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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

In the Shadow of Logic

Starbase Bravo - 1500
August 10th, 2400
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The meetings were over, and she had found a place of respite on Starbase Bravo in a corner coffee shop.  The time spent in the meetings had been worthwhile – she had transferred all her work on the Littleton to her fellow science officers.  The aging Excelsior refit had seen better days, and she was quietly thankful to see the tail end of the ship.  Word was most of those ships would be retired quite soon or donated to colonies in need.  She sipped at her chilled chai and wistfully thought of days gone by.


She leapt up at the voice and embraced Suaya as the woman returned the embrace haltingly and then with acceptance.  “Please, sit.”  Suaya had been her only friend in the Academy days.  They were both half Vulcan and half Human – something that had bound and bonded them together as they both struggled with who they were and what they were to be.

Suaya accepted a tall glass of iced green tea from the staff and turned her attention to her friend, “You’ve done well, Theo.  I was pleased to hear of your continued work and publishing in journals.  That last study about mind over matter was quite engrossing.”

Walker rolled her eyes, “Please.  You’ve written twice as much as I have and been accepted in nearly every place you submit.  Your attempt to praise me isn’t logical or realistic…but it is appreciated.”

“I have a devotion to writing that cannot be refused.” She sipped at the tea and closed her eyes in appreciation, “They make it fresh and real here.  Beauty is these kinds of moments.”  A pause as she sat back in her chair, “I am continually confused why you refuse to rise above the rank of lieutenant.”

The older of the two shrugged slightly, “It is not a logical argument to seek promotion or fame in one’s pursuit of logic, knowledge, and discovery.  I prefer to study the galaxy and all that is within it.  My rank does not define me.”

Suaya raised her eyebrows, “I outrank you.  What does that say about me?”  She allowed a wry smile before she took another drink.

Theodora swirled her cup on the table, “It says you have goals.  Expectations.”  She waved off the furrowed brows of her friend, “You were giving me a hard time. I’m just returning the favor.”  Shaking her head, “You want more, Su.  You do.  You could use the crutch of logic or whatever…but we both know you want more in this world.  You want to make a difference from a place of power in the moments where it matters.”  She took a sip of her drink, “I daresay that’s logical.”

Suaya didn’t disagree with her as she focused the discussion on her friend,  “You’ve found what brings you fulfillment.  I will freely admit to seeing your contentment and wishing I could accept such things.”

Walker chuckled quietly, “We both know that is not possible, friend.  You were born to fly through the stars like a great bird of the galaxy.  Your heart cannot stop your wings from beating…your mind from searching.  You belong out here in the great unknown.”

Suaya stared at her friend for a long moment, “I have missed our conversations, my friend.  Only so much can be shared over a screen.”  She drained the last of her tea, “I must go to my ship and seek out the next big thing.  They’ve a need for science officers to study the unknown.”  She stood, as did Walker.  They embraced and held each other close as long as they could.  Both knew each other’s stories, struggles, sins, and so much more.  They had kept each other going in the dark hours and the sun-scorched days.  As they pulled apart, Suaya put her arm up and wished Walker, “Live long and Prosper, my friend.  My heart in yours and my hopes for you.”

Theodora returned the gesture and wished her well, “My heart in yours and my hopes for you, friend.”  Suaya walked off down the promenade, glancing back every so often until she had faded into the crowds.  Walker finished her drink and stood.  She always felt a human sadness when they would have to leave each other.  Picking up her things, Walker headed out into the masses, home on her mind as her feet pointed her towards the docks.