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Part of USS Odyssey: Between The Feathers Of Destiny and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

From Beneath They Came

Stardate: 77365.3
Vorash, Vorash system, Velorum Sector, Beta Quadrant
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“Chief Security and Tactical Officer’s log supplemental. Hazard Team Alpha and I have spent some time attempting to dig through solid rock using a range of phaser drills to get through to the trapped miners.”

The cavern was now well lit with several portable light sources set up against the wall or on tripods. Between each burst of phaser energy striking the rock, the odd conversation could be heard between the members of the Starfleet team. Standing with a tricorder in her hands, examining the rock in front of them, Lieutenant Keli flipped her scanner closed and looked to her superior.

“We’ve still got a few more meters before we get through this debris.” She motioned as she looked at Lenjir. The Tiburonian man tugged on his ear as he looked up from what he was reading on his PADD. “This feels like we could be trying to get through for some time.”

Lenjir just nodded in agreement with his deputy. “The cave-in created quite a mess.” 

“And we’re certain we’re safe?” Keli checked for the tenth time since they arrived.

He chuckled and nodded at her.

“Lieutenant, you should not preoccupy yourself with the possibility of such things,” spoke Lieutenant Commander T’Rani from the other side of the cave. The pilot casually walked across the dust beneath her feet and passed a PADD to Lenjir. “The extra supplies from the shuttlecraft have been delivered, and I have checked the mobile forcefield emitters; they are all operational.”

 “Thanks, T’Rani,” Lenjir said as he skimmed over the PADD’s contents. He was sitting on the empty grey case that had carried one of the phaser drills. The makeshift base camp they had established after digging through the first lot of mess had led them to what appeared to be the highest upper level of the mining facility. It had been abandoned after the cave-in, and rocks of all sizes littered its flooring along with thick dust. “Have we got the transporter enhancers ready?”

“All ready and linked to the shuttlecraft.” The pilot confirmed. 

There was a large explosion from where the phaser drill had been hammering. Everyone reacted by walking over the circular hole that led towards an already dug-out tunnel. Once the dust settled, they could not see anything. Raising the torches on the ends of their rifles or strapped around their wrists, everyone aimed them down the dark tunnel. Instantly they hit the faces and bodies of many Remans. Groans and quick flinches came from them all as they hated the light. 

Lenjir walked forward, “I’m Lieutenant Commander Cline Lenjir of the Federation starship-” He didn’t have a chance to react as the Remans darted forward and started to attack them all. 

Lenjir found himself knocked to the floor by two quite strong Remans; one got up and made their way towards the others while one straddled themselves on top of him and started to hit him. Holding his arms up to defend himself, he wiggled his hips hard to be able to push his attack off him as he engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Fighting the Reman, Lenjir took note of the other aggressors taking out the lights they had set up. Everyone could hear disruptor and phaser fire all around him, along with the noise of those fighting like him. His attacker was highly hostile and threw some decent punches. However, Lenjir was not having any of it, and a high kick followed by a side kick was enough to send the Reman flying across the cave, down on the floor and out like a light. After pulling his side phaser out, Lenjir was caught off guard as a disrupter fire hit him in the back. Without being able to think or react, he instantly fell to the floor, and his weapon dropped beside him. 

“Commander!” Keli shouted from behind a rock after seeing her superior fall. She looked over to T’Rani, who had just nerved pinched a Reman before using her phaser rifle in one hand to take out two more. T’Rani then sank beside the Coridianite,  “Ma’am, Lieutenant Commander Lenjir is down.”

“I am aware of the situation, lieutenant.” The pilot replied as she took a look out from behind the rock and fired her weapon several more times. Taking out another three attackers, she slumped back to her previous position as more shots came toward her. “Our situation is precarious at best.” She said, looking at the lieutenant. “There are more of them than there is of us. Logic dictates we retreat and return with a much sizable force.”

“I’m not leaving anyone behind, ma’am,” Keli said as she fired several shots. 

“Lieutenant, the situation is hopeless at best; we are not strong enough to mount a rescue for our fallen comrades. On top of that, we cannot be sure they are stunned or dead. We must retreat and inform Odyssey.” T’Rani replied. “That is an order.”

Knowing that with Lenjir down, it made T’Rani her superior, something Keli was not happy with. Hating she had to go with the order, she nodded and quickly shouted for everyone to fall back to the transporter enhancers. 

Their retreat was filled with the constant barrage of phaser fire, but as they made their way towards the transporter enhancers, Keli threw several smoke and stun grenades at their attackers. The explosion was enough distraction for them to get to the ring of enhancers and activate them. Within seconds they were beamed out of the cave and found themselves in the cockpit of the shuttlecraft Longhurst. 

As expected, T’Rani made her way to the pilot’s seat and brought the engines online. Seconds later, they were airborne. “Shuttlecraft Longhurst to the Odyssey. We are declaring an emergency.”

“Go ahead, commander,” answered Commander Banfield. “We weren’t expecting to hear from you so soon. What’s happened?”

“Ma’am, please inform Captain McCallister that the Reman settlers have attacked Hazard Team Alpha within the mines. We have injured, and they have taken out several of the team, including Lieutenant Commander Lenjir.” T’Rani announced over the radio

There was a brief silence from the other end before Banfield answered back. “By Kahless’ honour,” She muttered at first, “Commander Jen and I have just returned after repairing the weather system-” The chief science officer paused for a moment. “Standby Longhurst, we’ve just seen that the Oakhanger is returning to us at top speed.”

“We’re standing by,” T’Rani said before looking to the side to see Keli take the co-pilot chair. 

“Isn’t the Oakhanger the shuttle that Commander Hunsen’s team took to repair the power station?” Keli asked aloud.

“Indeed it is,” T’Rani replied.

“Longhurst, this is the Odyssey; we’re going to red alert. Return to us at once and raise shields.” Banfield ordered after a moment.

“Understood,” T’Rani said before the channel closed at the other end. Tapping a button to her side, T’Rani put her type-eleven shuttle on red alert and raised its shields at once. Whatever had happened with Hunsen’s team must have been similar to what her team had encountered.

The journey back to the ship was relatively quiet, and as they made their final approach, Keli turned to T’Rani. “Ma’am, do you know why those Remans attacked us?”

  T’Rani shook her head. “The only explanation I can propose is that they did not want us to dig them out. Why they took this course of action remains a mystery to me.” 

“I hope the others are okay,” Keli muttered as the shuttle passed through the hangar bay entrance.

When the tractor beam caught them to rest them down on the deck, T’Rani gazed over to Keli. “Lieutenant Commander Lenjir is a close friend of mine; I too hope he is still alive; however, knowing him as well as I do, he would want us to focus on the work ahead of us. That includes you now being his replacement, even if it is temporary. You are now Odyssey’s acting chief security and tactical officer. 

Keli gulped at that notion. “I’ve got some big shoes to cover for.”

“That is certain; however, you are a skilful and capable officer, lieutenant,” T’Rani stated. 

Nodding in appreciation at the remark, Keli thanked the Vulcan pilot. “Let’s just hope it is temporary as I’d like to see Cline back in one piece to resume his duties.”

“As do I,” T’Rani mentioned just as the shuttle landed with a soft bump.


  • From start to finish this electric. A fun read that raises the stakes and gives us as readers the desire to keep reading. Wham, Bam - brilliant stuff.

    July 2, 2022
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