously impressed,  “Did ye go with a cybernetic implant or the lab grown model?”

A sense of relief washed over O’Shea, most people showed pity when he told them about his leg or, worse, concern that he wouldn’t be able to do the job. “I debated getting the decked out Swiss Army model with all the bells and whistles, bottle opener and such but figured it would set up alarms to much so went for a good old lab regrown. Honestly can’t tell the difference.” He said with a laugh.

Swiss army model? thought Izi, her antennae moving in slow circles. Bells, whistles and a bottle opener? He must be making a joke.

Dougal laughed,  “Aye well, if it were me I would have gone with a wooden peg. I’d be right piratical then.”

At that O’Shea laughed. “That would it would..” he said and then clocked Iziraa’s antennas moving in slow circles. “Sorry about that Iz’i’raa. It’s an old earth joke, basically referencing an old multi-tool from 450ish years back that had an attachment for everything.” 

“Understanding Earth humor can be challenging sometimes,” said Izi. “My people have humor, but we’re usually more blunt and to the point.”

“I am glad to hear it won’t be an issue. Also I hope that it is ok if I use you first names, at least when we are in private and such?” O’Shea said  with a smile. “I know everyone has had a long day so far settling in. Shall we wrap this up? If you all free let’s each review the crew manifest and ID our top 10. We can then Cross reference and notify then tomorrow mid-day?”

“First names are fine, but I may need a bit of time to become accustomed to not being formal,” said Izi.

“Understandable and thanks, I for it helps to build the sense on the team.” O’Shes said with a smile.

“Aye,” Dougal agreed. “Sounds like we have a plan then.”

O’Shea nodded, “Perfect. Your dismissed. I look forward to working with both of you.”