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Logistics Office Report #1 – Staff Applications

May 20, 2024

We’re so close to deploying the long-anticipated Fleet Assets system, thanks to the hard work of our Engineering Office. Beyond the technical aspects, the BFSS have been working for over a year on fine-tuning the policies that will bring this new system into operation. For the time being, Vince has appointed me as the inaugural Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer, and I’m excited to get to pilot this role and develop the groundwork for this department, as I did in my successive projects that led to the Operations Office and Academy. We anticipate I’ll hold this role at least until the end of the post-Fleet Action awards season, which will allow me to monitor and adjust directly issues of balance as this brand new system encounters the largest and busiest of our fleet-wide events. Following that, Vince will select a permanent BFLO.

As we gear up for the launch of this system, I’m opening applications for potential staffers to work with me on two separate but highly connected teams:

  • Logistics Operations — The logistics operations team is primarily focused with processing the purchase requests that members will make with their prestige, which includes checking proposed transactions against the policy documents and ensuring that everything is in order. This team will also ensure that records on the wiki are well-kept when members swap or add ships.
  • Logistics Analytics — The logistics analytics team is focused on continuing observations of the system to ensure that it is functioning as a balanced economy where all members stand a good chance of eventually acquiring what they want, without leaving anyone feeling like there’s nothing left for them to achieve. This will include, eventually, brainstorming and developing future expansions to the system. (Members of this team will also process transactions, particularly when there is a backlog.)

I’ll be starting all staffers as Staff Assistants, selecting Staff Officers (team leads) and a Deputy Logistics Officer as time goes on. Part of the work of both teams at this stage will be to give the policy documents a last set of checks before I release that to all of you. (I know there’s great anticipation to see that, but we’re intending to keep it a surprise until the system itself is live, just so carts don’t get too far ahead of horses when it comes to planning potential asset choices!)

If you are interested in being a staffer, please fill out this Google form. The form also describes the roles in more detail.