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Profile Overview

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Matthew Phillips

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Phillips


Operations Officer
Starbase Bravo


Matthew Phillips


Portland, OR


A competent and detail-oriented operations officer who has dreams one day of finding his family.


Tall, lanky, and imposing.


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Matthew is driven to follow the rules, the regulations, and to ensure that everything operates at peak efficiency.  He is detailed and determined to ensure things run right.


Early Life (2375-2396

Matthew was born on 5.9.2375 to Jeffery and Melinda.  He grew up Portland and spent much his time not in school reading and taking classes on the weekend to learn more about…well, anything.  In 2390 at the age of 15, his family abruptly moved, placing him in the care of his Grandpa Gerald on his rural Oregon farm.  Various reasons were given for his parent’s departure but none made much sense to teenage Matthew.  He was inconsolable for a month.  His grades faltered, and his health was starting to be a concern.  His grandfather decided to teach the boy all he knew about operating a farm by handing him the keys to the various pieces of equipment and assigning him the manuals as reading material.  It took a few days, but Matthew began to pore over the books and eventually took his grandfather’s lessons on each piece of equipment.  He graduates high school in the middle of his class in 2393 and continues to work the farm with his grandfather.  Three years later, Gerald dies of a sudden heart attack.  Philipps is unable to manage the farm on his own and is forced to sell.  He applies to Starfleet in hopes of finding something to do in life beyond farming.  He is accepted.

Starfleet Academy (2396-2400)

Phillips worked hard in the operations track of his academy training.  He stays up late studying and is very rarely social.  His grandfather’s loss still rests heavily on his heart.  Matthew makes a few friends but doesn’t tell them much about his life or his past.  The only person he ever told everything to had been his grandfather and the loss of his only sounding board has rendered him quiet.  He excels well in training, scenarios, and simulations.  He slowly begins to find his voice in Senior year when he presents his story as a part of a speech and debate class.  He graduates and is placed on the USS Erigone.

USS Erigone

Matthew serves a short time as Chief of Operations.  During a battle with a Romulan ship, he is injured by an exploding console.  When the Erigone returns to Bravo, he secretly requests a transfer and is accepted.

Starbase Bravo (7/27/2400 to present)

He serves as an operations officer onboard the Starbase Bravo, hoping for a return to a normal job.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present Operations Officer Starbase Bravo
2400 Chief of Operations USS Erigone