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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 2 – Wings of a Phoenix and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

The Oncoming Storm

Kaseas Colony
June 18, 2400
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Kaseas Colony  – 2330

“The air feels cooler already, Commander.”  Governor Tasawa sat at the table in the meeting room.  Doctor Reid and Lieutenant Thasaz sat together, their skin slowly looking better.  “You said you bring news of Pasari?”

Ambrose gave a slight nod, “The issue that was causing the moon to stop providing the resources has been corrected.”  He glanced at Reid and Thasaz before continuing, “You are the highest-ranking official on this planet, Governor…I need to know what you know about Pasari before I choose to elaborate or not.”

Tasawa paused as he looked to each of them carefully and finally back to Harris, “The traditions of Pasari have been passed down from generation to generation of our people, Commander.  Yet I think you are asking a bigger question.”  He stood haltingly and gestured to an alcove in the far corner of the room, “Come with me.”  The three Starfleet officers looked at each other and shrugged as they followed the older Romulan.  He pressed his hands against the wall, muttered something in an ancient tongue, and waited a beat before a sudden doorway slid open silently.  The three officers were just as silent as they followed him through the door and it closed behind them.  Down two flights of stairs, they entered a small cavernous room filled with old computer banks, consoles, and equipment that flickered and beeped lightly.  He turned to them, “You have a prime directive for a reason, Commander Harris…and I would not wish you to violate it.”

Ambrose walked from console to console and stared each screen, “You knew what had happened?”

Tasawa found a chair and sat slowly as he sighed, “I wondered.  Each of us governors was taken under the wing of the previous and shown this secret before they stepped into the role.  Nothing had gone wrong in those hundreds of years…but it choose to go wrong in my time.”  He nodded, “We used to be able to communicate with them…but the second governor…he found out the plans of the Empire from his predecessor….and murdered him…covered it up that he’d fallen into a mine on patrol…but that began the revolution down here.  He destroyed the communications equipment – not wanting to speak to our overlords.”  He chuckled, “If only he’d known that our overseers would actually join our revolution themselves.  It brings me peace knowing that you found our answers, Commander.”

Reid spoke up, “You will continue the traditions?”

He turned to her, “It has been the traditions that have kept us at peace with each other all this time.”  He nodded to the equipment, “A month ago it all went dark.  I became worried my people would abandon their faith in Pasari and we would lose all that we had accomplished here.”  He stood, “They held stronger and harder to their faith in the face of what had happened.  They believed in each other more and believed in our future more.”

Thasaz glanced back from the console she was gathering data from, “Faith can be a powerful thing…yet also just as dangerous.”

The governor hobbled over to where Harris stood, “It is the tale as old as time, Lieutenant.  I strive each day to steer us down a path of powerful hope and grace for my people.  Your work to repair Pasari will help us stay the course.”  He stepped over to a side console and tapped at it quietly, “You mentioned you are searching for a Romulan…a Patra?”

Reid and Thasaz both explained to a concerned Harris that they had shared with him their encounters.  “I’ll accept you felt the need to share…and since it’s out there already…you seem to think you know something?”

Tasawa finished tapping his console and sound crackled out of old speakers.

=^=We were not able to finish the job, Patra.  The Federation came to their rescue.=^=  The voices were Klingon and Harris stepped closer to the speakers, slipping out his PADD and making notes as the voices continued, =^=It was this Edinburgh ship that came when they called…very quickly.  They left their crew behind.  We could have taken them.=^=

A pause.  And then the voice all three of them knew sprang to live, =^=You did well.  Your reward of more ships awaits you.  Reach out to one of your fellow warriors…see if they can follow them under cloak.  Track their movements.  Have them send it to you – we must keep this between us.  Do what you will with the Velorum Sector – I do not care what happens.=^=

The channel cut and Tasawa turned to face them, “We have the ability to monitor communications channels – even encrypted Romulan ones.  This equipment, as old as it is…still a marvel.  I spend my time here making sure our isolation continues.  This came off my long-range investigations.  He does not sound like someone I wish to meet.”

Harris agreed, “We wish we hadn’t met him if we’re honest.”  They discussed what was left to be done and Tasawa led them back up and out into the meeting room where they made plans for the next day.