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Part of USS Heracles: Call to Arm’s – Sundered Wings and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Barely Home and Now This

Alpha Quadrant - Middle of nowhere
MD - May 28th, 2400 Time: 1456
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Vausees looked down at Debrah, who had her head lying in her lap. She was playing with her hair as they relaxed in their quarters. Soft music played from the console on the bulkhead.

“Finally, some time to be able to heal and be together,” Debrah said; in a half sleepy voice.

Vausees could not agree more. The time in the alternate timeline had caused a lot of stress on her. Some with doubts about ever returning to their timeline, let alone home. Granted, the Heracles was her home but Earth and Trill, her Earth and Trill, were her homes as well.

A chime came over the intercom as the two women relaxed together on the couch.

‘Pardon my intrusion, Captain, but you have a priority one message from Starfleet Command,’ Jonton stated from the bridge.

A sigh left Vausees lips as she looked down at Debrah, “Duty calls,” she said and then replied to Jonton. “Send it to my quarters.”

As Vausees placed her thumb on the scanner, the image changed from the slow spin of the Task Force 72s logo to that of Th’lora Vehl. An irritated look crossed her face. Debrah saw it and instantly knew that the message wouldn’t be good.

***‘Captain Vausees, firstly, I would like to congratulate you on the safe return of Vice-Admiral Talon’s family from the Alternate Timeline. Secondly, I regret to inform you that you are hereby ordered to the outskirts of the Velorum Sector in Romulan Space. Where several mining colonies have come under attack. We still do not know exactly who is doing the act at this time. Nonetheless, you will assist in defense of those colonies.’***

Vausees paused the message and reached up to rub the headache that was starting to form behind her eyes. Softly she mumbles, “Not even home for a day, and we’re back at it. This time as babysitters.”

A pair of hands began to rub the back of her neck. “At least it’s not an alternate timeline,” Debrah stated as she began to press harder into the muscles of Vausees’s” neck.

Vausees was enjoying the attention from her fiance when she heard the comment. She looked into her bright emerald green eyes and glared as a soft grunt escaped her lips. She looked back down at the holographic image of the frozen features of Korlin and tapped the resume icon.

***‘Captain, your contact with a Starfleet Liaison named Viktor. Seek him out immediately upon your arrival as he will be your contact to the Remans that live and work in the mines.’***

Vausees paused once more and looked back at Debrah, “Remans. Oh great, that could only mean one thing. More Romulans to play with.”

“Maybe even some Orions,” Debrah added as she returned her attention to Vausees’ neck once more.

***‘These are trying days, Captain, but nonetheless, these are your orders. Carry them out to the utmost capabilities of your crew and the Heracles. Captain Th’lora Vehl, out.’***

Vausees looked at the holographic TaskForce 72 insignia for a while as she thought about the orders. She turned and looked at Debrah. “Time for work.”


Debrah and Vausees left the lift at the same time. Debrah went to the Tactical station behind the Command chair as Vausees took a seat in the Command chair.

“Jonton, ship-wide please,” Vausees ordered

The resounding noise of the intercom activating was heard.

‘This is your Captain speaking, at this moment we are headed for the outskirts of the Velorum Sector in Romulan Space. We have been ordered to defend several mining colonies from attacks. However, we do not know who is attacking at this time. But we will do our duty and defend those colonies nonetheless. That is all.’

Vausees looked at Trever, “Helm, set course for Romulan Space, warp 8.”

Trever nodded, set in the coordinates for Romulan Space. “Course set, time for arrival; three days; at warp 8. Ready when you are Captain.”

“Engage,” Vausees said as she leaned back into her chair and watched as the stars flew past the viewscreen. 


  • I really enjoyed the languid pace of this introductory chapter. All of Vausees' body language, choice of words, and observations effectively communicates how drained she's become by her last mission. You can tell how much she just needs a moment's peace to recharge. I appreciated the real sense of familiar ease in her relationship with Debbie; this isn't a high-octane love story presented through action movie tropes. This feels like a real lived-in relationship, in the way they relate to one another. And yet, she took to the bridge without delay. I'm looking forward to seeing Vausees' tenacity in this mission. It won't be easy with mystery attackers on the Reman planet, and when she's so damn tired already!

    June 7, 2022
  • The attempted intimacy between Vausees and Debrah and suddenly being interrupted to face the challenges of life which stop for no one, hit a little too close to home in this introductory chapter. While she didn't express it verbally, Debrah's attempt to draw her fiancée's attention away while still allowing duty to come before all else, shows the true bond formed in such relationships. As they set off for the Velorum sector, I am looking forward to seeing if Vausees will be successful working with Viktor and the Remans in stopping the attackers.

    June 11, 2022