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Part of USS Denver: Mission 3: War is War

The Knights a Calling

Alpha Quadrant - Interstellar Space
March 6, 2374 08:30
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Open Space, Jem’Hadar Fighter

Gozec reached over and tapped an icon on the console of his fighter. He had chosen to fight the Federation inside one of the many Jem’Hadar fighters instead of staying safe onboard one of the starships that were just outside of the Federations scanner range; rendering those ships undetected for the time being. 

As soon as the connection to the fleet’s main flagship had been connected he spoke to Maveren.

“Gul Gozec to Maveren, I thought it best to inform you that the fighters will be in detection in three minutes and that the remainder of the fleet will be detected soon thereafter,” he stated as he looked at the Vorta from within the cockpit of the fighter.

Maveren nodded, “We couldn’t remain hidden indefinitely.   The Jem’Hadar will succeed where  Cardassians could not.”

Gozec returned the nod to Maveren, “This will be a day to be remembered as a day that the Founders claim a deep foothold into the Alpha Quadrant,” he said as he places a clenched fist over his chest, “We pledge our loyalty to the Founders, from now until death.”

He then disconnected the communication with Maveren and slammed the throttle wide open as he entered the Denver’s scanner range.

Maveren on the bridge of a Cardassian cruiser made a look of disapproval as she looked around. She would have much preferred to be on a Dominion ship, and she certainly didn’t trust the Cardassians.   But, she wasn’t going to engage in battle so it was best to sideline a Cardassian ship rather than a Dominion ship.  The Jem’Hadar knew how to fight, and fight they would.

USS Denver, Valkyrie wing

Cheon sat at the control of the Valkyrie that he was in command of; on the viewscreen was Rebecca.

“Captain, Fighter group Alpha, and Beta are away. We should be able to assist in diverting some of the attacks off of the Denver shortly. Keep their fighters off of us,” he said as he lead from the front of the Alpha wing.

Understood Commander,” Rebecca’s voice came over the intercom. “Are you loaded with the new tri-cobalt bombs?”

Fight fighters and two shuttles followed his lead as he pushed the group away from the Denver and out toward the incoming attacks from the Jem’Hadar. Reaching over he tapped on the console in front of him.

“John, I hope that you are ready because the Beta group is yours to lead,” he stated as the image of the man came into view, splitting the screen in two; showing both Rebecca and John at the same time.

“Aye, sir” came the quick response “Beta group form up with me let’s keep those fighters off the Denver!” He said as his own fighter broke off towards the oncoming Jem’Hadar fighters 

Aye, sir!” He heard the dual response from his Squadron, a human, Steve, and an Andorian female Telas. It wasn’t long before they were in the thick of it Tolly quickly maneuvered the nimble ship.

A shuttle banked hard right and let loose two torpedoes. A small explosion gently rocked the Valkyrie that John was in. ‘splash one.’ an excited voice came over John’s intercom. ‘Got your back, Mr. Tolly.’ 

A fighter closed in on Cheon’s fighter.  “I got your wing,” a feminine voice said over the comm.  The helmet hid her Androian features, only the blue nose and chin poking out below the visor to indicate she wasn’t human.

Cheon turned his head and looked over at a Valkyrie that was taking up position to the rear and right. “Identify yourself, pilot,” Cheon ordered; as his HUD was not able to lock onto the pilot.

“Ensign Esessa Sh’ivhohlol,” she replied.  “Just transferred to the Denver this week from the Tigris.”

Cheon nodded to himself. “Well sorry for throwing you into the ‘Lion’s Den’ Ensign,” he stated as he pulled the trigger on the joystick that was between his legs as another Jem’Hadar came into phaser range of his Valkyrie. The barrage missed the fighter as it careened off in the opposite direction. “Nibble little fuck,” he said to no one in general as he turned his head to look back at his wing fighter. “Sh’iv, bank hard left. You have a fighter on your tail”

Shi’iv rolled hard left and performed a split s maneuver followed by a full thrust immulman which strained the structural integrity and the inertial dampers of the fighter.  As she came out of the maneuver she let loose a bust of micro photon torpedoes. Three hit exploded along the enemy’s shields doing minimal damage. 

The yellow phaser beam of a Cardassian ship cut through space and drove home the seriousness of their situation.  In the distance, the Denver rolled to the right and banked steeply up, and at the same time phaser fire lanced out at a Jem’Hadar fighter closing in on the Federation fighters.  The beam cut through the nacelle pylon and the tiny ship careened out of control before exploding.

Gozec watched as the fighter exploded near his fighter. He shook his head and banked hard to the left on an intercept course for the elusive Denver. ‘I’ve got you now,’ he thought to himself as the distance to the target slowly started to narrow.

“The Jem’Hadar are focusing on the Denver,” Shi’iv announced over the intercom.

Cheon looked toward the Denver his eyes locked onto a Jem’Hadar fighter that was closing in.

“Captain, a single Jem’Hadar fighter is bearing down on you. Bearings are 025. Mark 259,” he stated as he brought his fighter to match the cords.

Understood Knight Actual,” the voice of Rebecca returned. The Denver banked hard to the right trying to break the weapons lock, but to no avail.  The enemy tore into the Federation ship, the shields rippling under the onslaught. 

Gozec grinned in delight as he watched the explosions ripple along the hull of the Denver. Glee washed over his eyes, but nowhere else. Dipping down he dove under the rim of the saucer section of the Denver. Reaching over the tapped the comms icon on the console.

“Maveren, the enemy is damaged,” he said as he rolled his fighter to start his second run.

Don’t gloat yet,” Maveren replied. “That ship isn’t burning wreckage and the transport is getting away.”

“It will be soon enough,” Gozec stated as he aligned the targeting reticles onto the Denver and its main power source; the warp core.

Cheon, swore aloud as he saw the damage to the hull of the Denver, “Knight Actual to Denver. Damage report Captain.”

Aft shields are down. We have hull breeches on several decks, and sickbay is being inundated with casulties,” Rebecca replied the strain in her voice.

“Denver, I am detecting three ships incoming,” he stated, suddenly his valkyrie shuttered as a Jem’Hadar fighter snuck up behind him and fired.

Suddenly a Sovereign-class starship escorted by a pair of Akira-Class ships dropped out of warp answering the call for help from the Denver.  Quantum torpedoes shot from the Tigris and the Akiras shredding A Cardassian warship which erupted in flames.  Another Cardassian ship started to bank and retreat but it was slammed with phaser fire from the Denver aided by her new allies and it jerked and fell dark as the power failed and started to drift away from the battle.

Gozec looked at the new players that had entered the field. A sudden rage filled him. “Fleet retreat.”

His hands flew over the controls and pointed the nose of his fighter into deep space. Moments later the battlefield was silent. The only things that were moving were the debris from the carnage of the fight.

Cheon’s fighter drifted amongst the carnage, and oxygen slowly flowed from the rear of his craft. Lights flickered and flashed as he sat there trying to connect with the Denver. The comms unit was damaged as he sat there. He could see the Denver, Tigris, and the Akiras, but he could do nothing but sit there and think about the situation and how he could make it better.