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Part of USS Saratoga: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

USS Saratoga / Trill Homeworld
February 2400
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The Saratoga was due to arrive at Trill in under an hour, the crew was busy preparing for a much-needed vacation from the most recent events of the Century Storm. To Azras, Trill was a very beautiful place to be and visit, she always did enjoy returning home though it wasn’t as often as she had liked. 

Azras was sitting in her study while her husband and children were finishing getting ready, she had a few things to finish before the ship would arrive at their destination. Sitting in her chair that was facing the window with the back of the chair towards the door, coffee was cupped between her hands as she took a sip before lowering it back down to her lap.

Captain’s log, stardate; 77138.89.

Where do I even begin with this log? There is so much on my mind that I am just not sure where to even begin. I know for sure that the Century Storm took everyone by surprise, that is an understatement. We only had a matter of hours to evacuate an entire planet with the Saratoga taking the majority of them aboard. 

To say things went smoothly and without a hitch would be an outright lie, these kinds of things don’t always go as you hoped they would. Far from it, things were hectic in many facets of the evacuation.

The burdens placed on this ship and this crew have been very high, some are handling things well while others were not by remembering their dark past. The biggest burden was placed on me alone, being responsible for thousands of lives was placed solely in my hands. 

With a sigh rubbing her temples “computer pause,” Azras replied taking a deep breath before standing up from her chair to stretch and catch her thoughts. She looked at the cup of coffee in her hands that was only half drank that was now cold. Letting out another sigh she walked over to the replicator and replicated another one before going back over to her desk.

She stood there at the window for a bit looking out as the starts slipped by as they continued at warp. After a while, she decided to sit back down in her chair turning in the other direction that was facing the door. She took a drink before just staring at the contents of the cup for a few more seconds. “Computer resume log,” she replied as the computer beeped.

After all the years that I have been in Starfleet, I have been faced with many different situations from good to bad. Though none of that experience prepared me for what would transpire back in that Nebula.

To think if it wasn’t for Commander Atur things would have been way different, and I am grateful that she was able to convince them of the true nature of the storms. Which had saved countless lives, though there have been some injuries in the chaotic mess at least everyone is alive.

Just as she was about to speak her commbadge went off, “Bridge to Captain Dex.” T’Prel said over the comm channel, sighing she didn’t have much else to add to her log at this moment. 

“Computer end log,” she replied as the computer beeped.

Tapping her badge shortly after as she sat there at her desk “go ahead, Commander.” Azras replied.

“We have arrived at Trill and are in standard orbit,” T’Prel replied.

“Very well,” she said before taking a short pause before continuing. “Let the crew know they are free to beam down and enjoy themselves,” Azras replied.

“Understood,” T’Prel said before ending the comm channel.

Azras stood up from her chair turning around to look out the window to see the planet below them, she couldn’t help but smile at such beauty even from space. She took a moment to collect her thoughts and her composure before she walked out of her study only to find Arzin and her children finished packing what they would be bringing with them.

Looking up from the book that he was reading, “you alright dear?” Arzin asked as he looked at her with a soft gentle smile.

“Yes, I am now that we have arrived home, so what do you say we go start our vacation?” Azras said with a smile.

“Sound great to me,” Arzin replied as they got up from the couch, grabbing their belongings they all headed out of their quarters. They headed down the corridor towards the turbolift that would take them to the transporter room. The corridors were busy with people who were planning on going planet-bound while others decided to just stay on board.


Trill was beautiful this time of year as it was early spring, with birds singing in the trees and the flowers blooming of all different varieties. As they beamed down at the pond that was located near the caves of Mak’ala, there was a slight breeze that filled the air. Taking a deep breath of air, closing her eyes for a brief moment with a smile on her face.

“Home sweet home,” Azras said as she opened her eyes to gaze more at the beauty of their home.

“It has been far too long,” Arzin said looking around as nothing had changed since they were last here many moons ago.

“This is so beautiful,” Linha replied looking around as she was just a child the last time she was here. Looking at the time, “oh I better get to the Symbiont Commission.” Linha replied, “I’ll meet up with you after I have finished there,” she replied giving both her parents a hug.

“Good luck my dear,” Azras replied with a smile as she watched her walk off down the path.

“She is growing into such a fine young lady,” Arzin commented as Yadri began to walk away from his parents and make his way around the pond admiring such beauty.

“That she is,” Azras replied proud of all that she has accomplished as they began to walk slowly behind Yadri. Other people were walking up and down the path both fellow Trill and guests alike, nodding to them as they passed by. 

“I haven’t realized how much I have missed home until now,” she admitted while holding his hand.

“I can agree to that,” Arzin agreed.

After a while of walking, they came upon a bench and sat down while Yadri just continue to walk, enjoying the fresh air and scenery. Azras closed her eyes as she began to feel a calmness wash over her, she hadn’t felt this calm in a very long time.

Arzin could tell that his wife had been stressed for a while and seeing her this calm made him smile. “I am glad we are here, it’s nice to see you relaxed again,” Arzin replied as Azras opened her eyes to look at him.

“After the events of the Century Storm, I felt that I needed to come home as I have been taking it for granted for so many years.” Azras honestly replied looking at him for a moment before laying her head on his shoulder and looking out onto the pond.

“I have to agree,” he replied as they continue to sit on the bench enjoying each other’s company before they would make their way to their home.

  • Azras Dex

    Commanding Officer
    Squadron Commander

  • T'Prel

    Executive Officer

  • Arzin Varen

    Civilian Scientist

  • Linha Varen

    Medical Student
    Starfleet Academy; Mellstoxx III Campus