Part of USS Daradax: Mission 1 – Prepping for the (slightly) Unknown

Personal Log – A Command? Are they NUTS

Starbase Bravo
Stardate 77257.96 (April 4th 2400)
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The screen flicks on showing a young woman with light green skin and dark green and red hair sitting on a sofa in what appears to be a standard set of quarters. She is wearing a red uniform but with the front open showing a white shirt beneath. She relaxes on the sofa with a swirling red and orange drink in her hands as she begins to speak.

“Personal Log – Stardate 77257.96. That would be April 4th 2400 in laymen’s terms I guess.

“So, new orders arrived a few weeks back. Ordered to Starbase 4, or Bravo as it is called, and assigned to Task Force 47.”

“Arrived here this morning and reported to the station’s XO for official orders. They are something to digest that’s for sure.”

“Though I was given a decent set of quarters which is a nice change; guess they have the space on this station. Though I better not get used to this space.” 

“I have been ordered to take command of an old Aerie class long-range explorer, the USS Daradax. And to take her and boldly go where some people have gone before. In a nutshell to follow on from the USS Centaur and survey Sector Fero Psi.”

She sighs and shakes her head, her long hair changing between green and red as it moves across her shoulders.

“BUT REALLY! ME IN COMMAND? ARE THEY NUTS? But really, I do wonder why me. Command was never my speciality, sure I wanted one eventually, but I wonder if they want me out of the way a bit now after that that last…never mind that.”

“Anyways, it will be a change that is for sure. A nice break from the intelligence work and fingers crossed nicer places, nicer people, a nice change of pace and well an all-around improvement on my circumstances.”

As she says this, she brings up both hands and crosses her fingers with a smile.

“So I need to read up Sector Fero Psi and the USS Centaur mission logs. From the glance I had on the shuttle here, they found some interesting things out there. Makes me wonder if an old Aerie class ship is right for the job. We will make it work though.”

“The Daradax though, I like the name, but it has seen better days from what I have been able to read about it. It’s been sitting in mothballs for several years after a long life of survey missions and cargo runs by the looks of it. She should be ready in a couple of weeks I was told. I swung by the drydocks and had a chat with the supervisor there. I guess it needs a proper cleanout, upgrading of several systems and an air freshener.”

“Having a couple of weeks here will be nice though, allows me to get to know this place. I have heard as far as starbases go this one has some nice restaurants and facilities. It will also give me time to make some plans after I review those logs from the Centaur. All I know is that the first operation is already outlined. Take an observation to study the Hallgaerans, the steampunkers; we are to give them a week or two in orbit to get set up then we can settle in and explore the systems while keeping in touch with the team.”

“If I didn’t know better it would sound almost relaxing.”

She lets out a little laugh and takes another sip. She then leans forward towards the camera and reaches for a PADD that is on the tablet picking it up and sitting back

“Not sure what to make of the crew, they are an odd bunch, though if I am commanding them then I guess they would have to me. What is strange is that it isn’t even a full complement only 4 other officers; you would think they would have added in some crewmen?”

“Where to start?”

“So the XO, a Lieutenant, junior grade, named Thanen Th’zalnar; Andorian, male. Seems to be very capable and will be the engineer on board. He is currently stationed here working at shipyards. I can see that he is the one actually getting Daradax out of mothballs.”

She turns her head, ‘Computer pause recording’. Taking another ship she stretches her arms and rolls her shoulders. ‘Computer, set a reminder for 9:00 tomorrow to contact Lieutenant Th’zalnar to set up a briefing on the Daradax, its ETA and any possible concerns he may have.’

Glancing down at the PADD she sighs ‘Oh, Thanen, you might be in for trouble on this ship, only male with these personalities….’

‘Computer resume recording.’

“Who’s next?”

“Ah yes. The science and medical officer, Ensign Kerry Dawson, human. Right out of the academy on Earth with a scientific specialization which will be useful. Her file seems odd; not sure what it is though, a complete lack of extracurricular activities or involvement in social activities by the read of it. Maybe she is just very shy.”

“Next is our tactical and security officer, Ensign Ril Mnass, a nice blend like me, half Klingon, half Human. She has been here on Bravo for the last year as a security/tactical officer. A good record as well though a couple of reprimands for overly aggressive behaviours, temperament and such. We should get on well.”

“Finally, our navigator/pilot, Ensign Belania, a female Ferengi. Cannot say I have ever come across one before so not sure what to expect. She is just out of the academy here but is on leave for another week. When she gets here I will need to sit with her to discuss possible flight paths and points of interest. Computer Notify me when Ensign Belania arrives on station.”

“I guess time will tell how this goes. Should be an interesting crew; hope they don’t kill each other.”

She leans forward her hand moves towards the computer to close it. ‘Computer save and end recording.’  before the screen goes black.


  • I like the experimentation with form here. Personal logs are a great way of getting to know characters in a way that straight-up narrative prose doesn't allow for. You're definitely capturing the spirit of an inexperienced officer with their first command. Keep up the good work!

    May 4, 2022
  • Thanks. That's is what I was going for. Thinking I might keep with this formate as they story goes and get different perspectives from the crew

    May 4, 2022
  • Wonderful first story in the books for the Daradax, the perspective on the incoming crew is a nice touch and I can't wait to see what comes next and where it continues to go.

    May 5, 2022