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Part of USS Heracles: Stormbreaker: Continuation

J’telas Mother and Leader of house J’telas

Location: Alpha Quadrant – USS Heracles
March 5, 2400 11:18
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Cody stood just outside of the transporter as the Female Chancellor was escorted out. He looked the woman in her eyes, “Welcome to the Heracles Chancellor. I am Commander Bettencourt.”

J’telas looked Cody over as she wagered his worth. She could tell that he wasn’t completely human, but what had caused her to perceive this was not entirely apparent to her. “Well met Commander, I would like to speak with your Captain as soon as possible,” she stated without hesitation.

Cody stood there for a moment and then nodded. “I will let her know that you are on board.”

“Good, now if you wouldn’t mind taking me to my quarters. I have much to think about.”

Cody looked at the two security officers that had come along with him and nodded to them. They took up position behind her and led her away. As the guest was led away he needed to think about how to explain this to Vausees. A sigh left his lips as he realized that he just needed to be his usual self, and explain the situation with her.

As he was walking to the nearest lift he was gently stopped by Zyvia.

“Did I just see a Chancellor being escorted?” she asked him.

He looked at her and then nodded, “Long story that I will be happy to explain at dinner,” he stated as he leaned down and gently kissed her.

“You better mister,” she teased as she turned about and headed after the escort.

MedicalVausees looked at Zazzrac as he looked over at the information on the main medical monitor.

“Your wounds have healed nicely,” he stated as he continued to look the information over.

Debrah smiled as she sat next to her, “Does that mean she is fit to return to duty?”

Zazzrac looked at Debrah. “I don’t see why not, but I must stress that you keep as calm as possible.”

Vausees looked at Debrah for a moment and then to Zazzrac. “That is asking me to not breathe. Being a Captain has a required amount of stress,” she stated as she looked to the door as Cody walked in.

“Report Commander,” she ordered

Cody stood in silence and sighed again. “We have taken on a single Klingon from a D7 Battlecruiser that had been in combat with an unknown Romulan ship. She has requested an audience with you, Captain.”

Vausees looked back at Zazzrac and grinned. “See stress and I haven’t even left sickbay,” she teased as she stood up and stretched out her back. She felt a few pops as she stretched. Shaking out her arms she turned to Cody. “Take me to her.”

Debrah stood up and followed them, she kept her eyes on Vausees, to make sure that she was ok to return to duty. She made a mental note to question her about how she felt.

J’telas’ QuartersCody stopped in front of one of the guest quarters and turned to face Vausees. She looked him in the eyes and nodded, “Stay out here, Commander’s,” she stated as she looked at Debrah.

Debrah opened her mouth to disagree with her fiance but knew it best to let her do what she had to. She knew that Vausees needed to see if she was still able to negotiate let alone command a crew, and this was her test let alone a personal conviction of her resolve to continue on.

As the door closed behind Vausees blocking off her only line of physical defense she looked at the female Klingon. She took a solid step forward toward the woman and came to stop near her. “Welcome to my ship, Chancellor,” Vausees said as she placed a hand over her breast in a Klingon greetings.

J’telas looked at Vausees for a moment and returned the gesture.

Cody and Debrah are standing outside of the guest quarters when Jonton comes running up.

“Commander’s, I have recently discovered that there are no Klingon vessels near us and some of the planets that we know of to have had Klingon colonies are…” he pauses for a moment to hold out the PADD before he continues, “they’re no there,” he states as he indicates to the PADD.

Cody looks down at the PADD and then up at Debrah. Without thinking he opens the door and walks in with Debrah and Jonton in tow.

“Captain, I must insist on speaking with you,” he says as he looks at the Klingon that stood before Vausees.

“Commander, I gave you explicit orders not to come in here,” her tone held weight to it as she looked into Cody’s eyes.

“And I would have followed them, had I not been made aware of the fact that there are no Klingon’s in this sector other than her,” he states as he points to J’telas.

Vausees turned her head to look at J’telas.

“It’s true Captain,” J’telas acknowledges as she looks at  back at Vausees. “My people are almost completely extinct because of the Romulan’s. I was on a mission to try and find the last outpost. What I found was a barren rock of a planet,” she confessed as she stood there, her demeanor slightly sunken.

“What do you mean?” Vausees asked as she looked at J’telas, “That all of the life on the planet was gone?”

J’telas looked at Vausees with anger in her Klingon eyes, “Not just gone but removed from existence as if it was never there.”

Vausees looked at J’telas, “Come with me.”

Conference Room

Vausees lead J’telas and the rest of the group from the guest quarters to the nearest lift from there, after a short ride, she led the group to the conference room using a non-bridge entrance. As everyone enters she takes a seat at the head of the table and offers a seat to J’telas.

“Which planet did you visit?” she askes J’telas.


“Vausees nodded as she had heard of this planet from her timeline but she still hadn’t told J’telas this, but she knew that that information was about to become relevant shortly.

“Computer, display current location,” Vausees said and the center of the conference table light up and a holographic display of the sector was shown.

Debrah placed a hand on Vausees’. She looked into her fiance’s light blue eyes, and Vausees looked back. A smile crossed her lips.

“She needs to know,” Vausees said.

“Computer, bring up Qu’Vat.”J’telas nearly jumped out of her skin when the bluish-green planet of Qu’Vat came into view. “What kind of deception is this?” she asked as she reached for a hidden dagger that was missing.

Vausees held up a hand in a calming gesture. “Easy Chancellor. I assure you that this is no deception,” she paused for a moment, “entirely.” She motioned for J’telas to take a seat once more. “Let me explain.

The conference room was in complete silence as J’telas sat in silence. She had just found out that she was sitting in a ship that was from the Terrens but furthermore that it was from another time. She looked up at Vausees.

“So you’re telling me that in your time my people were still a powerful species and that we have a treaty and alliance with what you call a United Federation of Planets.”

Vausees nodded as she brought up a holographic image of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. She pointed to Qo’nos in the area that was designated as the “Klingon Empire”.

“As you can see, your people have a vast empire in my time,” Vausees points out.

A sigh left J’telas mouth as she looked down. “It all looks grand but I know that the only place left for my people is on Qo’nos. It is where we have to go if we want to get somewhere a little safer,” she said as she looked up at the holographic display of the “Klingon Empire”.

Vausees could see the pain that was on the Chancellors face. Reaching over she tapped an icon.

“Trever, set course for Qo’nos, warp seven.”

“Acknowledged, Captain.”

Outside of the windows of the conference room the stars began to flow past even faster as Trever increased their speed.