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Profile Overview


Gorn Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Kozan


Bridge Officer / Security
USS Adventure (Archive)



Before 2342



Kozan the Gorn

Assigned to the USS Adventure


Rakon is at times intimidating to work with. His translation device gives him a blunt and emotionally flat tenor which makes it difficult to know his true feelings or intentions. That is till one gets to know him. His true voice that many humanoids can hardly understand is a guttural low thrum, but he can  speak a few common words without it.

Most Gorn are believed to be dull, slow paced brutes. While Rakon wasn’t quick on his fast he was not dumb. He had spent most of his life working on starships and his experienced with other races helped him to device good solutions. It is without a doubt that he is an imposing figure, nor is he afraid to use that factor in getting his way.

He does not shirk from work or from a good fight. While he can be territorial at times, he is neither cruel or unlawful.

Rakon considers himself a curious explorer as he was raised to be a rational and respectful individual. He tends to feel like an outsider, no matter how many friends he makes.



In 2342, Rakon’s parents were among colonists in route to another start system. In the middle of trip the ship was attacked by bandits, most likely from the Orion Syndicate. The crew was killed and during the raid a young Rakon was abducted. He along with two others were sold to a zoo on Alamir a small planetoid controlled by the Orion Syndicate.

After languishing in the zoo for a few years, he was purchased by a marauder named Elaric Naras. He planned to raise the youngster and train him to be his personal bodyguard and or turn him into a sort of solider for hire. Elaric found the youngster to be obstinate and difficult and decided to sell him to a passing Andorian merchant named Obehl Th’achythir.

Obehl was a seasoned military officer with a calm, but stern disposition. Under his care Rakon flourished, learned discipline and how to follow orders. By 2368 Obehl had moved his operations out of Orion controlled space for the frontier sectors near the Badlands. This area had its fair share of conflicts with the Federation, Klingon, and other powers alike making it ideal for trade, both illicit and legitimate.


Over the next several years Obehl and Rakon traded and smuggled cargo in and out of the Badlands, mostly to assist the unarmed colonist that were caught in the crossfire between the Cardassian Union and Federation. In 2374 Obehl and Rakon were escorting a Galadorian freighter when the convoy was hit by an unknown anomaly.


Rakon and Obehl find themselves stranded along with other beings on Class L planet within a distorted area of space. Obehl found a group of Andorians who informed him that they on a planet in what they call a pocket dimension, with a variety of other races and have been unable to escape. They eventually acclimate and spend more than a dozen years from their perspective living and working with a variety of species.

While Rakon had learned the philosophy honor from Obehl, Klingons respect taught him their version. He came to interact with humans and understand why they feared him. One day a loud noise high above caused everyone to looks up and see a trail of smoke. Search parties there were sent out returned with news of a downed Federation shuttle.

Over the next six months, the survivors of the shuttle crash worked to cobble together a crude signal generator and – sent a signal which led to their eventual rescue. After being rescued from the Pocket Universe Obehl and Rakon discovered time moved at a different pace. While they spent many years on the planet, several more years had passed outside the pocket.

With no ship, Obehl decided to live upon a space station near Andoria to run a small trade outlet and encouraged Rakon to join Starfleet as it would give him a good opportunity to travel and explore. While it took a great deal and pulling of many strings, Starfleet agreed and started Rakon out in the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program. He passed the entrance exam, but instead of Earth, went through the academy at an auxiliary base.

ACADEMY YEARS  2390-2395

As the sole Gorn attending the academy, despite others from many Federation and non-federation races, he  had difficulty adapting to his new circumstances. Near the end of his sophomore year, he took a personal leave of absence. During this time, he made his way to Gorn space. Unfortunately, with no clan or family to represent he was treated as an outcast.

He returned to Federation controlled space and reunited with the only family he had come to know. Obehl counseled him and helped him to recognize that while his past was an important part of who he was, his future would come to be what he chooses it.

2395 Cadet Rakon was stationed on the USS Da-Teplan (NCC-30087 B) during his senior year as part of his field studies program. Despite being only a cadet was issued his own quarters due to his requirement to keep his sleeping area hot and that his snoring scared the other ensigns who had to share quarters.  He participated in many away missions and Lieutenant Commander Kyle noted that Rakon was instrumental in deescalating a diplomatic skirmish. Despite doubts by other officers on the ship, he earned the respect of those he served with.

From 2397 to 2399 Rakon was stationed on one deep space mission and two starbases. In that time he worked in security and engineering. He began training for command and operations.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present Bridge Officer USS Adventure