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Part of USS Erigone: Into the Fire and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

The Smoking Embers

USS Erigone
May 11, 2400
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USS Erigone – Ready Room / Quarters – 1700

“You look like you’ve got something to say.”  Harris sat in his place on the couch across from his FO, Doctor Reid who was laying back on the couch she seemed to have claimed as her own for these kinds of meetings.

She sighed, “There’s always going to be that annoyance from your Chief Medical Officer about having to patch people up because we had to fight this guy because that’s the way of the warrior.”  She grumbled, “I’m a doctor, not a gladiator battling the bad guys in the ring.”  She accepted a glass of chilled cider from him and continued, “I cut my teeth on science and medicine – finding ways to heal, to cure, to improve life…and somehow I end up on a ship that sees action around every goddamn corner.”  She held up one hand, “I’m sorry for that…that was out of line.”

Ambrose leaned forward, “Doc, something I learned in my command schooling was you want people that sharpen you every step of the way.  That push against you, question your ideas, and every so often tells you the goddamn truth.”  She gave him an odd look and he filled his glass, “We had to do a study of the big command teams over the years.  Kirk and Enterprise.  Archer and Enterprise.  Sulu and Excelsior.  Janeway and Voyager.  Picard and Enterprise.  Sisko and DS9.  What we found as we dug in deep to examine what made that group of men and women so exceptional – was that they were all so very different in what they believed, how they thought, and what direction they imagined the galaxy should go.  You go back and look at the Kirk, McCoy, and Spock trifecta.  They made an incredible team…but they didn’t always get along or agree.”

Reid rolled her eyes, “If you’re comparing us to them, I’ve got news for you sir – that ain’t us.”  She downed her glass and accepted a refill from her CO.

Harris chuckled, “Well, I won’t disagree with you, Doc.  I’d throw another word in there – yet.”  He sat back as she gave him a curious look, “One of my professors was big on positive self-talk – she made us do it at the start of every class every day.  One of the things she kept hammering into our heads was the power of the word ‘yet’…and we all started to believe her.  Took each of us a while to come around to it…but she was right.  I’m not on the level of a Captain Kirk or a Captain Sulu…yet.  I’ve got lots to learn, lots to do, and lots to figure out.  That’s yet to come.”

She gave him a long look, “Anyone ever tell you that you talk a little much?”  She gave him a quiet wink at the end.  

He matched her long look, “Anyone ever tell you that you’re a little too honest sometimes?”

Reid chuckled as she swished the half-full cup of cider, “I’m just being a McCoy to your Spock.”

The CO gave her a mock look of outrage, “Who says I’m not McCoy and you’re the Spock?”

Jordan pointed her glass at him, “You’re a commander, not a doctor.  McCoy’s my guy, always will be.  Plus he got a kickass nickname, ‘Bones’.  Well,” she stood up, “I should go check on our patient.”

Harris stood as well, “I should probably follow you – I need to check in with him anyway.”

USS Erigone – Sickbay – 1715

“Thank you, doctor.  I am quite well.  It just hurt everywhere.”  Lieutenant Phillips lay in the biobed, his face wrapped in bandages as the newly minted engineering medical assistant ran the dermal regenerator over the cloth.  Reid stood by, watching and giving suggestions to the officer about position.

Harris stepped up the side of the bed and sat on a rolling stool, “Chief Phillips…I’m glad you’re doing better at least.  You took a helluva beating on the bridge.”

The Ops Chief gave a slight nod, “We’d been told about what it would feel like at the academy.  The burning, the flash of hot pain…and then the shock…and then when it wears off…”, he looked to his CO, “They weren’t lying.  It hurt…”

Reid spoke up, “We’re clearing up a concussion as well – he hit the deck pretty hard and fast.  With his facial burns and other injuries we should have him back on duty in a day or so.”

Phillips groaned, “I’ve been arguing with the doctor about getting back on duty sooner, but it is very challenging arguing with a knowledgable opponent.”  He looked at Reid and gave a resigned nod, “But I will abide by her recommendation.”

Jordan smiled quietly, “It helps when they listen and behave.  Less need for me to strap them in the bed.”

Harris gave her a side look, “Seriously?”

Phillips muttered, “Seriously.”  

The CO looked to his FO and CMO, and then to the patient and back again.  He opened his mouth, and then closed it…and finally responded with, “Whatever gets the job done, I guess.”  He gave a nod to Jordan, “I’ll leave you to it.”  As he left, she felt her heart shifting towards him more and more.  Where she would land, she wasn’t sure…but something within her was pushing her in a direction.