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An Unexpected Message

Starbase Bravo
June 2400
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Cynndle sat down for the first time in what felt like forever at a small Klingon coffee shop a few minute’s walk from the main docking ring. Looking around let out a deep breath amazed that he was even able to find a set here. With the number of people feeling the now imploding Star Empire the station was packed and the involvement of Klingons in the matter only worsened the situation. Leading back into the chair he closed his eyes as he looked at tiled his head back before lifting it quickly and shaking it. “Should have known better” he muttered to himself as he picked up the raktajino and took a rather large sip, “Oh, that is good,” he says softly. For the last month and a bit, he and so many others were working double and triple shifts it seemed. The second he stopped moving and dared to close his eyes the weight of his eyelids became almost too much to overcome and his thoughts would slow, lose focus and drift as sleep tried to grab hold of him. Feeling the heat from the drink helped him to stave off the ever-encroaching exhaustion; ‘Not yet; still have to muc…much to do.’ He thought to himself as he straightened in the seat and watched yet another group of refugees wander past en route to one of the temporary accommodations before they were then moved off the station. 

Seeing them reminds him that he still has no idea what happened to Ensign Lihran. With all the others going on security was stretching pretty tight and they had not been able to dig up any leads as to his whereabouts. ‘Really hope he is ok, and now part of this somehow, he wouldn’t be though…I think…’  he thinks before pushing the thought aside.

As he watched the refugees fo past he could only imagine what they had been through. Even the ones who looked to be in the best shape were worn down, both physically and mentally. The exhaustion that seemed to radiate from them was bone-deep. ‘What the hell is the Romulan Navy and now the Klingons thinking; these people don’t deserve any of this – wish I was back on the Dawn, could at least be out there protecting these ships as they try to flee.’ he thinks to himself but before he could continue his PADD chimed. Looking down he frowned; the alert showed one new text message from an unknown sender. “That’s odd, cannot remember the last time I got one like that,” he says as he taps the message.

Lifting the raktajno to take another sip his hand freezes as his eyes scan the message, one, two, three times…

Cyn, I’ve been kidnapped and held against my will on a Romulan ship. Don’t send anyone. I’d be forced to fight with a disruptor to my head. I’m working on a plan to get back. Captain Thevius on the USS Thyanis is closest to me, either me or him will update from there if I get out or die.


“Well shit!” he says far too loud for where he is causing a number of heads to turn and stare at him. Looking up Cynndle smiles and waves his hand slightly, “Sorry about that everyone…” before he turns back to the PADD “Guess that answers that question though I now have a hundred more.” 

Finishing his raktajino he quickly gets up and heads back to his quarters. Once there he turns on his console and starts pulling up the records of the USS Thyanis, Captain Thevius and Lihran. “How the hell did he get onto a Romulan ship and HOW IS A RAVEN the closest ship? Given what has been happening I would think any Romulan ship would happily reduce the Thyanis to space dust…something doesn’t seem to be adding up. How and why are the Thyanis and Thevius involved?”

After having spent 30 minutes going through the records of both Lihran, Thevius and the USS Thyanis he couldn’t find any obvious connection between them though he would be the first to admit that this was not his area of speciality. Shaking his head he opened a com channel to security.

“Lieutenant Oin’sun to security.”

“Go for security.”

“I received a message regarding the disappearance of Ensign Lihran, I am forwarding it to you know.  If it is really him it is good to know he is alive but raises alot more questions. I have looked into the ship and its captain but I do not see any direct link to Lihran. I know you have some officers investigating this and the leads had gone cold. Maybe this will help and they will find some connections that I have not?”

The Lieutenant Commander on the screen glanced down, reading the message when it popped up on their screen and frowned. “I see what you meant Lieutenant. I will pass this on to the officers in charge. Thank you for sharing this…Oh. They may have some questions for you.”

“Thanks, Lieutenant Commander, happy to answer any questions.”

With that, the call ended. Turning off the console he stood up and looked around his quarters and the mess that had accumulated in them over the last month due to the lack of time he had to organize them. “Not much to do until my next shift in 10 hours. Mine as well get a head start on cleaning this room.”