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Part of USS Saratoga: Reunion

Chapter 2 – Reunion

USS Saratoga
July 2400
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The morning had come quicker than anyone would have liked, Ritru tossed in her sleep as her alarm went off. After shutting off the alarm, she turned over to put her arm around T’Prel only to realize that she wasn’t there. Opening her eyes barely enough to see that T’Prel was indeed not in bed, sighing she decided to lay there for a few more minutes before sitting up and adjusting her eyes.

Rubbing her hands on her face and through her hair, she sighed as she got out of bed. Heading out of the bedroom Ritru noticed T’Prel had her back turned in the kitchen where she was making breakfast. The smell hit her like a ton of bricks, she smiled as she made her way into the kitchen. Walking up behind T’Prel, she wrapped her arms around her waist leaning onto her shoulder to kiss her cheek.

“Good morning,” Ritru said with a smile while looking up at her. “Breakfast sure smells good,” she added as she stood there.

“I decided to make your favorite,” T’Prel replied before returning her kiss.

“That is so sweet,” Ritru replied letting go of her backward hug and going towards the cabinets to get the dishes. After grabbing what she needed, she walked to the dining room table and set it up for breakfast for two.

“I was thinking,” she began as T’Prel walked over to the table holding a dish with hot pads in her hands. “That I could invite my father over for dinner, so you two can meet,” Ritru said as T’Prel placed the dish on the table.

“We have already met,” T’Prel said not knowing what Ritru meant.

Ritru couldn’t help but let out a laugh which caused T’Prel to raise an eyebrow, “I know you have met him but I haven’t introduced you as my partner yet.” She responded with a smile as T’Prel dished up the food on both of the plates while Ritru got the drinks.

“Oh,” T’Prel said looking at her as they both took their seats. “That would be agreeable,” T’Prel said as they began eating their food.

“Wonderful,” Ritru said with a smile. “I’ll cook as I would like to make some traditional Romulan food and what I remember being his favorite meal growing up,” Ritru said before taking a bite of her meal.

They continued to talk while they ate, there was something else that Ritru wanted to speak to T’Prel about but wasn’t sure how to even begin. T’Prel could pick up on it, “have something on your mind?” T’Prel asked looking at her after taking the last bit of her food, wiping her mouth off with the napkin she picked up from her lap.

Standing up from the chair, Ritru picked up both dishes and brought them to be recycled in the replicator. “Oh, I mean I do but it’s something that I want to discuss with you and the Captain,” Ritru said as she walked back over to where T’Prel was sitting and kissed her before heading into the bedroom to get changed into her workout clothes.

Moments later Ritru returned to the living area, “I am going to the arboretum for my morning run.” Ritru said as T’Prel nodded before going to get ready herself. Exiting their quarters she walked down the corridor towards the turbolift. She enjoyed her morning run in the arboretum and did so like clockwork, the only time she missed her run was when they were on a mission that required her assistance.

Finally arriving at the doors of the arboretum, Ritru walked in to see others either walking around or standing near objects and admiring their beauty. It was stunning how even the holographic can look so real, she took a few minutes to stretch out her muscles so they wouldn’t get cramped as she ran. After she finished stretching she began her daily run that would last at least thirty minutes.

After she finished her run she began to stretch again for a few more minutes. She was wiping off her face with the towel she had draped around her neck before taking a drink of water that she had sat by the bench where she had begun. Walking out of the arboretum she walked back to her quarters to take a sonic shower before getting ready for duty.

Ritru walked off the turbolift and onto the bridge where she saw both Azras Dex and T’Prel talking amongst each other about the situation on the planet. They looked her way when she approached them, “can I talk to both of you alone?” Ritru asked looking at them.

“Of course,” Azras replied as they headed for her ready room.

Azras moved around her desk to sit down as she gestured for the other two to have a seat in the two empty chairs that were in front of her desk. Azras looked at Ritru as the two sat down, “what is it that you want to talk about?” Azras asked looking at her with curiosity.

“My father is heading back home tomorrow,” Ritru began to speak as the two listened. “Since we are going to be here for a little while more, I was wondering if it would be alright if I can take some leave and borrow the USS Oneida to go spend some time with my father back on New Romulus?” Ritru asked looking at the two.

“Do you think that is a wise decision?” T’Prel asked looking at Ritru, this was her way of expressing her concern.

Ritru understood her concern, fifteen years had gone by since she thought her father had died. “If you’re concerned if I will decide to resign my commission and return to my people, there is nothing to be worried about,” Ritru said looking at T’Prel. “I am not going anywhere, this is where I belong and I will only be gone for a few days. I will be back by the time you finish up here.” She said as to try to elevate any more concerns that either of them might be having.

Azras sat there for a moment as she contemplated Ritru’s request, she didn’t have much of a concern and that they would be here for a little while longer. “I don’t see a problem with that,” Azras finally spoke up as she looked at Ritru. “I will request that you take the three that are assigned to the Oneida, they will remain on the ship while you are planetside,” Azras added to her statement.

Ritru nodded in agreement, “thank you, Captain.” Ritru said with a smile before she stood up from the chair.

“You have one week,” Azras replied looking at her.

“Understood,” Ritru replied before she turned to leave the ready room once Azras had dismissed her.

Azras rubbed her face with her hands before turning her attention to T’Prel who happened to still be sitting there. “If you want to accompany Ritru you may,” Azras said looking at her.

T’Prel shook her head, “no this is her time alone with her father. I rather not intervene,” T’Prel replied as she sat there for a few moments almost lost in thought. “I would like to ask for some advice,” T’Prel said looking back at Azras.

“Of course,” Azras replied with a smile.

T’Prel sat there for a moment trying to think of a way to word what she wanted to ask, “Ritru invited her father over for dinner tonight,” she began. “I want to ask Ritru to marry me before tonight, though I am unsure how to go about that,” T’Prel admitted looking at Azras.

Azras smiled at what T’Prel had said, “I think I can give some ideas though everyone is different when it comes to marriage.” Azras said as they spent a good majority of the time talking. Azras was happy for T’Prel and hopefully, things would go well for the two of them.


  • It's definitely the summer of love in Bravo Fleet with another couple on the verge of a wedding! But I wonder will T'Prel find the right way of proposing?

    August 15, 2022
  • I always really appreciate reading the affection between Ritru and T'Prel; it jumps right off the page. Given the famous Vulcan and Romulan characters in Trek canon, I always expect them to be a little standoffish. I found it so sweet that Ritru wanted to introduce her father to T'Prel and, like Ritru, I had to laugh at T'Prel not quite understanding the emotional weight of that. But I suppose I was wrong. T'Prel ENTIRELY understands the weight, given she's going to propose marriage??? What? Where did that come from? And all of this before Ritru is about to go flying into Romulan space... in a small Starfleet vessel... with her father she thought was dead... what could go wrong??

    August 18, 2022
  • Echoing the sentiment about the differences in Romulan and Vulcan expressions! Starting the reading of this I truly felt like T'Prel was missing something, but turns out it was me! She knew what she was doing! The reserved expressions of T'Prel, and the more animated expressions of Ritru really work to show the differences between these two characters and their respective cultures they grew up in. T'Prel's planned bombshell moment could come at a slightly better time, but no doubt a Vulcan just doesn't see what the big deal is! Looking forward it!

    August 18, 2022
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