Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

Hypothetically speaking, of course

USS Mercy
Aug 2400
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Sesias blinked the lights of the recent transport out of his eyes. “Welcome aboard sir” came from the console in front of him. “Ensign.” Sesias stretched his three legs to their full height, he had always felt like he needed to crouch down somewhat when he used a transporter


He walked forward and positioned himself to one side as he watched the ensign go through the protocols of the next transport to arrive. At an impressive 6’7” when he stood at his full height it was easy to watch what the ensign had been doing.


“Just out of the academy, ensign?”

“Yes sir, you’ll find that many of the crew are.”

“Hmmmm, is it just you on duty?”

“Yes sir, I figured only one person needed to be on duty since we are at Bravo. I’m pretty competent in transporter operations.”

Sesias held up one of his three arms “stop right there ensign. I have a feeling I know what you’re going to say. I want you to think about this, and I know we are in a “safe” “as he used his other two arms to make air quotes.”Area, but you never know who or what is coming through that transporter, do you?”


The ensign scratched at his head and looked at the gold-shirted Lieutenant “we’ll no, sir we don’t” 

Sesias looked him up and down. “And let’s just say, hypothetically mind you, that I was not who the computer says I am, and I came over to the Mercy with nefarious acts on my mind. Do you think you could stop me?” The ensign looked at the LIeutenant,  now that he stood within an arm’s reach of the Edosian he realized the size difference between them. “Well, I’d give it my damnedest sir, but no I don’t think I could stop you.”

“Hmmmm hmm, and if no one else was in this transporter room, how long do you think it would take for me to bring in some friends over? This is all hypothetical of course.”


“Ummm, probably not very long sir.”

“Your right ensign, it probably wouldn’t. So what are we going to do about this situation?” Sesias started to drum the fingers of one hand on the edge of the console. “Well sir, I’m going to wake up the other two transporter crewmen assigned to the shift and have them report to duty and I guess it would be smart, if we went by the books, to have a security crewman stationed here also.”


“Good answer, ensign. Straight out of the book as you said.” Sesias turned and started to leave the transporter room. “Ensign, remember to plan for the worst and expect the unexpected.” 


“Sir, how come the captain didn’t say anything when he reported on board earlier?” 


Sesias turned around and looked at the ensign, raising an eyebrow “and why do you think that is ensign? Maybe because he is not your boss, well technically he is, but I think you’re getting the picture.”

“And you are sir .” 

“Correct, Lt. Sesias Chief of operations and tactical. Reporting onboard. Probably the first thing you should have asked, isn’t it? Seeing as I don’t see a watch officer here. Something else that needs to be rectified, ensign.” Sesias turned and started toward the doorway and turned back to face the ensign.” Oh, one more thing, as my new Transporter Chief, unless I find someone more qualified,  I want the transporter room duty schedule for the next two weeks by COB tomorrow and a preliminary security report by the end of the week.”


“I knew I should have asked for there to be a watch officer stationed here from now on.” As he heard a slight chuckle come from the entranceway as the lieutenant left


Sesias made his way to his assigned quarters and gave them a once over, as he left and made his way to the bridge. He exited the turbo lift and entered the bridge.


“Yes, definitely bigger. It is nice to have room to stretch my legs.” He made his way to his console and tried to take a seat, he immediately hit his knees on the console.”The ship may be bigger but they never take into consideration one’s height when they design these.” He stood up and made his way to the captain’s ready room


“Lt. Sesias to engineering, can I get someone to meet me on the bridge at the operations console in an hour”


  • Sesias

    Chief Operations Officer/Tactical