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Part of USS Adventure: USS Adventure – Tip of the Spear and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Tip of the Spear Act 2

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The USS Adventure is traveling at warp three point five toward the Quirinus System. Kozan turned from the tactical station and his translator warbled as he reported, “We are entering the system sir.” 

R’Tor stood up, his ears perked up and twitched to the side a little. He looked around the bridge and then made his order. “Prepare to Drop to impulse.“ 


Commander Ustull of the Klingon Bird of Prey named QeylIS (Dark Hunter)  leaned against the captain’s chair. His mood was sour, because he wanted glory for himself and his crew, but instead they were sent to a relatively remote region of space to patrol the edge of Romulan space. He stared out the viewscreen into what he considered the emptiness of space. 

Ustull sneered, because he did not like placed on the outside of a battle. However, his connection to this new Klingon faction was precarious. A shout from his right drew his attention. 

“Commander, we are detecting a ship warping into this sector.”

Ustull threw himself into the command chair and barked orders. 

“Power weapons and prepare for battle.”  He bared his teeth and clenched his fist as his blood began to stir.  

Back on the USS Adventure inertial dampeners kicked in, and except for those beings with extraordinarily sensitivity the transitioned to normal space was barely noticeable. Upon the main view screen, the twin suns blazed. 

“Captains Log, Stardate 74927.6. We departed Starbase 47 two days ago and have entered the Quirinus system, this is a spectacular binary star system in the Velorum sector. While sensors indicate life sustaining planets, we are instead enroute to the asteroid field. We are to deliver Lieutenant Kozan, a special envoy from the Starfleet Diplomatic Corp to meet with a Reman representative. Hopefully, he can forge some form of agreement with this new independent government….On a personal note, I am still wary of what we could encounter.

“Set course for the asteroid field.” The XO ordered, as R’Tor sat back and watched as the crew went through their normal routine. 

The QeylIS melted into the shadows of its cloak as the USS Adventure began to traverse the system. It moved to a position above and behind the ship a predator ready to attack its prey. 




Out of the corner of Clark’s eye caught a small blip on the screen. Before he could react the entire ship rocked as a photon torpedo blasted into the side of ship. Everyone on the ship were thrown about, many were slammed to the floor or into a bulkhead. 

The crew was lucky because the ship’s advanced systems kicked in after the first hit. Red Alert alarms sounded, and red lights flashed, and the ship’s shields went up. When the ship was rocked by the second torpedo much of the energy was dispersed over the shields. 

“Bahhhh!” Commander Ustull howled. He watched in triumphant when the first blast hit and was angered when the second torpedo did not destroy the small ship and were out of firing range as it sped past the little ship. 

 “Bring us around for another pass.” Ustull snapped as he slammed his fist into the arm of the chair. Frustrated by what he considered his crew’s failure. 

“Evasive Maneuvers now!” R’Tor called as he picked himself up off the floor. 

Clark, with blood blurring his vision due to a gash from his head, reached over and tapped a few keys. In response to his commands, the ship swung wide and increased speed. 

By the time the Bird of Prey had maneuvered itself into another attack position, their prey was gone. 

“Where are they!” Hollard Ustull, as he stood up from the command chair and glared at the empty viewscreen. 

A Klingon bridge officer replied, “It’s moving at full impulse on a bearing of 277 mark 30. 

“Set an intercept course.” The Klingon commander demanded. 

“Sir.” the Klingon pilot turned to address his commander, “The ship will enter the asteroid field, before we can reach it.”

Ustull growled in response, “So….follow them.”

The pilot was shaken by this order but chose not to argue the point and turned to enter the commands needed to follow the ship into the dangerous area. 


Most of the Adventure’s crew was busy putting out fires and tending to the wounded, while the bridge crew attempted to determine who attacked them and how to avoid further damage. “Captain, we are losing power in the port nacelle,” reported Clark. 

“Can we make it to one of the planets ?” R’Tor asked. Clark shook his head in response as he struggled to maintain control of the ship, just then his control panel light up . 

“Sir!” Clark yelled., “Ship on an intercept course…I am moving to evade.”

“Do it…” R’Tor replied with full confidence in his pilot. 


Clark shook his head in disgust, as he struggled to maneuver the ship through the field. It is like I am flying an overweight cargo scow. He grumbled under his breath. “Captain, having difficulty maneuvering.” 

As the ship careened passed a medium sized rock, they just barely avoided getting hit by a disrupter blast, instead a portion of the asteroid broke off which caused the Bird of Prey to break off its pursuit. 

“Take us deeper into the asteroid field.” 

Colt contacted the bridge from engineering and informed the captain, “We have several issues here and we will lose power in about ten minutes unless we shut down and have time to do major repairs.”

R’Tor glared at his first officer, “Go see if you can help them out.”With that Mark dashed off the bridge in the direction of engineering. 

The idea that the ship floating dead in an asteroid field with a ship firing upon them caused R’Tor great concern and his tail twitched wildly in frustration.   

Sparks and small fires throughout the Adventure had repair crews scurrying from one location to another. 

“There!” R’Tor pointed on the view screen to a large asteroid. “Full impulse… I have an idea.” 

Sweat begin to bead upon Clark’s brow as he attempted to avoid the rocks that would do more damage to the ship as he tapped in the commands to fire the maneuvering thrusters. 

“What are you thinking sir?” Clark asked as his heart raced. 

R’Tor’s eyes narrowed as he sneered at the screen. “I am thinking of landing to buy us some time.”

R’Tor and Clark went back and forth for a few minutes, but they saw a large crater on the surface.  “Sensors indicate this rock has some magnetic resonance that should mask most  of our energy signals.” Clark informed his captain. 

“Perrrfet.” R’Tor trilled as his ears turned backward and flatted on top of his head.  

As the Klingon vessel attempted to reestablish a course that would allow them to fire on the ship again, but the ship’s pilot was having difficulty avoiding rocks and when one hit, it caused all the systems on the ship to flicker. 

Just a 10,000 kilometers away the USS Adventure cut its engine and power and floated to the surface of a rock where they disappeared inside the shadow of the crater. 

“They will eventually find us, so let’s get to work people,” R’Tor stated in his sternest voice any of his crew had heard him use. They could guess that he was concerned for their safety as well as the ship, but he also had a great weight upon him with the type of mission they were on as well. 



The Klingon Bird of Prey exited the asteroid field for a moment. 

“We will scan every inch of this area until we find them,”  Commander Ustull snarled. 

An officer at one of the displays informed the commander that they found a trail, mostly debris, but also an energy signature matching a Federation ship. 

“Can you follow it?” Ustull bared his teeth in furry, suggesting he did not want a negative answer. 

“Aye, sir.” Came the meek response.

“jaH” The commander ordered. 


Most of the people in the bay had minor injuries, but a few had some head trauma that Doctor Valeria attending to immediately. Sitting in a chair with his arm in a sling, Lt. Kozan looked none too happy with his situation. 

When R’Tor approached he had one question on his mind. “What hit us?”

R’Tor shoot his head, “We’re not sure, but a review of the sensor records indicate it was an older Klingon Bird of Prey.  Kozan stood up quickly. “Klingons!?” His translator squawked. 

R’Tor held his hands up quickly, “We are not sure, it could just be pirates, but we had to hide inside of a creator to make repairs before we plan our next move.”

“How far are we from Port Umbria?” Kozan quired. 

“Funny you ask, that is what I wanted to ask you.” R’Tor’s right ear twitched suggesting he was hoping for good news. 

Kozan dipped his head for a moment and walked past the captain as he used a word that the device couldn’t or wouldn’t translate. But R’Tor got the idea to follow him. 

R’Tor and Kozan looked over what little sensor data they had and determined that they were on the opposite side of the field from their objective. The report from engineering was not inspiring. “Several EPS relays are complete fused, we have re-routed most of the secondary and primary systems, but propulsion and shields have major damage and would require a stop at a space dock to make the repairs.  only operate at 82%” reported the first officer. 

R’Tor shook his head in disgust because the ship had just spent time at space dock. 

Not long after he had gathered his commanders together to discuss the situation. What they determined is that it would take between five to six hours to make it to the destination, but their would be no telling how long the Reman would respond, especially if they were under attack. 

“It would be illogical for us to wait here, lest we become the preverbal ‘Sitting Duck’.” Stated Dr. Valeria. 

Most everyone agreed to that and reported back to their stations to inform the rest of the crew.  

R’Tor turned to Colt, “Your team has about an hour to button everything up, and then we have to make a run for it.” 

Colt frowned, “And what happens if that ship catches up to us again?” 

R’Tor crossed his arms and sighed before responding, “My people have an old adage ‘One of the most difficult things we must learn is that one must not always fight, but you should adjust if you hope to survive. If you cannot avoid a fight, do so like your life depends upon it.’ 

Colt gave a small laugh as the words were of little comfort, but at least they gave the captain the direction he needed. 


Ustull stomped into the mess hall and smacked the cup of blood wine out of the nearest officer’s grasp, “What is this!” The commander howled as he looked around seeing people laughing eating and drinking. “No one is going to eat or drink, till we find and destroy that Federation ship, now get back to work.” 

As most of the warriors scrambled from their meal, one of the older ones stepped up to his commander and shook his head. “Commander, your too lenient on your crew…in my day, the commander would have killed the first man who at the table.” 


  • Okay now, this was an exciting chapter! You've really made the most of the Klingons entering the Velorum sector, proving a (possibly) immovable obstacle for Kozan's important mission! The action sequence was all the more gripping for reading each of the bridge crew's visceral reactions to damage being taken to the Adventure, especially Clark's. R'Tor's plan to hide on an asteroid made for an intriguing twist. We don't normally get that kind of opportunity with the larger starships so much of Star Trek follows. The ticking time clock is classic, as the crew tries to patch up themselves and the ship before the Klingons find them. Really ramping up the tension, evocative of the nebula sequence in TWOK. They'd better survive this, because I'm still so curious to see Kozan's mission in action.

    June 30, 2022