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Part of USS Denver: Mission 3: War is War

Some Shoes to Fill

March 5, 2374 16:00
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Rebecca sat in the center of a command center operating with a skeleton crew. Just her, one of Chapman’s tactical officers, and an officer doing double duty with operations and helm.  There wasn’t much need for a full crew as they were at station-keeping with the rest of the Task Force waiting for their next mission. 

She looked up from her PADD.  A list of personnel transfers including their helmsman Ensign Vorath who would be going to the USS T’vol, an all Vulcan ship. In Vorath’s place was Ensign John Tolly.  Good marks at the academy, highly qualified and recommended,  but green.  She sighed.   This was no time to break in replacement crew, but that was the way of things.  People died or transferred and new officers came in to replace them.

Tolly took a deep breath and adjusted his uniform, taking a second to look down at it, just a few days ago he was still wearing cadet grey, now he was in command red and was about to be the helmsman on a Federation Starship, he knew his parents would be proud. As the door swooshed open John was immediately bombarded by sight and sound. He took a second adjusting his uniform once again before stepping on to the bridge and snapping to attention.

“Ensign Tolly reporting for duty Captain,” he said.

Rebecca looked up and amusement crossed her face.  “Fresh out of the Academy and all spit and polish I see.  Welcome to the Denver Ensign.”  Standing she glanced over at the junior lieutenant at tactical, “You have the bridge Lieutenant.” Turning to Tolly, “Let’s have a bit more private conversation.”

Tolly nodded following the Captain into the ready room.

Entering her ready room she offered a seat to John before crossing to the replicator,  “Can I get you anything before we continue?”

Tolly relaxed a bit. “Centauri tea please.”

Rebecca replicated the tea and set it on the desk in front of John before sitting down and pouring herself a steaming cup of black coffee from a pot sitting on the corner of her desk. “The captain of the Tigris is an old friend and he hooked me up with some real coffee beans.”

She activated her computer terminal and took a moment to look over John’s dossier for a refresher. “All certifications are up to date and positive remarks from your instructors.  Any real world navigation on a starship such as the Republic?”

John took a sip of the tea and shook his head 

“NO ma’am” he paused for a moment “Well…not officially,once while I was able to take some leave my dad pulled some strings and I was able to take the helm of an old Oberth class, was able to take it from Earth Spacedock to Centauri Primia.”

She considered that response for a minute. “Well, everyone has to start somewhere.  I’ll have Commander Kyo take you through some drills before heading head out on our mission tomorrow. Every ship has its own quirks.  I would rather you didn’t find that out with a Jem’Hadar fighter on our tail.”

John nodded, “Yes ma’am.” He paused for a second, “Thank you ma’am.”

Rebecca looked at John over her coffee with an amused expression, “For what Mr. Tolly?”

“For giving me this opportunity” he said.

“This is a front line ship.  We have seen some of the worst of this war.  Almost didn’t make it home from Tyra.  We wouldn’t have had it not been for Commander Kyo and your predecessor.”

“I will try my best to live up to their legacy” 

“Very well Mr. Tolly, welcome to the Denver. Dismissed.” 

Tolly snapped to attention spinning on his heels walking our of the ready room.