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Boy Meets Girl

Mess Hall
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Dr. Randall took his tray from the replicator slot and turned to scan the mess hall. It packed… of course it was lunch time. That had to be expected.

In the corner one of the smaller tables sat a solitary figure. She was hunched over PADD transfixed on its contents. She didn’t even look away as she picked up her sandwich and took a bite.

Atticus crossed the room, skillfully dodging officers as he mad his way to her table. Without invitation he slid into the seat across from her. She looked up and scowled at him. Her dark features as unwelcoming as they come.

Undaunted he smiled giving her his best disarming expression. “Hello, I’m Doctor Atticus Randall,” he introduced.

“Not interested,” she said without looking up from whatever she was working on.

“Not interested in what?” He asked with his English accent.

“Whatever it is you want. I assume you want to ask me on a date.”

“I perish the thought. No my dear all I want is a place to sit and enjoy my meal. Though, friendly conversation might make things a bit less awkward.”

Sighing she pushed her PADD away and sat up with her hands folded on the table in front of her. “Doctor Ortiz.”

“Pleasure to meet you Doctor,” Atticus replied. “I assume that’s PhD? You aren’t a member of my medical team.”

“Yes it is,” Michelle replied. She picked up a potato chip and bit into it with a crunch. “That means you have the M.D.

“Indeed. So, what is that PhD in?”

Sighing she was getting annoyed with this man, even if he was kind of cute. “Paleoanthropology. I also have degrees in human biology and linguistics.”

“Okay, the linguistics I get. Being able to read tombs and stuff. But human biology?”

“My focus is on early hominids. Not a lot of tombs… or writing for that matter. The human biology is helpful. I may not have to deal with a lot of soft tissues, but knowing the bones and how they relate to the body is helpful.”

Atticus thought for a moment, cut a chunk of shephard’s pie before answering, “I can see that.”

Michelle finished her sandwich in two bites, and piled napkins and her empty cup onto her tray. “Now. It was nice meeting you Mr. Randall. Good day sir.”

Atticus chuckled as she retreated. If she hadn’t intrigued him before she definitely had now. He just needed to work out how to walk that line and not come off as creepy. She was closed off now, but could he open her up? This was going to take careful planning.