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USS Heracles: Stormbreaker: Continuation

This mission is prior to the cross over mission with the USS Zebulon Pike.

Mission Description

These missions are the details of what happened to the USS Heracles after encountering the rift. This mission is an alternate Timeline mission that will have its twists and turns.

  • Missing in Action – Starfleet suddenly notices that two of its ships have gone missing and sends out another ship to ascertain what happened to the closest of the two; the USS Heracles.
  • On the Otherside – The crew of the USS Heracles wakes up to find out that they are now in a stalemate with two ships. One of the ships is a Romulan design that does not have a registration in the Starfleet Archives, and the other ship is that of an old Klingon D7 Battlecruiser that should not even exist. Now Vausees and the crew of the USS Heracles must figure out how to rescue the Klingons from their ship before its warp core destabilizes and causes the ship to explode. The only problem is that the unknown Romulan ship is broadcasting a signal that is disrupting the USS Heracles transporters and communications.
  • J’telas Mother and Leader of house J’telas – The USS Heracles receives a single Klingon from the Klingon D7 Battlecruiser, a Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, J’telas Mother, and Leader of house J’telas. The USS Heracles immediately enters into warp seconds before the D7 Battlecruiser detonates its warp core. Vausees, Cody, and Debrah immediately call for a meeting with J’telas when they find that there are no closeby Klingon ships and that no other Klingon worlds exist except for Qo’noS. J’telas informs them that Qo’noS is the only Klingon planet left of a once all-powerful and might Klingon Empire. She is then shocked to find out that this crew is not from this timeline but from one in which both the Klingons and the Federation are allies.
  • From Time to No Time Like the Present – Captain Reynald Edwards and his crew have been ordered to the last known location of the USS Heracles. While in-route to the location Taylor has a heart to heart talk with Reynald, while her brother Tommy learns a few things from a seasoned Operations Officer; Ali.
  • Qo’noS the Last Klingon Homeworld – J’telas leads the crew of the USS Heracles to Qo’noS the Last Klingon Homeworld. It is there that the crew of the USS Heracles discover that another ship from their timeline was detected. Now Vausees must convince the Klingon High Council to let them leave and find out what happened to the other ship from their timeline; which is no easy task. J’telas realized that this Council is being ridiculous and set Vausees and Debrah free at the cost of her position on the Council and is exiled for treason against her people. Vausees has the name J’telas looked up in their Archive and finds that no such Klingon ever existed in their timeline and offers J’telas the chance to live a different life in their timeline after they find out what has happened to the other ship.
  • Crossover USS Zebulon Pike – USS Zebulon Pike

About the Mission

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5 June 2022

Qo'noS the Last Klingon Homeworld

USS Heracles: Stormbreaker: Continuation

Star flew past the windows of the conference room as Vausees sat there looking out. She was in deep thought. Her mind was focused on her next move. She didn’t know what to think; was she running them into a trap on the last Klingon homeworld? Was she willing to trust someone that they just met? [...]

29 May 2022

From Time to No Time Like the Present

USS Heracles: Stormbreaker: Continuation

Edwards sat in the center seat watching the stars flow past his ship as he pushed the warp engines and the core as hard as he could. He knew that he had very little time to get to the last known location of the USS Heracles. Tommy stood behind the operations officer; shadowing the woman that stood [...]

26 May 2022

J’telas Mother and Leader of house J’telas

USS Heracles: Stormbreaker: Continuation

Cody stood just outside of the transporter as the Female Chancellor was escorted out. He looked the woman in her eyes, “Welcome to the Heracles Chancellor. I am Commander Bettencourt.” J’telas looked Cody over as she wagered his worth. She could tell that he wasn’t completely human, but [...]

21 May 2022

On the Otherside

USS Heracles: Stormbreaker: Continuation

Vausees opened her eyes and found herself lying on one of the medical beds. A soft groan escaped her lips as she lifted a hand to her forehead and found that her head was wrapped in a bandage. “Easy baby,” came a soft voice from a familiar person. Turning her head, Vausees looked at Debrah, who [...]