Part of USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Chapter 9 – To Stand Alone

USS Saratoga - Rhijun's Second Moon - Rhijun
June 2400
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It was bright and early the next morning when at exactly 0500 hours Jheria’s alarm went off. Opening her eyes ever so slightly to glance at the time before shutting off the alarm, she let out a soft moan as she rolled over in the bed. She had worked late the previous night, so she didn’t get much sleep. Jheria slowly sat up in her bed, rubbing her hands over her face. She had about a couple of hours before she was due back on the moon.

Jheria had decided to sit on the edge of the bed just for a few more minutes before getting up. She would usually take this time in the morning to cook herself breakfast but since she had less time than she normally would, she would use the replicator this morning. She eventually made her way out of the bedroom, making her way into the kitchen where the replicator was located.

After being raised by human parents she grew to love a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, and toast. Though she enjoyed other foods from other cultures she decided to order what she had growing up with her family. After grabbing her plate from the replicator along with a hot cup of coffee she walked over to the table that was located in her dining room.

Normally she would go down to her office in engineering to read her reports, but she didn’t want to be bothered with a bunch of issues that C’Riia could resolve while she was busy. She downloaded the morning reports on a padd, walking back over to the table she would begin to read while she ate.

She had been impressed with how well Lieutenant C’Riia was handling engineering while both her and Lieutenant Commander Piyu were off ship assisting those on Rhijun. Nothing major had happened, they were able to get the sensors back online just hours ago after their run-in with the Orions.

After reading the reports she moved onto the duty roster, which had been updated due to their mission with many that were currently off the ship. She had signed off on the roster and sent it back to C’Riia with her approval.

She had set the padd down on the table after she finished reading all the morning reports, duty rosters, and other items. Once she finished her breakfast she picked up her dishes and brought them back to the replicator for recycling. Taking her cup of coffee she headed into the bathroom to take a shower.

After finishing her shower she walked out into the bedroom and quickly got dressed, looking at the time she headed out of her quarters and began to walk down the corridor towards the turbolift. “Shuttle bay one,” she replied after she entered the lift with the doors closing shut behind her.

After a few minutes, the lift came to a stop. Jheria exited the lift and began to move down the corridor towards where the shuttle bay was located. Several engineers were gathered around the shuttle bay entrance just talking amongst each other as they waited for the chief; they didn’t hear the doors open and Jheria walked in.

“Ready?” Jheria asked as she had walked up to them which seemed to have startled some of them as they seemed to almost jump out of their skin.

“Yes sir,” came their reply.

Jheria smiled as they began to file into the shuttle and began the job of preparing it to leave the ship. Once the preflight checks were complete she tapped her commbadge, “Jheria to bridge.” She replied as she waited on a response.

Azras had just walked onto the bridge when the call came in, “go ahead, Commander.” Azras replied as she sat down in her chair.

“We are ready to depart,” Jheria replied as the pilot had brought the shuttle online.

“You’re cleared for departure,” came Azras’ reply before the communication channel ended.

The pilot tapped a few consoles as the shuttle began to move out of the shuttle bay, heading back towards the moon. They all sat there in silence as they traveled as there wasn’t much to be said at the moment. After a while, they arrived at the moon and began to land the shuttle close by where the other team’s shuttle was located.

Once they exited the shuttle they began to walk down to where the other team was located. “Status report?” Jheria asked, looking at them.

“We just finished, everything is now ready for transport,” one of the engineers replied, looking at Jheria.

Jheria nodded, “thank you we will take over from here.” Jheria replied with a smile as they headed off back towards the shuttle that would lead them back to the ship. She knew that the transport would take a few hours to complete as she had to do them in sections, moving the enhancers to each of the locations.

“Commander Dilucca to Commander Piyu,” she said over the communication channel.

Piyu had been talking to the Reman engineers that were working at the refineries when the call came in. “Jaiett here,” came his reply.

“Are the transporter enhancers ready?” Jheria asked as she stood there looking around.

“They are,” Piyu simply replied.

“Great, we are ready to start transporting the equipment down to you.” She replied as she brought the enhancers online.

“Wonderful, we are ready whenever you are,” Piyu replied as his team plus a good handful of Remans were ready to move the equipment as they beamed down.

The next few hours were spent painstakingly transporting each different area down to the planet below. Things were going smoothly, with no significant hiccups that would cause even more delay. After they finished transporting the last of the equipment down to the planet, she took a good hard look around to see that the moon was now bare of anything once signified that it was used for mining.

Jheria then looked back at her team just as they were gathering the enhancers together to take back to the shuttle with them. “We will be going planetside to assist with getting those refineries repaired, it will take all of us to help,” Jheria said as the others just nodded as they all headed to the shuttle.

Once they were on board the shuttle they began to take off, leaving the moon behind and headed planetside. Jheria notified the Captain that they had finished things on the moon and were now headed down to the planet to assist with the repairs.

As they made their descent they had found a clearing next to where the refineries were located but were clear of the fields. After landing they exited the shuttle and noticed that Romulan security officers were patrolling the outskirts of the settlement. She knew that they were from the IRW Aldore so she wasn’t concerned about their presence.

They began to make their way to where Piyu Jaiett and the rest of the team were located. “So, what is our plan of attack to begin to get these repaired and online?” Jheria asked, looking at Piyu.

“A few of the Remans have agreed to assist with the repairs as they know the system more than we do, so I will let them fill us in on what they need us to do,” Piyu replied as Jheria nodded, walking over to those engineers. The repairs would take several days before they would be operational again.