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Part of USS Daradax: Mission 2 – Wings of Salvation (Sundered Wings Fleet Action) and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

SW – Chapter 4: Commanders Log – Task force Briefing

USS Daradax - Kirin's Quarters
May 2400
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The screen turns on showing ‘Audio Recording only – Command Log USS Daradax’


“Command Log – USS Daradax Stardate 77375.56; Lieutenant Kirin Tarken”

“We have our orders in full now. The briefing was held not long ago aboard the USS Temeraire led by Captain Tharia sh’Elas along with Lieutenant Commander T’Prynn the Strategic Operations officer assigned to the taskforce. In attendance were the commanders of the USS Neptune, Captain Michael Ryder, a Vesta; the USS Dvorak, a Captain Taes, a Springfield; and the USS Thyanis, Lt. Thevius, another Raven.” 

“The overall mission is simple, provide assistance to the planet as Romulan overseers strip the planet’s refineries of key technologies that cause all infrastructure to shut down. In addition to this, they are reliant on food shipments, so we need to ensure that they have enough food to last them until they are able to get their own farming and food production facilities up and running.”

“Seems simple enough, right? Well on paper this part should be. The Daradax will be loaded to the brim with refinery equipment and MREs for short term use as well as agriculture and food production materials to Support the USS Dvorak. We are scheduled to dock with Starbase 23 later this evening for the transfer to begin.”

“Once we arrive, we are to deliver the equipment to the refineries and the food and materials to the designated drop sites for distribution. I will be leaving Lieutenant Thanen Th’zalnar in charge of the Daradax for this part of the mission as I will be beaming down to the capital city to make contact with the SFI informant as per my orders from command and SFI.”

“Once this is complete we are to assist with further delivery of required materials to the surface as we can actually land and assist as ordered.

“The other ships all have their own orders but the Temeraire and Neptune will be arriving in the system first to secure it enabling the Dvorak, Thevius and Daradax to arrive without worry of possible Romulan interference…at first anyways.

“Time will tell though.”

“Computer End Log”


‘End of recording’ appears on the screen.




  • More logs. I am enjoying that we are getting to see into the mind and mindset of Kirin. I believe that knowing a character's mindset can help in understanding how that character will react to a situation. It also shows how that character will be played, hopefully, in the future. Only the author truly knows the inner workings of the character/character’s that they have created. As always, keep up the great work, and look forward to the next story.

    June 10, 2022