Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

The Doctor is In

Starbase Bravo - 0600
August 10th, 2400
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“Good morning, Captain Halsey.”

Leopold glanced up from the breakfast table at his wife and smiled quietly, “Good morning, Doctor Walker.”  This was the morning when he would take command of his ship, the USS Mercy.  It had been a quick build-up to this moment for the forty-year-old medical officer.  As fast as word had come, the urgency for him to get on board had pushed him quickly to get to Bravo and aboard the Olympic class ship that he would be calling home as her captain.

“I am required at several meetings today and will be reporting on board by the afternoon.  It will be…good to be back on an Olympic Class.”  His wife was half Vulcan and Half Human.  Her logical core and powerful emotions had drawn him initially as they’d dated.  Her care for both sides of her identity and willingness to be open with him about the duality of her existence had given him more reason to commit to a life with her.  They had spent their first five years together onboard the USS Polson.

“She’s one of my favorite classes of ship.”  He took a long sip of his coffee, “It’ll be good to be back in a place that feels like home.”  Theodora gave him an impercitable nod.  She had chosen the human naming nomenclature intentionally as a child and had further embraced it as she’d grown up.  Her father had been the Human, and her mother, the Vulcan.  It had not been easy to navigate her identity.

“Home.”  She let the word hang in the air for a moment before continuing, “It is my desire that this place remains our home for quite some time, Leo.”  He stood and walked over to her, embracing her as she returned the hug as she spoke, “This could be where we find our place.”

Halsey briefly tightened the embrace, “I’m hoping for all that and more, Theo.”  They kissed briefly as he pulled away to gather his PADD and case, “They’ll start the transport of our belongings in about an hour or so.”  He stopped at the door and glanced back at her, “I’m glad you are with me.”

She allowed a sly smile, “And me, to you.”

The door closed behind him as he left.

USS Mercy – Transporter Room – 0700

“Welcome aboard the USS Mercy, Captain.”  The transporter light faded from his eyes, and he blinked, catching the bright eyes of the transport officer.  

Halsey stepped down from the pad and shook the officer’s hand, “Captain Halsey.”

The officer smiled widely, “Ensign Jake Blakely.  Fresh from the academy…which is the story for most of us, sir.” 

Leopold gave a nod, “We all have our first days, Mr. Blakely.  I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.”  He headed out the door, leaving Blakely suddenly struggling to answer the captain’s challenge.

USS Mercy – Bridge – 0715

She was a beautiful ship, Halsey had to admit.  She was coming off a rest and refit operation, and it showed.  The bridge had been completely replaced with a larger command center with a more conversational setup.  He had been intrigued at the design shift, but given the mission of his command, it seemed to fit.  He stepped to the center chair, “Computer, accept and authorize command codes.”

=^=Authorization required=^=

“Leopold William Halsey, Captain.  Codes HulabalooGarageNineThreeFive.”  There was a beep, a click, and then…

=^=Authorization accepted.  Command codes authorized.  Welcome aboard, Captain Halsey.=^=

He sighed a contented sigh, sending out a message to the crew not yet aboard. They would be expected to report to stations by 0900 hours, and command crew officers were required to meet with him upon arrival.  He glanced around the bridge and found the door to his ready room.