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Lieutenant Kozan has arrived at Starbase 47 to meet with the captain of the USS Adventure. For the past two years, Lt. Kozan had been one of the few Starfleet representatives that the Romulans were willing to communicate with, mostly because he was not human.  It is because of this reason he was chosen by Starfleet to meet with the newly declared provisional Reman leadership to determine what role the Federation can play during this time of change with the Velorum. 

The USS Adventure, being a small unassuming ship would be ideal for getting him to the rendezvous spot without attracting much attention. 


A young ensign is on duty at the transporter pad of Starbase 47, when he receives a message to transport one to the station from a nearby transport ship. He runs through the normal routine and checks all the functions. ‘Buffer checks out’. The ensign thought to himself, but something did not look right.  He looked up and watched as the bright glow dissipated as the energy was converted into matter on the pad.  With the transport process completed, what stood before him caused a  shiver to run down his spine. He froze for a moment and then immediately activated the emergency alarm. 

In another part of the starbase, R-Tor and Mark were walking down a hallway to a meeting room. They were in the middle of sharing their insights into  the hair-raising incident that took place just a few weeks ago,  Mark mentioned that most of the crew was healing up. “It could have been much worse.” he added. R-Tor agreed, “You could have remained a cat forever.” He chuckled. 

Mark frowned and rolled his eyes at his captain’s mock humor. 

 “Be that as it may.” Allowing his captain to enjoy the slight jib. “It is a good thing that we have officers that can handle difficult situations.” Mark replied. 

R’Tor cocked his head to the side with a toothy grin, “And that is why, as a first officer, it is important to listen to your team…” before he could finish his sentence alarms started blaring. 

Red flashing lights began to pulsate throughout the corridors an automated announcement sounded. “Red Alert…security to transporter room 4….Red Alert….security to transporter room 4”

When you serve in Starfleet, it is a bit like being a fireman sometimes. One does not run away from danger, but instead runs toward it. When the warning messages and alarms were alerting people to danger and to find safety, many of the Adventure’s crew would go find out what was causing the alert. 

For example, R-Tor and Mark abruptly ended their conversation and ran down the corridor to the nearest turbo lift.  They would have to go up four decks before they arrived at the transporter room. 

Colt, was laying on the floor under helm control when he heard the alert. With a decoupler between his teeth and his arms inside an open panel, the alarms sounded just when he touched an electrified junction. In addition to getting a shock, the alert caused him to jump and he banged his head. Colt spit the decoupler out of his mouth and swore under his breath,  because he cracked one of his teeth. He crawled out from underneath the station and realized that the alarms had nothing to do with his work. Instead the message indicated there was an issue at transporter room #4. He snarled as he grabbed up a bag of tools and set off in that direction, just in case they needed an extra hand.  

Clark and Dr. Valeria were playing a very focused game of Kal-Toh. Her eyes gave nothing away as Clark contemplated his next move. Several others in the lounge watched from a respectable distance so as to not disturb the pair. They had been playing for the last hour and a half. Both competitors were close to winning. Clark’s ability to play the game intrigued the doctor, but then again humans sometimes had a way of surprising her. Clark’s hand was steady as he held the final piece aloft. His experience as a shuttle pilot required focus and concentration, which were essential in Kal-Toh. Of course beating his Vulcan crewmate would be quite the boon.  After choosing the right location, he  stretched out his arm to set the piece. At that same moment, the alarms went off causing him to jump and he dropped the piece into the game. He watched stunned as the pile of game pieces imploded into a jumbled mess. 

Wordless, Dr. Valeria looked like she levitated out of her chair and strode toward the exit. Clark stood up and was hot on her heels, “That’s not my move!” he repeated as he chased after her, but unfortunately his protests went unanswered. 


Two security officers were just about to rush into the transporter room when  R-Tor and his bridge team arrived on the scene. “What’s going on?” R-Tor growled. One security officer shook his head while the other shrugged. The large cat gave a motion with his hand letting security know they should enter. 

The doors slid open and everyone started to rush inside, but both security officers stopped dead in their tracks once they entered the room, this caused the others to get jammed in the doorway. 

All eyes turned toward the transporter pad. Each person had a different reaction, but they were all surprised to see the individual on the pad, till R-Tor spoke up, “Koz?”  He was shocked to see his old friend, who also happened to be a Gorn. 

A stocky Gorn wearing a Starfleet uniform turned slightly to reply,  “Lieutenant Kozan reporting as ordered.” The gruff announcement emanated from his specialized translator which was worn like a collar around his neck. 

“Stand down everyone….Lieutenant Kozan is a Starfleet officer” R-Tor ordered. 


After the alarms were shut off, and security was reassured that everything was safe, the group dispersed. R-Tor and Mark escorted Koz to a briefing room. “You sure gave that ensign a fright.” R-Tor grinned. 

“Ya…You think he’d never seen a Gorn before.” Koz remarked. Mark tried to contain his composure but admitted to himself that he felt a bit of in trepidation being in this officer’s presence. 

R-Tor leaned back in a chair, “So what brings you to this part of the galaxy?”  

Koz held a PADD in his claws. “Actually…” he drawled without the help of his translation device. For small words he preferred to use his own voice, but for long sentences he relied upon the translator. “I am here to recruit you for an important mission.” He answered and then continued, “Have ya ever heard of the Velorum System?”  Mark and R-Tor exchanged glances and shook their heads. 

Koz continued, “I am not surprise, because its been in Romulan territory until recently.” With that he slid the PADD across the table. 

R-Tor glance at it, while Koz continued, ”Starfleet Intelligence has confirmed a major political shift in the Romulan Star Empire which resulted in many outlying systems declaring independence. This has, for obvious reasons caused some concern for Starfleet and the Federation Council.” 

He tapped one of his claws upon the table as he considered what he would say next. “As you will see, your official orders are to patrol the edge of Velorum space. Unofficially, you are requested to provide me transportation, to meet with the independent provincial leaders.”  

R-Tor let that sink in and glanced down at the PADD to review the details of the mission. A look of surprise and confusing appeared on his fact before he looked up and then back down again to clarify the text he just read.

 “No wonder, they are sending you.” R-Tor sounded impressed as he handed the PADD to his first officer. Mark glanced over the document and shook his head and looked at his captain and then over to the Gorn attaché in a Starfleet uniform.  “….Reman?”




  • Yes, I am going to comment on my own story. This was written in such a way as to be short and summarize the activities. Believe this can be cleaned up a bit more and could have been written with more descriptive language. This is not a bad start. If a reader can grasp what is taking place, then it can be considered a pass. I am sometimes limited on time and do not add the details that I need. For example, this is the first time a Gorn is showing up as a Star Fleet officer. It is my hope to develop this character overtime, but I think I need to flush him out a bit more and show more of his personality. All in all - Not a bad story, with some interesting aspects and a some surprises. Nice Work.

    June 7, 2022
  • I must say, the very notion of sending a Gorn diplomat to negotiate with the Remans, on behalf of the Federation, is a bold choice. I really can't wait to see how that turns out. In response to your own comment, for what it's worth, I enjoyed the way your prose told the story. There are a million different ways to tell a story, and you've described the story in a way I was able to picture the action in my mind's eye, and I was gripped from scene to scene. Colt chipping a tooth, and Clark's piloting skills giving him expertise at Kal-Toh were deft, nuanced touches of storytelling. Starting a scene with a character saying, "It could have been much worse, you could have remained a cat forever," is an ICONIC way to open a scene. It had me engaged from the jump. I also really appreciated R'Tor's mentorly relationship with Mark; using Mark's own words against him in a teaching moment was tight. Keep doing what you're doing in this mission!

    June 7, 2022