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Something has Survived – Part 2

Starbase Bravo - Cargo Bay
May 10, 2400
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Central Hospital 1 – Docking Bay – Ward 1 – 0720

Cynndle stood and took one final look at the airlock and docking bay in central hospital 1 running a few thoughts through his head, ‘What do we need? How best to assemble it? – leave that to the engineering team – could we utilize a rapid walk-through transporter system? Right into an enclosed decontamination bay? Portable shield generators?  How do we then stop the infected from leaving? Security in sealed EVA suits?…’

Turning to Neva, “I have a few ideas but need to run it by ops…” taping his combadge he turns and takes a few steps away. “Lieutenant Oin’sun to Ops…I am going to need to route extra power to Central hospital 1 docking bay ASAP. We also need all the biohazard gear on the station sent here right away and the replicators primed to produce more right away.”

Nodding as he gets a quick reply. He walks back to Neva, “Shall we head to the cargo bay; you lead the way. I have a few ideas on what we can do.”

“What do you suggest, sir?”Neva looked down at her PADD, fingers fluttering over it. Looking back up at the lieutenant, she added. “I just tapped 2 engineers who are close by to meet us in the bay. They can get some of the parts we need on their way. From the manifest I have, the rest are already in there.” She pointed to the right where the entry to the bay they needed. “Here it is. Hmph!” She gruffly blurted out. “This cargo bay was closer than I thought!” Without losing a step, she swooped past Oin’sun & into the bay. 

Cargo Bay 34 – 0730

Neva waved over the 2 engineers who were waiting for them. “Where’d you put the stuff?” she called out.  One signalled where the parts were & jogged over to them, smiling. “Got it all together, Cordon. Including the rest that Bailey’s got on a hover table for us.” Neva nodded again, then turned to her companion. “Do you need to get any equipment on your end of things, Oin’sun?”

Looking around Cynndle contemplates what will be needed, “To be honest Lieutenant Cordon, I am not sure. What have you got pulled together here? A part of me feels that even with a positive pressure system there is still a risk, there always is.” Tapping his combadge “Oin’sun to Longfellow”

=^=Longfellow here, Lieutenant.  Go ahead.=^=

“I had a thought; I don’t think it will slow down direct entry to the ship as we will still need the full decontamination set up but could we keep the USS Lorenza out of space dock and set up the Decon site around one for the transporter pads. This would allow the biofilters to clear any contagions from the surface of the suits and we can then send the teams so that they can still go through the full decontamination procedure. We don’t even need to use a pad, we could set it up in the airlock as planned and transport the teams back and forth from there? Would that work?”

There was a pause on the other end as Longfellow thought through the proposal.  It wasn’t the worst idea, he decided, =^=I think the second option is the one to pursue – setting up in the airlock as extra precautions instead of running the risk with a transporter pad that wasn’t onsite.  The fewer surfaces or areas or places the better – keeps the process centralized and focused.  You have my permission to pursue and set it up, Lieutenant.  Good thinking.  Longfellow out.=^=

Looking over at Neva he smiles. “Just a thought. Either way, we will need everything you have there.”

Neva nodded, head tilting to the side to think…Dog Look number 5…

“Yeah, that works. We’ll need different parts, though.” She turned and looked at the other two engineers. “as you heard, we’ve got a slightly different approach to this project. We’ll need..” Neva started to confer with the 2 engineers and Oin’sun about parts, ops connections, getting the other airlocks retrofitted as rapidly as possible, and if they should tap other personnel that aren’t engineers to complete this endeavor.

“Let me send a priority message to the Cheif, they should be notified of the change as it will require alot of use from the transporters. They may also have an idea of what is needed to improve the transporter to be used directly from the airlock.” Stopping for a moment Cynndle looks around and then smiles, “There, grant those as well” he says as he points towards a large rectangular box. “The systems won’t have an issue keeping a lock on our teams when they are aboard ship and in theory, and practice, shouldn’t have any issues locking on to people in the airlock but we could always use pattern enchanters set up around the edge of the airlock to make it easier. What do you think?”

He says this as he quickly types away on his PADD sending a short message with the update and query to the Cheif and his duty officer. 

A moment later he looks up at Neva, “What do you think? This could really reduce the risk of infection. Did you mention different equipment? What are your thoughts? We still need to set up a full decontamination centre outside the airlock right? Do you think a second could work?”

“Yeah…that should work admirably. What do you mean about a second airlock? I think that’d be redundant, really. We’d just need a changing station for the decon and hazmat suits, I think. As for the airlock & different parts, it’d be connecting to the shuttle more firmly with the station. Would we have to have a crewman from the ship bring the infected here? Or do we get pilots here & double suited up to be fully safe?” As she spoke, Bailey came over. “Excuse me for butting in, but retrofitting the parts would take a little longer for us. With Ops replicating suits & that, will WE have enough power to replicate what we need?”

Neva nodded, “That’s a concern I was about to ask. So thank you.” She looked at Oin’sun and raised an eyebrow. “What do we do on this? I’m legitimately stumped.”

“I was thinking of a second decontamination/changing station for the medical staff when they go over to the ship in case we run into issues with the first. But I think the first priority is getting the main one set up.” Cynndle says as he begins to move several boxes off of the pattern enhancers so he can reach them. “We won’t need to worry about pilots or the shuttles if this works. We will beam the medical teams directly from the sealed airlock to the ship with their equipment. When the medical teams return we will be able to materialize them right in the sealed airlock; sadly the all crew on the ship from my understanding will have to remain there until we have a better idea of the transmission patterns of the virus.” he continues as he moves another box, “In theory, the biofilters should remove the viral agents from the biohazard suits but we should set up a full UZ screen and decontamination spray for the airlock which will activate once the teams have materialized so we are doubly sure that both the personnel and the airlock are clean.” Finally getting to the Pattern enhancers he opens up the box to have a quick look and nods in approval. “These look good; let’s add them to the pile.”

Turning towards Bailey, he shrugs. “This station kicks out a huge amount of power so we can replicate the number we need for this. I am waiting on a report from Ops to confirm the number of suits we have. They may have reached out to Longfellow already…if not I will chase them on it and we can get more made.”

Neva looked at the assembled group. “Ok, let’s remember as we do this, people’s lives depend on what we’re rigging up. Time’s of the essence.” She looked specifically at Oin’sun. “Confirm with Longfellow to see if anything is needed on your end.” She gave an encouraging smile. “Well boys, let’s get to work!” She and the other engineers walked off with the hover table, leaving Oin’sun to do what he needed.

Watching the engineering team depart Cynndle taps his Combadge, “Oin’sun to Longfellow, the engineering team is on their way to you. I will be there shortly. Just need to sort a couple of items.” Not waiting for or expecting a response he pulls out his PADD to check for an update on the hazmat suits but before he could it beeped and a new message appeared from an Ensign S’Atilen.